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Jumping the Broom

Two very different families converge on Martha's Vineyard one weekend for a wedding.

Stars: Angela Bassett, Paula Patton, Laz Alonso, Loretta Devine, Meagan Good.

Directed by Salim Akil.

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Jumping the Broom. Download full movie online.

There is way too much leaven in the mainstream church of these days and there was much too much in this movie.

It is a feel good movie and it is worth the ticket. This movie was completely charming , witty, loving, forgiving, and most of realistic Shows versions of today's distinct sorts of families coming together and some of the issues facing being distinct. It was nice to go to a movie and not feel violated or a need to cover your eyes or ears. There is way too a lot leaven in the mainstream church of nowadays and there was significantly too significantly in this movie. It created us laugh, it made us cry, it had us full of emotions. This movie had drama, well placed comedy, but was tasteful. It was a pleasure to watch a movie that was not sexually explicit and profane in content. I would definitely pay to go see this movie once again. It is actually NOT what you are thinking it's about. Great movie for all ages. Would you tell Stephen King to stop performing movies how he sees fit. I wanted to see this movie since I knew it was released by Lions Gate and was excited to see a story where the couple in fact saves sex until marriage. Buy Jumping the Broom movie online. I just loved it and extremely suggest it. Taylor's character (played by Lorretta Devine) just for her. Will purchase on DVD as well. I don't mention Loretta Devine or Angela Bassett, the main protagonists, here since they offer the stellar performances that you come to expect of them. It created me really feel that teh unity of marriage is still actual and valuable.

With non-threatening scenes, you can enjoy it with all audiences. Predictable twists and emotions. Hd Jumping the Broom. Touching, funny, reflective, and insightful. It is genuinely a should see. This movie was super funny and the cast was amazing. What is the movie Jumping the Broom. This movie touched upon so many topics from social status, traditions, faith, enjoy, trust, family, unity, forgiveness - oh I could go on and on. Nicely worth the money spent. This movies was outstanding and the setting was just beautiful -- the vineyard. We went as a family with ages from 25-83 years old and we had a excellent time. He ended up liking the movie and saying it really was a great movie. THIS IS ALSO A MOVIE THAT IS WORTH PAYING TO WATCH TWICE. Funny, sad, and happy all at the exact same time. It was extremely funny and it also made me cried. I went to see it these days right after every person told me I required to go check it out. I was in love with the characters. Jumping the Broom psp.

I think 12 years of age females would enjoy this and males 18 years of age and up would like. Thank You For Sending Me An Angel" is seemingly sung in the voice of God, who, as it's stated in the Old Testament, produced mankind in his own image, which is alluded to by a second-person lyric like "you can walk, you can talk just like me. Jumping the Broom movie in english to download? Keeps the conversation open about the secrets most families keep about one another. Jakes did a good job with this movie.

We went as a family with ages from 25-83 years old and we had a fantastic time. I really wanted to like this movie, as its premise had promise.

My husband and I loved it. I want to see much more nice movies instaed of mean nasty movies. Great illustration of 2 folks wanting to marry, but shows that to some extent you are marrying their families. It was a cute story with a couple of twist. The actors were on point and the directions of the film was awesome. She is usually the nice lady, this time she was kind of a messy busy body, which was different and fantastic. I would suggest this to any and every one. Enjoy the movie for your self. The acting was supurb and the theme and plot had been nicely developed. This fiilm may possibly havea Black cast, BUT it is not a film only for Black audiences. Downloads Jumping the Broom. I would suggest it ti everyone since the story line kept issues actual. I thought this was a really good movie. You could relate to each and every character. Jumping the Broom download dvdrip. Even amongst the middle aged 50 somethings there isn't hardly a receding hairline or pot belly to be discovered. This movie was the best. I LOVED IT & WOULD Suggest ANYBODY TO GO AND SEE IT. Watch Jumping the Broom dvdrip? I have to say that the bride is a much better person than me since I am not positive if I could have went right after my soon to be mother in law following what she pulled. I enjoyed this movie very significantly, it was classy, funny, surprising here and there it was just all around excellent. I liked this movie, but wasn't crazy about it. Where can i watch Jumping the Broom online. There were some funny parts with Mike Epps but he was also right on point about pointing out his sister's wrongs. I also sent my sister movie giftcard to go with her son for Mother's day weekend. Watch Jumping the Broom in good quality.

I enjoyed that fact that there was no profanity, no sex or drug use. The people were gorgeous to look at too. Watch Jumping the Broom film in high quality Let us know that a good movie can be perform and get high ratings without the use of profanity. A very positive movie. Standing on stage with bassist Tina Weymouth, throughout "Heaven", David Byrne sings "Heaven is a place where absolutely nothing ever occurs," which when transposed to "Rachel Acquiring Married", describes a double-edged happiness in that a life of uninterrupted domestic bliss becomes, perhaps, a life without having challenges. Jumping the Broom film in english to download? This was an Awesome MOVIE. I know there will be a lesson in this one. Fantastic actors in the movie and a gorgeous site where it was filmed. Not overhanded, silly or full of buffonery. Thoroughly entertaining. Film Jumping the Broom online. Alot of funny scenes prompting numerous laughs, but not as funny as I thought it would be, thinking about the commercial previews I've observed. We ought to have walked out early on. Yes, it is pretty predictable, but I still shed a tear when the re-united couple jumpedthe broom. Watch full Jumping the Broom movie in hd! This movie was very well produced.

I went by myself, following reading all the reviews, given that it sounded like the finest option, given the reviews of the other movies. Although download movie Jumping the Broom showcases rarely depicted class issues within the black community, the film still relies on wince-inducing stereotypes to delineate them. I would not say this film is a go see but I would say go rent it and watch it. (movies) Jumping the Broom. The only sugestion I would make is that I would have liked to have seen some of the primary actors being of a darker complexion. Download full movie. I mean i haven't a movie that great but. A hearty thank you to all who were involved. I was pleased that it had a message but was not preachy like several movies produced by ministers. Jumping the Broom movies dvd. Com = Hello, summer, great place for shopping, fashion, sexy, personality, maturity, from here to start. I tell you, this movie had me laughing and crying. Angela Basset and Loretta Divine were superb. I adore it when the audience talks back to the movie, both men and females had been performing this all through the movie. Overall this was an fantastic love story with a sweet ending. Loved the movie, it made my family appear regular. The acting was good, they created me laugh, some produced me angry, , The setting for this movie was nice, Maratha's Vineyard is a stunning location, the setting produced me yearn to see it in person. You can put each dollar you have on that 1. And to aman028 who stated and I quote"Nothing new just hollywood performing another stereo typical black comedy. Mike Epps was the kicker. To me that was the deepest part, since often in todays society we have the same existence where family's interfere with their childrens life beyond a specific reason. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking. I enjoyed the movie and the characters - the acting was great. Just go see and enjoy. It wasn't sappy, it wasn't cheesy, it was just plain enjoyable. Jumping the Broom hd download full! This movie was significantly better than I thought, although it had it problems. You'll laugh - a lot - but you will also shed tears of recognition at this funny, salty, strife-torn look at the agony and ecstasy of family. You will leave feeling both warm and thoroughly entertained, precisely the type of movie I take pleasure in. Too numerous different stories/scenes that didn't make because. I thoroughly enjoyed. I loved the entire movie from the beginning to the end. Whilst this movie was entertaining, it still consists of enough crude humor and sexual situations to make it a movie decidedly for older audiences. And, there were so numerous great actresses/actors in the movie who provided A+ performances. Download film Jumping the Broom! All of the actors had been great and right after I watched it, it was hard to decide what other actors could have been utilized for the roles and played it nicely. It would be great for non-African Americans to see African Americans portrayed in a different light on the huge screen.

Predictable but uplifting movie which will be enjoyed by young adults as nicely as older adults. Truly good movie, it will make you laugh as well as make you shed a lil tear. Really nice eye candy as nicely I should say - nicely picked cast. Full Jumping the Broom film high quality. Just focus on the Blessings of GOD and take pleasure in what God has already completed and about to do. I'm not a nerd or prude but it was refreshing to go to a movie and not be embarrassed by the content. Watch Jumping the Broom online dvd rip.

Besides that, Sabrina is a very likeable outgoing person with her fiance being the good stable character to make a steady pair. In "Jumping the Broom HD", Mrs. The Movie was fantastic, it was a accurate realistic movie, and the actor/actresses where fantastic, I encourage each couple, single and all to go and see this movie. It was nice to go to a movie and not feel violated or a require to cover your eyes or ears. Really dissapponting to see the blunt of jokes was about the couple choosing to abstain till marriage. I really did not like that role Angela played. Jumping the Broom divx. Not only did I not fine significantly to laugh at but nobody else in my theatre did either. But still glad i went out with my girls. A family movie for all to appreciate no profanity or sex scenes. It wasn't totally predictable but I felt like the beginning was too significantly of a jump from the meet then to the engagement and setup of the wedding. The film became a tear jerker near the end but it has a happy ending. There was humor, saddness, family drama, very realistic. 1 surprise was seeing Mike Epps in a more-or-much less severe role. It was present but not forced on the audience. The acting and directing were on point. Epps played a significant role instead of a fool great job. Jumping the Broom movie summary. Absolutely nothing against the Madea series but it was just so refreshing to see yet another depiction of the African American family and their problems done in such a classy and relatable way that can appeal to various audiences. In my opinion, this film is excellent for ages 10 and up. Overall movie was great. Undoubtedly a need to see. But i have to say it much more of a watching in the living room type of movie. I believe everybody guessed the grooms mother was going to spill the beans when she discovered out the family secret. Created me laugh, cry and care. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I am a fan of most of the actors in the movie.

Would definately go see it again. This movie is a need to see because it portrays African Americans in a positive way. There had been some much less than favorable stereotypes in the movie, but it was not too poor. Just went to see Jumping the Broom today. The full Jumping the Broom movie. The men of the cast were breathtaking as well. Some funny and some extremely dramatic. Most of us know an Uncle like him. Psp Jumping the Broom movie download. They felt like kissing cousins to me. This was the typical wedding movie. This was a really good, well-put-together movie. Be cute not enticing. The cinematography complemented the creative acting crew.

Girlfriend please update your look. Anyway, it also just shows plain human individuals with plain human drama - acting was superb and it was upbeat at the end. Okay this was a pretty okay movie. But my wife wanted to go see it, so I went begrudgingly. It was light and relate able. Jumping the Broom dowload. This movie was very good from beginning to end. It is a feel great movie and it is worth the ticket. Download Jumping the Broom film in hd quality It was very funny and super romantic. The actors are really well cast. You can put each dollar you have on that 1. The part of the movie that was actually special, was the names are my family names, so needless to say. I thought the movie was an overall warm, funny and extremely entertaining film, which captured just the proper amount of enjoy and laughter, rarely observed in the movies, particularly with out becoming meant by bogus racial stereo-types. Dvd downloads. Her acting was superb. But I could have waited for it to come out on DVD. Intelligent comedy, fantastic dialog, credible story and the Hamptons location a feast for the eyes. Loved the movie and want to see it once more. Mike Epps and Tasha Smith stepped out of their usual outlandish characters and played a lot more significant roles. You wouldn't know it by searching at this film. With utmost delicacy, in "Rachel's Getting Married", there's undoubtedly some channeling going on here, in which filmmaker Jonathan Demme returns to the Pantages Theater stage by employing the narrative construction from his 1984 music documentary as a sort of backstory for the similarly integration-themed movie. Excellent movie in a excellent theatre. This film is possibly far better suited for 16yrs and older in order to truly absorb the message of tolerance and forgiveness according to God standards. Jumping the Broom movie in hd. It didn't have any vulgar language or activity, and it was great. It was a excellent family movie. Nice and refreshing to see an African American ensemble in a romantic comedy. Way too a lot overacting. Mike Epps is the movies saving grace. Filme online Jumping the Broom. We as African Americans who have the capability and resources to produce our own movies should employ and use actors of a darker complexion. Jumping the Broom film online. It so tough for me to put word i love this movie the greatest black movie ever produced. Paula was excellent way too happy and gitty at times. Jumping the Broom auf dvd. I like the fact that there was no sex involved, however some of the characters were really sexy. Download Jumping the Broom movies. I'm so scared of mother-in-laws that I will stay single or marry a man who does not have 1. Download Jumping the Broom soundtrack? With everything in it. Acting was outstanding, convincing, relevant, realistic, romantic & funny movie.

You will laugh and cry. And like my momma employed to tell me if you do not have nothing nice to say the shut the hell up. Don,™t be fooled. With utmost delicacy, in "Rachel's Obtaining Married", there is certainly some channeling going on here, in which filmmaker Jonathan Demme returns to the Pantages Theater stage by employing the narrative construction from his 1984 music documentary as a sort of backstory for the similarly integration-themed movie.

It's not a ȫLACK" movie. I couldn't hold back the tears. I believe every person need to go and see it. We all laughed and there had been even some moments that made me cry. Superiorly expressed and addressed. All of his movie are outstanding. It was better than I expected. I just came from watching and I must admit it was much better than I thought it may be. It's nice to see a movie about black people without craziness like in Tyler Perry's movies. I highly suggest it. I saw actors that typically get pigeon holed into a specific roles, genuinely excel and sharpen their acting chops. From finding love the accurate enjoy commitment the protection, comfort, and support of a man to the position a man must take to maintain his family. Just what I expected. While Jumping the Broom HD showcases rarely depicted class problems within the black community, the film still relies on wince-inducing stereotypes to delineate them.

I would recommend to any person ages 18+ who enjoys movies with inspirational messages. The story line about wedding debaucles, relatives clashing, etc. The whole cast need to pat themselves on the back for a job nicely carried out. This is 1 of those movies that you ought to see either at the theater or whenit comes out on DVD. I wanted to go back in the movies & watch it once again. The movie "Jumping the Broom".

Weddings & Funerals bring out all the secrets. I want to watch the Jumping the Broom film. I enjoyed seeing Angela Bassett on the screen once more. Good family, date, or girlfriend movie. Don't miss this 1. Moreover, she's particularly hurt by the no-show of her son, a potentially estranged son. This causes the two worlds to collide some times. I will purchase the DVD when it is released legally for sale. I loved how the movie touched on the importance of having a relationship with GOD and the importance of trust in a marriage. Emotionally charged, humorous at times, a movie with a moral. If you are seeking to be purely entertained, watching a movie with a completely unrealistic plot & ending, then this is the 1. Nevertheless, had the star lady of this movie been: Marion Ramsey or an actress comparable to the character of Cadet Laverne Hooks, then I would had been able to relate this movie to my life. This is a movie that would be great for all the family. I pray we get much more movies just like this 1. The directing was excellent, the writing was realistic and the cinematography was beautiful. Everyone meshed nicely. WITH AN ALL BLACK CAST THERE ARE NO "OVER THE Top" STEREOTYPES. Just the perfect movie. You will laugh at some jokes, roll your eyes at other jokes that are obviously racial biased for affordable entertainment, and give a "oh brother" response.


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