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A column by Dr. Dave Renné, ISES President


Does Asia need more coal-fired power plants?


In the weeks following the celebration of humankind’s first successful landing of two men on the moon, who stayed there for over 21 hours and left their lunar module to walk on the moon’s surface, we have celebrated this unprecedented and transformative event, which has had an indelible impact on all of our lives. Technologically, the world has progressed in many dramatic ways in the past half century. Thus I find it unfortunate, in the midst of the celebrations of the remarkable moon-landing event, that it is still necessary to write columns such as the one I have written here, where I must argue against a strong push to continue developing coal-fired power plants in many regions around the world, including Asia.


A few weeks ago an op-ed in Forbes online titled “In Coal we Trust: The Need for Coal-Fired Power Plants in Asia”, caught my attention. The editorial was written by Tilak Doshi, an economist whose byline states that he has “…worked in the oil and gas sector as an economist in both private industry and in think tanks…”. I first became aware if Mr. Doshi’s op-ed through another op-ed written by Rod Walton in Power Engineering (Mr. Walton also organizes the PowerGen International conferences, which features a “Future of Coal-Fired Generation” track at its upcoming conference in New Orleans in November). Although I do not spend much of my time reading online articles about coal-fired power generation, the title and the message of the Forbes article, echoed by the Power Engineering article, requires a response from ISES. (…)

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