Intergenerational futures

Rosa, MP Co-Chair in Brazil, asked about how different generations relate to the future. The study will be presented at the WFSF conference and asked about some references.  Thought I should share my response, as a or the key leader of intergenerational law is Edith Brown-Weiss, one of the grandparents of The Millennium Project back in 1992:

Rosa, Not directly on target, but you should know about Edith Brown-Weiss in Fairness to Future Generations Intergenerational Law Common Patrimony. She shows how our generation is legally linked to future generations. Partnership Law (parents and children) Human Rights Law (future generations cannot exercise their rights if we destroy the environment in which the can’t exercise their rights), etc.


Her is are some public papers:




Not suggesting you buy it, but here is the classic on this:

This may also be relevant re inter- generational futures, done by Institute For the Future (; this was a follow-up to a collaborative study they did 10+ years ago called

“Future Work Skills 2020”

This is an area the futurists should be more aware of.