Indices & benchmarks: A million more flowers – Inside the February issue of IPE

Indices & benchmarks: A million more flowers
Inside the February issue of IPE

Indices & benchmarks: Let a million more flowers bloom 

How much is enough? There are over 3.2m indices, a number far exceeding the 44,000 listed companies worldwide. Although index providers will continue to innovate, their business models look ripe for disruption. Read more 

Governance: Big friendly giants? 
Index providers are eager to show their governance processes are robust and transparent

Fixed income: A different breed 
Bond indices are different to their equity equivalents but no less important to passive investment models

On the record: Do you use custom benchmarks? 
Pension funds NEST, PKA Denmark and AP7 respond

Pensions in Ireland: Drive is on for auto-enrolment 

Ireland’s pensions sector is in ‘wait-and-see’ mode in relation to reforms intended to improve coverage of occupational DC schemes. Central to the Irish government’s pension reform plans is the implementation of auto-enrolment. Read more 

IAPF Viewpoint: ‘We must push on with reform’ – Jerry Moriarty 
A year of change is ahead to prepare for implementation of the revised IORP II Directive and reform of the DC system

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Special Report: Defined Contribution

UK auto-enrolment: Good start, must do better 
Five years since its introduction, auto-enrolment has been a success. Yet it must keep evolving to maintain its momentum

The Netherlands: Reformed system to boost DC 
The shift to defined contribution plans in the Netherlands looks likely to persist

Australian Royal Commission: Scrutiny may not be super 
The Australian superannuation industry is a global success story, but not without controversy

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Private equity: Competitive arena 

The private equity markets are in a healthy state in terms of inflows and realised returns. But high valuations make some segments a tough place to find attractive new deal opportunities. Read more 

Year in review: Rapid growth rule 
The private equity industry has enjoyed nine consecutive years of growth

Private markets, social impetus: Liam Kennedy  
“Smart, socially responsible long-term investors can position themselves as private-market-focused growth capital providers”

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How We Run Our Money: Centrica

Chetan Ghosh, CIO of Centrica’s UK pension fund, explains why cashflow-driven investment is the future of pensions management. Read more  

Strategically Speaking: Janus Henderson 

Andrew Formica, co-CEO of Janus Henderson Investors, talks about the benefits and challenges of his firm’s recent merger. Read more