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Invitation: Join our live broadcast setting out our new strategic phase

Tune in live at 08:30 Central European Summer Time on 4 October 2018 for the official launch of the next phase of the IIRC’s strategy, building global momentum towards integrated reporting.

Key aspects of the new strategic phase – ‘Momentum Phase’ – include advancing integrated thinking as part of corporate governance reform, facilitating alignment in the corporate reporting system and accelerating adoption in the United States and China.

You will hear, live ahead of the IIRC Council meeting, in Paris from:

  • Barry Melancon, Chair, IIRC Board
  • Peter Bakker, Deputy Chair of the IIRC Council
  • Jane Diplock, Chair, IIRC Governance and Nominations Committee
  • Richard Howitt, CEO, IIRC

The session will be streamed on the IIRC’s website and will be a great opportunity to hear more about how integrated reporting is being adopted globally, why this is the right time for the IIRC to take the next step towards global adoption through this momentum phase, and hear from the leaders’ of the IIRC their vision for the future of corporate reporting globally.

Tune in to www.integratedreporting.org/global-momentum-phase at 08:30 Central European Summer Time on 4 October 2018 to be part of this exciting new step towards integrated reporting.|END:IF|*

“Breakthrough moment for integrated reporting” – IIRC publishes own annual integrated report.


A series of ‘breakthrough’ moments have been named in the IIRC’s 2017 integrated report, signalling the breadth of support for integrated reporting as it becomes embedded by businesses around the world.

The IIRC is currently in the ‘breakthrough phase’ towards the global adoption of integrated reporting, and the identification of the breakthrough moments in the report signals that the organization is preparing to move towards a new strategic phase in its development.

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Watch now: IIRC CEO, Richard Howitt, launches the IIRC’s latest integrated report

New academic database points to clear benefits in adopting integrated reporting

A new <IR> Academic Database has been launched, bringing together over 200 academic studies highlighting the potential positive ramifications of adopting integrated reporting, as well as commenting on emerging best practice.

Research included in the database concluded that integrated reporting leads to increased stock liquidity, better performance, higher market valuation and a longer-term investor base for the businesses that adopt it. The database, which is a freely available resource, can be accessed at www.iracademicdatabase.org

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Africa Integrated Reporting Committee launches integrated reporting in Botswana

The launch of the new Botswana Integrated Reporting Committee in August 2018

Integrated reporting is to become a listing requirement of Botswana Stock Exchange on a comply or explain basis, with a new Botswana Integrated Reporting Committee launched to help drive awareness, understanding and uptake as this new approach is embedded in the market.

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IIRC partners with the Social & Human Capital Coalition

The IIRC has partnered with the Social & Human Capital Coalition (SHCC) via a joint statement setting out the importance of capital measurement, valuation and reporting through the SHCC Protocol and the International <IR> Framework.

Both organizations have endorsed each others frameworks and will continue to work in synergy to amplify positive impact, including with mutual partners such as the Natural Capital Coalition.

Social and human capital assessments directly support external disclosure through the <IR> Framework, helping capital markets understand which companies are investing in people, communities and relationships; investments which boost long term value creation potential.

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