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How to Train Your Dragon

Long ago up North on the Island of Berk, the young Viking, Hiccup, wants to join his town's fight against the dragons that continually raid their town. However, his macho father and village leader, Stoik the Vast, will not allow his small, clumsy, but inventive son to do so. Regardless, Hiccup ventures out into battle and downs a mysterious Night Fury dragon with his invention, but can't bring himself to kill it. Instead, Hiccup and the dragon, whom he dubs Toothless, begin a friendship that would open up both their worlds as the observant boy learns that his people have misjudged the species. But even as the two each take flight in their own way, they find that they must fight the destructive ignorance plaguing their world.

Stars: Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson, America Ferrera, Jonah Hill.

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How to Train Your Dragon (2010). Download How to Train Your Dragon.

There are also a couple of sexual innuendos and a couple of kisses between the hero and heroine. How to Train Your Dragon movie downloads. Excellent film for children, as they will ask numerous questions that parents and grandparents should answer. Not bad but not extremely entertaining either, cliche over cliche. Buy How to Train Your Dragon movie makes the young Viking befriend a feared dragon reversing the attack and defend behavior that makes enemies. Cannot wait to see component 2 when it comes out in 2014. He's basically the runt of the litter, and he's always keptindoors when his remote Scandinavian village is attacked by flyingdragons. His dragon, whom he calls Toothless, gives him insight into how dragons believe, and he is then able to defeat all the dragons in the sparring ring very effortlessly without slaying them.

The story takes location in an island up north named Berk where large andstrong Vikings inhabit the land. Esta bien para los pekes. Watch How to Train Your Dragon movie is a journey of character and the emotion and an adventure spectacle that is entertaining.

Special thanks for you " GerardButler " if you are reading this I wanna tell you that you are 1 ofmy favorite actors. A powerful point for any animated film is its animation, clearly. Also, I discovered that you can tell that the movie was aimed teenagers. My 13 year old daughter went to see it and loved it. Just flying for the sake of throwing things at your face in 3D. It was extremely enjoyable.

All I can say is Wonderful. The How to Train Your Dragon the movie? Si la veria de nuevo. Dont take it from me tho, ask kids who observed it and they'll tell you everything. The animation is gorgeous and the movie is really quite enjoyable to watch. I extremely suggest it. I wanted to see it, and to like it so badly, I knew it would be doomed not to live up to my expectations. A beautiful family movie. At times, pacing is slow and the tale is lengthy, but steadily builds to the captivating romance between Daisy and Benjamin. The plot is predictably predictable, which would not have beenquite so bad if the secondary characters had not been decreased to merestereotypes (the disapproving father who only wants what's best for hisson, the overachieving girl who eventually falls for the hero despiteherself, the bullies, the comical friend/sidekick/confidant). Nevertheless I do like the slight twist at the end, Hiccup loses his leg. Instead, he becomes secret friends with the dragon, whom he dubs "Toothless". Neat adventure movie about a boy/teen (Baruchel) who is absolutely nothing like his huge and strong father (Butler). This is why the production is even compared to the multi-Oscar-winning Pixar. The voice acting, although maybe not a highlight of the film, is undeniably excellent. M not kidding), the neglected offspring of a family of Vikings living just off of Scotland. Craig Ferguson and AmericaFerrera make for fantastic supporting characters as Gobber and Astrid,while T. Most importantly, How to Train Your Dragon psp is one of those family films which adults can appreciate both with and without having youngsters. The main dragon character toothless dominates the movie with its crazy-cute feline habits and unexpected innocence. At the beginning of the story, the vikings killdragons simply because they Ȫre vikings, and that's what vikings do. When it comes to visuals, "How to Train Your Dragon movie online" in excellent on a technical level, the hair and skin is brilliantly carried out and I need to say that this is the initial 3D movie I saw where the 3D technologies paid off. In doing so it was 1 much less step in obtaining to the theater and 1 much less line. Was a funny and altrough good animated number, not on my top 10 animated ever. This beats them all :) brilliant fun and a great feast for the eyes. The next morning Hickup finds the dragon.

Right after numerous years of the predominance by Disney- Pixar, this time Dreamworks strikes back to overthrow its throne, however, as I haven't seen TOY STORY 3 (2010) yet (It may be tough to believe, I haven't watched any of TOY STORY franchise), I can not judge if HTTYD could win the Greatest ANIMATED FEATURE FILM over from TS3 in the coming Oscar, yet I will feel extremely much pleased if it happens. In the end,Hiccup is victorious, gets the girl he loves (Astrid), becomes a hero,gains respect from his peers, and modifications Viking life as they know itby generating pet dragons commonplace. Upcoming animated flicks look good, too. The past few 3D movies/cartoon is such disappointment until now. Now, Dreamworks, also responsible for the Shrek franchise, have breathed life, just as dragons breathe fire, into a well-known youngsters's' book. Fantastic movie for the young at heart with fantastic graphics.

The world that is produced is just breath-taking, and when Hiccup flies Toothless for the first time, it is animated beautifully. Really enjoyable,really funny, really dramatic, visually stunning and breathtaking. This is the greatest animated movie I can remember seeing in a Lengthy time. This was such a excellent film. Can you imagine a child internalizing this lesson and what the consequences might be. Download How to Train Your Dragon full lenght. Hensen gives an impeccable performance as Queenie, a likable character who cares for Benjamin unconditionally. I was able to see this not only in 3D, but at the V Max theatre and it was intense. What moredo you require. How to Train Your Dragon movie online watch.

Generally DreamWorks pumps out a ton of mediocre films, but when in a whilst a movie worthwhile (and with cute dragons) will ultimately pop out. There were some cliche elements (notably at the end), but the film entertained me the entire way by means of. Don't wanna give any spoilers. How to Train Your Dragon dvd rip download. I might be wrong)PS In fact as sarcastic take a look back. The animation is state-of-the-art, imaginative and in some circumstances ground-breaking. There are no fart jokes, pop culture references or annoying R&B songs in download How to Train Your Dragon online, which surely represents an artistic growth for DreamWorks. How to Train Your Dragon dvd, based on Cressida Cowell. It is just a piece of lighthearted entertainment, but the idea that becoming nice to the bully will usually make him go away is a flawed 1 at greatest. I like to see a sequel it would be enjoyable to enjoy futher adventures of Hiccup and Toothless. How to download How to Train Your Dragon the movie! But sensing and seeing the fear in the dragons eyes, he makes a choice to set it free of charge, and then begins to produce a close bond between him and his new pet, named "Toothless.

My youngsters said it was their favorite. But every little thing else is perfect. The music score from John Powell was extremely memorable and had a lot of emotion to it. Not to mention one of the best films (if not the greatest film) of 2010 so far. Then it has very excellent action parts and some other realistic parts. Wonderful movie truly good affects particularly in 3D would suggest this. I'm sure I've looked quite similarwhile I was watching this lovely fairytale 'How to Train Your Dragon blu-ray'unfold. Still, I suppose the message behind the film was goodnatured enough, even if it was presented via virtually each associated cliche achievable. Nowadays even some my mother's age said they liked it and had not expected too.

I am really glad I saw this, but a small less glad that I saw it in 3D (it occurs to me now that I don't reeally much care for RealD). When the story opens, Hiccup's residence island of Berk is becoming attacked by marauding dragons. I thought it was type of annoying that all of the other children started to like Hiccup when he showed dragon taming prowess, seemingly ONLY because of this talent, but by the end I barely minded. I don't want to giveanything away, ⟊use I hate when individuals do that, but please keepwatching in spite of Hiccup's voice. Excellent story and great animation. How to Train Your Dragon movie online' is set in a mythical Viking world where a young Viking teenager aspires to follow his tribe's tradition of becoming a dragon slayer. Although the Scottish accents were a lot to be desired :p.

It leaves you a goog message. The first 20 minutes had been especially weak, to thepoint where following the characters were introduced the humour becameextremely lacklustre and the entire plot seemed to stall for a excellent 5minutes or so. Sadly, his only hope of this simply because of his weakness are these inventions that only he is nerdy sufficient to build. This movie is awsome. They got the poor guy. There are few points far better in cinema than that feeling of"How the hell is the hero gonna beat that.

Our own uniqueness makes us. Online How to Train Your Dragon. The dragon training scenes and friendship alone is worth watching themovie - the other core characters and story are just "icing on thecake". Buy How to Train Your Dragon is 1 Dreamworks Animation's greatest films and one of the best movies of 2010. He didn't utter a single word, however I could see each and every emotion that went via his mind. I possibly wouldn't take a kid under 6 as it can be a bit intense and scary with some of the dragon scenes. Itis well worth having. I watched it about 10 times in one week, that is how great it is. Just to round off with a nerdy comment… Dragons are cool. How to Train Your Dragon was amazing. We have two boys and dragons(dinosaurs) are up our alley. I took my boys to go see the 2D version (figuring 3D glasses may well be a bit too a lot for a 3 and 5 year old) and they both enjoyed it. How to Train Your Dragon movie summary. The acting could have used a small aid but beside these facts this 1 is simply so far the finest movie of the year so far blockbuster wise. How to Train Your Dragon full vidio. His father does not think him so he decides to go slay the dragon himself and prove to everyone he is a accurate Viking. At the and big success, applause and huray. Certainly a should-see. D I would give a lot more in-depth review of this masterpiece (and I don't use that word lightly), but I don't want to ruin your viewing encounter by revealing the storyline. We did not see it in 3D. Meet Hickup, a hapless young viking ( voiced by Jay Baruchel) he livesin an isolated village where the pests take place to be dragons. Hiccup is a young boy whodreams of slaying dragons, but his little physique doesn't help him inthis endeavor. Makes me mad I didn't see this in the Cinema even although none of my buds wanted to see this. Download movie How to Train Your Dragon hq! This is the level of expectations for a gd 3D movie. This is one of the extremely few films that puts 3-D to good use, especially in the course of its flight scenes. Enjoyed the moviie and would watch it again and once more. No require to attempt to be someone else. How to Train Your Dragon movies dvd. Simply great, touching and memorable. I was type of dubious as dreamworks films are either good or they are bad. Pixar has usually carried out masterpieces although Dreamworks(except for Shrek, enjoy that movie) has only done great movies. I can't wait to buy it on DVD. When Hiccup flies on the dragon for the initial time I found myself holding my breath and moving my body to help turn the dragon. That's one factor Dreamworks requirements to boost: the titles of their works. I can't stop watching it once again and again LOL. My 7 year old had to sit in front of us, although my 4 year old sat on my lap, which turned out to be a great place for her because some of the action sequences had been a bit frightentng for her. There's lots of very dynamic exciting action in this movie and it's mostly carried out with a cheerful enjoyable tone most of the time even though there's still danger. Youngsters movie's my @$$ I say.

I swear, JohnPowell does not deserve to be nominated at next years Acadamy Awardsfor Best Score, he deserves to WIN the Oscar, and get a standingovation when he does so. Per usual with DreamWorks animated films, the graphics are gorgeous, especially whenever Hiccup and his dragon, Toothless, take to the skies. There was a time that the world of mainstream animation was reigned by an industry giant called Pixar.

The voice overs were excellent and the characters actually had physical elements that were reminiscent of their voice actors. Full movie downloads. One of the best movies in a long time.

Hiccup, voiced by the devastatingand believable Jay Baruchel, is a weak and low self-esteem little boywho lives in a world of Vikings. How to download How to Train Your Dragon the film. Saw the trailer for this when I went to see "Alice in Wonderland. I'd tell you what it was, but right now I'm too lazy to type it out. The flight scenes of the protagonistriding the dragon Hiccup are so beautiful, brilliant, and amazing. Oh thats so much fun. The proportion between comedy and drama is a feat achieved by none other than Pixar until now. How to Train Your Dragon the film high quality. As a "black sheep," we sympathize with the character and over the course of the film that grows to empathy, which strengthens when the character has a reversal of fortune.

O melhor filme da DreamWorks , talvez, o mais parecido com os da Pixar. One of the greatest animated films in recent history. This movie, though, is maybe the first one that can be considered with Pixar's very best movies. Like to pull off this part well, which he did. The script is spotless, the idea is original and the talent is outstanding. How to Train Your Dragon isn't exception to this, so -to speak- American way of animation unfortunately. Took my daughter to see "watch How to Train Your Dragon movie" and loved it. Sometimes ijust feel like to be a kid again. But the film was still awesome, and I look forward to watching it again. He stands out and just cannot find his place. Read on the subject for Jesus's sake.

If you're thinking about it, go see it. So, he essentially steps away from his responsibilities as a father. Online How to Train Your Dragon movies? Sound/Atmosphere Both are incredible the sound seems to be right on cue and is perfect from beginning to end it fits every single scene. How to Train Your Dragon to buy. I went with my 3 yr old daughter and even she enjoyed it, and it was even fun for the adults. Easily one of my new favorite kids' movies. Download the How to Train Your Dragon dvd. That's so funny & quite interesting. The plot has a sense of seriousness that it carries with it, just consider the climax. Craig Ferguson and America Ferrera make for wonderful supporting characters as Gobber and Astrid, while T. This movie is magnificent. Highlyrecommended, though not for small kids. Films like "Sharktale" and "Monsters vs Aliens" were true failures inmy eyes, with too much in your face/slapstick humour. It was funny , bright, I really enjoyed it. The story focuses on Hiccup (Baruchel), a teenage misfit who prefers to use brains over brawn and doesn't seem to be going down the traditional dragon-slayer route, much to the chagrin of his father, the chief Stoick the Vast (Butler). How to Train Your Dragon blu-ray has a lot ofheart, which is strange for a DreamWorks film.

Instead of trying to be pseudo-realistic the animation revels in being just that, and the movie is the better for it. The humor in "Dragon" is much more minimal than say, "Kung Fu Panda"and certainly "Shrek," but what it lacks in laughs it makes up for intruthful storytelling, terrific visuals and overall cuteness. How to Train Your Dragon download dvdrip. The only negative criticism I can think of (and I'm really straining), are that some parts shone a little more brightly than others.

I truly liked the dragons as there are numerous different kinds that are created uniquely and are colorful. Really stunning movie, extremely touchy and exciting. Los verdaderos Vikingos no traian esos cascos. Where can buy a How to Train Your Dragon. And it is animation =D even better. It delivers humor both children and their parents will enjoy. Not a very forceful outburst of the climax, but can't complain, either. Although their most recent offering undoubtedly dazzles inits spectacular animation, there is a well-told story at the heart ofit all, one that is frequently funny and at times quite moving. And then of course there's the fact that I'm a SciFi/Fantasy geek, so what's not to like about a dragon movie. There are several tear-jerking moments in the movie, as well as many laugh-out-loud, witty jokes. When he discovers the dragon he thought he killed in afield alive, he panics but eventually decides to train it. Can't wait for the sequel. A couple of top moments were the "breastplate" helmet, hitting the dragon's eyes ("it's so simple, i can't miss. Also, with out giving too significantly away, the central messageof the film is basically thrown out the window during the climax whichmade the film appear like a slightly shallow experience as I left thecinema. S true Screenwriting 101: there are only four original tips out there, and everything else is built off of one of those structures. I give this film 1 huge, nicely deserved 10/10, although Iɽ give it an 11 if I could. How to Train Your Dragon film length. It type of has a link to kung fu panda though. Excellent humour, stayed true to the facts, lovely imagery. Nice movie, funny ). Furthermore, it provides hope to those much less productive dragon trainers out there whose healthcare providers refuse to cover any much more skin grafts. The main idea behind this film is that we should accept those who are mean to us as opposed to killing them for stealing our sheep. Completely Wonderful. Be brave dragon di sini melambangkan ketakutan en tantangan2 qta, jgn takut dgn smuanya itu, YOU HAVE TO Believe THAT U CAN TRAIN YOUR "DRAGON" so, rugi bgt klo gak ntn. There are some actually good scenes with Hiccup and Toothless obtaining to know and turn out to be comfy with every other, (and thankfully the dragon doesn't talk and spout catchphrases), and the early flight sequences are really cool. How to Train Your Dragon hd watch online? Butler and Fergusson make superb viking voices, Miller and Wiig supply some great laughs as the twin vikings, and I even didn't mind having to hear Hill's voice. The queen appears rather to enslave them and maintain them in fear.

They're all based on BOOKS. The opening battle is wonderfully energetic, whilst the flight sequences are totally exhilarating. It is a thrilling action-adventure saga with exhilarating 3-D animation, a clever comedy with witty dialogue. My first 3-D movie and I loved it. How to Train Your Dragon film on the internet A must see if you have children.

Suitable for all ages with out becoming cringeworthy, and with a story that's closer to a humorous drama than a dramatic comedy, this film deviates from Dreamworks' usual style into some thing, in my individual opinion, significantly far better the visuals are breathtaking, the dragons are great, the folks are believable and the script is amazing. Movie online How to Train Your Dragon. Since this is one to put into your collection, even right after seeing it in the theatre. Watch How to Train Your Dragon online? Nonetheless, he finds that he's much more of a dragon trainer than he is a dragon killer when he captures a dragon. Extremely suggested for ANY AGE. But this procedure is told so convincingly and beautifully that it comes across really naturally. How to Train Your Dragon dvd rip. Now, it's up to the unlikely pair to quell the fire-breathing feudbetween dragons and Vikings just before both species are eradicated. How to Train Your Dragon downloads. All in all I was extremely pleased with this film. And I have no problems with it. Cinematic How to Train Your Dragon download! Its kind-of diplomatic and reminiscent of the Bible verse that liberal and conservative Christians may well agree on: "Love your enemies, do great to those who mistreat you. QuotA hapless young Viking who aspires to hunt dragons becomes the unlikely friend of a young dragon himself, and learns there may be a lot more to the creatures than he assumed.

The only thing that wasn't excellent was the 2 cheesy lines that Astrid says. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this film. The How to Train Your Dragon. I hate to comparemovies, but I have to use some reference here. This film is only suitable for discerning audiences, and I can't say it's high up on my list of recommended films to watch. Really funny, enjoy the character Hiccup.

Nice family movie about challenging false cultural beliefs or traditions. The plot is very simple and you understand specifically how it is going to turn, the general humor will appeal, no doubt, to children, but I didn't find anything funny about it. If anything I was disappointed that it wasn't more scary for becoming the fearsome Night Fury. The story, writing, voicework, 3D. The wings bellowing with wind in them. How to Train Your Dragon watch full movie online. Perhaps leading 10 animated or some thing as I think I am out of room in the overall leading 10. 3D was incredible and worth the additional bucks.

Hiccup learns that the dragons aren't actually bloodthirsty killers and we are drawn into a series of predictable events in which he should prove to his father and his people that the dragons aren't hazardous, just misunderstood. By means of his interactions with Toothless, Hiccup becomes a kind of ȭragon whisperer", bewildering his classmates in dragon training, and inciting the jealousy of Astrid (Ferrera), an ⊬tion girl" Viking whom Hiccup nurses an unrequited crush on. How to Train Your Dragon complete movies. When it comes to the use of 3D it is everything that Avatar was except this doesn't bore you to death with a flimsy story and pure emphasis on the WOW isn't 3D remarkable. Ending was good not overally predictable. The best movie they produced. Defintly check it out in 3D if you can or 2D if you can't. My 11 yr old son and 8 yr old daughter loved it, as nicely as I did. My grandkids, grandson 3yrs old and granddaughter 2 yrs old, enjoyed it so much they were glued to the seats. The dragon, Toothless, is effortlessly the finest character in spite of being a non-speaking character. My review can be read here: celiasaurusrex. We aren't going to see that film. All in all, I did like it. But it actually does not matter. I may well just write an additional review =). The flying scenes with the dragon is similar to the avatar's flying scene. That said, the whole narrative is a familiar one. My husband and I took our 8 year old grandson to it and we all just loved it. Download the How to Train Your Dragon online If you don't feel it, you should be produced of stone. Us/2010/03/30/watch-how-to-train-your-dragon-2010-ts-on-line-movshare-reliable-video-hosting. An incredible story about friendship, understanding, pride, trust, and acceptance. The great factor, though, about adapting children's books is that you won't get a lot of nerdery like "X character wasn't supposed to meet with Y character in that scene. Cars" was my all time favorite non-anime animation with "The Incredibles" running a close second. I sure enjoyed the movie tremendously in ordinary version. Toothless will capture your heart and you will undoubtedly walk out of the theater saying "wow this was truly good. This is also much more adventurous than any other people. I didn't know how several "vikings" had Scottish accents, either. Not significantly with the political undertones here-in contrast to Avatar.

This movie has so much going for it that I'm virtually ashamed I didn't like it more.

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