Happy Summer!

We hope you’re all enjoying your summer!

The Natural Capitalism Solutions’ team has some exciting updates to share with you all. We look forward to hearing from you if you have any comments or suggestions.


Current Activities:
Global Work: Natural Capitalism Solutions is a founding member of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll), a coalition of groups from around the world committed to system change to create an economy in service to life. Isabel traveled to Malaga, Spain in June to attend the WEAll summit. Two dozen organizational leaders of global economy groups set forth the strategy to replace the neoliberal ideology that is bankrupting people and the planet. WEAll will frame the narrative of a world that works for everyone, bring coherence to the theory and practice of new economics and build a global citizens movement to make this new approach dominant. Please stay tuned for updates and a new website!

Hunter has just arrived back from Costa Rica where she helped launched one of fifteen regenerative hubs now being formed around the planet. These hubs, a project of John Fullerton’s Capital Institute, are one way that WEAll is working at the local level. Hunter and John met with the President of Costa Rica and with local and global leaders of regenerative capitalism. Costa Rica, a founding member of the Wellbeing Economy countries, has committed to 100% renewable energy and is exploring how to become a regenerative economy.

Before that, Hunter was in Hong Kong mentoring 15 social entrepreneurs from around Southeast Asia as part of the Unreasonable Impact Team.

Regional Efforts: With Capital Institute, we are also creating a regenerative hub along the Front Range. A team of local thought leaders meets monthly at Hunter’s ranch to discuss the practical challenges of transforming an economy believed to be dependent on extractive industries to one that enhances all forms of human and natural capital, as well as delivers greater prosperity. Our partners include, the Sustainable Economic and Enterprise Development Institute (SEED) at Regis University, the Alliance Center, and CityCraft.

Local Efforts: NCS is launching Sustainably For All. This will train professors at colleges and universities to teach graduate students to work with small businesses in their communities. The small business sector, the job creation engine of the country, is typically left out of sustainability efforts. They can’t afford consultants, and struggle to implement even profitable changes when cash is short and days are long. Empowering students across the country to deliver the services that main street needs will be, we believe, a way to enhance local prosperity.

We appreciate your support as we create an economy in service to life. 

Where in the world is NCS?

Since the Fall, NCS has traveled to Hong Kong, Costa Rica, San Francisco, New York, Spain, Nebraska, and Boston


NCS welcomes Summer interns Kat and Zina to the team!