Happy New Year from America’s Pledge!

“Ethical Markets is a signatory in this campaign and We Are Still In!   ~Hazel Henderson, Editor”


As we begin the new year, we look back on a challenging, and at times tumultuous, 2017: uncertainty in early June with the federal government’s decision to rescind its commitment to climate action, quickly followed by reassurance and optimism, as Americans outside of Washington, D.C. reiterated their commitment to combatting climate change and said to the world that we are still in.

We were reminded of the strength and impact of our cities, states, businesses, universities, and citizens – so many of whom remain dedicated to climate action. We begin 2018 with a renewed sense of hope from non-federal actors who are continuing American leadership on climate change to help ensure we fulfill the pledge we made to the world when we signed the Paris Agreement two years ago.

To kick off 2018, we encourage you, as leaders in the climate community, to share your #AmericasPledge goals for 2018 by posting them on social media alongside one of these shareable GIFs.