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With up to 15% extended battery life, GE’s battery-storage power system saves energy for when it’s needed most. Whether it’s raining, hailing, sleeting, or snowing, GE’s Reservoir helps keep the lights on.

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Staff | 01.28.19

Bloomberg, Gap, Salesforce Join Others to Spearhead Novel Small-Scale Solar Deal

Small-capacity renewable energy aggregation deals should open the market to more corporate offtakers.

Emma Foehringer Merchant | 01.25.19

A Look at 2019 Solar Projections

Global solar markets are moving away from “boom and bust”—and toward a mature industry.

Julian Spector | 01.25.19

RGS Energy Revives Dow’s Solar Roof, Claiming Better Efficiency and Lower Costs

It’s a better version of a product that has never really succeeded—in a market that barely exists.

Jeff St. John | 01.23.19

Texas Grid Operator Reports Fuel Mix Is Now 30% Carbon-Free

The latest data from ERCOT shows wind generation set new records in 2018—and lots of solar in the pipeline.

Emma Foehringer Merchant | 01.23.19

Is the Utility-Scale Solar Industry in a Finance Bubble?

“It can’t run red-hot forever.” Industry experts voice questions and concerns about dirt-cheap, shorter-term PPAs.

Tom Heggarty, Benjamin Attia | 01.22.19

Trends Shaping the Global Solar Market in 2019

There are positive signs for the global solar market in 2019, following a year of upheaval.

Jason Deign | 01.21.19

Solar-Plus-Storage Beats Combined-Cycle Gas in Jordan and MoroccoEven the world’s most efficient gas technology is falling behind PV combined with batteries.


Maximizing PV System Performance with Single-Axis Trackers

The global utility-scale PV tracker market has blown up in the last five years. Once considered too expensive compared to fixed-tilt racking systems and suitable only for very specific (usually sunny and flat) environments, trackers have gone mainstream and are now more or less expected as part of utility-scale solar projects around the globe.  

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