Greentech Media : “Unpacking Florida Power & Light’s 30 Million Solar Promise”

“Ethical Markets recommends this highly perceptive article on financial motives behind FPL’s announcement, which smacks of efforts to manage supply of renewable energy coming online and need to re-structure its business model. Buyer beware!

Let’s hope homeowners keep adding solar, while verifying and collecting their reward currency: SolarCoin  at

~Hazel Henderson, Editor  (also a skeptical customer of FPL!)”


Florida Power and Light, the third largest electric utility in the United States, has vowed to install 30 million solar panels by 2030. Taking the rough estimate of 350 watts per panel, the energy utility’s target would amount to 10,500 megawatts, which is five times more than the total installed capacity of Florida today. The commitment provides another data point in the national trend of regulated utilities embracing solar power at scale.