Global climate finance reaches record high, but is it enough?

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Global Climate Finance: An Updated View 2018
Climate finance continues to be the central issue in how the global community proposes to follow through with implementation of the Paris Agreement. In our latest update to the Global Landscape of Climate Finance, we find that global climate finance flows for 2015-2016 averaged USD 463 billion, which is 27% higher than in 2013/2014. While this increase is undoubtedly good news, it is important to keep in mind that these figures represent a small share of the overall economic transition required to address climate change, especially given investments in fossil fuel projects that continue to surpass investments in low-emissions, climate resilient infrastructure.

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Join CPI at COP24
CPI’s team will host and present at several events at COP24 that cover the global landscape of climate finance, emerging instruments to drive sustainable finance, approaches to achieve the transformation towards low-carbon climate resilient development pathways, scaling up finance for climate resilience and adaptation, and other topics.

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Energizing Renewables in Indonesia

Between 2012 and 2016, public finance provided by the Government of Indonesia to support clean energy development amounted to at least IDR 12.4 trillion. In this study, the first in a series of reports in partnership with the Indonesian Ministry of Finance, CPI analysts look at national opportunities for blended finance to inform Indonesia’s public resource allocation strategy so that it can address the most critical barriers to clean energy investment and improve public capital efficiency.

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