GGKP Knowledge Update – Debating Globalization; Ensuring Better Biodiversity; How Americans will Benefit from the EGA and more…




Feature Story:  Who Said What at the GGKP and PAGE High-Level Media Debate?

There was disagreement, there were innovative ideas, some laughs, stern opposing opinions and a wealth of knowledge debating globalization and sustainability in the 21st century.


On March 26th a panel of eminent speakers debated the question, ‘Whose Prosperity? How Can We Build Inclusive and Sustainable Economies?‘. The Green Growth Knowledge Platform and the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) held the event on the eve of the Second PAGE Ministerial Conference, complementing the conference theme of  ‘Inclusive and Sustainable Economies Powering the Sustainable Development Goals‘. The debate was fuelled by questions from the audience providing a rare opportunity for attendees to directly engage key opinion leaders in a public forum.


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