G7 Throws Weight Behind Sustainable Finance Movement

“Ethical Markets welcomes this important news!  Seems that Trump’s backsliding on the Paris Climate accords is hastening the resolve and collaboration of all the other nations  in the agreement.  ~Hazel Henderson, Editor”



The G7 today joined the G20, other countries and markets in throwing its weight behind a growing movement to turn the power of the global financial system to sustainable development. In a communique released at the end of a two-day meeting in Bologna, hosted by Italy, G7 environment ministers“ including the US“ called increased sustainable financing fundamental to the achievement of sustainability and climate goals.

The Inquiry, which has supported Italy’s G7 presidency over the last year as it explored the potential of sustainable finance, presented two reports at the meeting: Mobilizing Sustainable Finance for SMEs and Financial Centres for Sustainability. The reports have their findings endorsed in the final communique, and outline strategies to ensure SMEs and financial centres are part of the sustainability solution.

Read the full press release here.