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The Eagle

In 140 AD, twenty years after the unexplained disappearance of the entire Ninth Legion in the mountains of Scotland, young centurion Marcus Aquila (Tatum) arrives from Rome to solve the mystery and restore the reputation of his father, the commander of the Ninth. Accompanied only by his British slave Esca (Bell), Marcus sets out across Hadrian's Wall into the uncharted highlands of Caledonia - to confront its savage tribes, make peace with his father's memory, and retrieve the lost legion's golden emblem, the Eagle of the Ninth.

Stars: Channing Tatum, István Göz, Bence Gerö, Denis O'Hare, Paul Ritter.

Directed by Kevin Macdonald.

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I will not elaborate the plot further but as mentioned, this is no suspense mystery. My boyfriend and i loved it.

Tends to reaffirm that a lot of the world's supposed fantastic empires were/are motivated by greed with out any thought about the expenses to humanity. Believable action sequences and storyline. What he's missing in The Eagle ipod is that spark of the insane - the slightly lunatic fever that makes us unable to keep our eyes off him (Channing Tatum). The worst of which are the Seal people. Visually, really a great movie, However, the acting by Tatum is lacking any actual depth (also why does he constantly switch between full on american and semi-british accent. Iɽ acquire a ticket. A lot of the issues I had with this movie are strictly my opinion, and it is understandable if you may disagree. What I liked most about this movie is that it does not, at all, have any romance thrown in to it to mush it all up. Oddly, the goof who lost this precious eagle was Steve Stupidius, Marcus's dear old daddius. Where watch The Eagle film. They have like 3 battles. Wow 2011 is off to a terrible start. Possibly he will enhance in the future but I pers. He was dwarfed in height, build and acting presence by Channing Tatum and spent most of the film seeking like a rent boy. I went into this movie completely expecting it to be crap, but I in fact loved it. Do yourself a favor and save your funds. Order The Eagle film. No epic battle scenes, not even at the extremely end. The Eagle stream. Quotbuy The Eagle is not a piece of metal. Once I use the balance on the card I will not go to Fandango again bit I WILL see the Eagle. Confronts moral problems without having becoming preachy. That is a lame excuse, why not make a film about America's Ȫwesomeness" and let this film shine with in-depth acting with British accents, everyone knows for a historical epic British accents are the way to go. In truth, it's fantastic writing. Download The Eagle hd. 5/10 And the lack of chemistry between any of the characters at all to hugely flawed. Sutherland's Uncle Aquila also stands in the way of his nephew Marcus in a roundabout kind of way by encouraging him to remain put and repeatedly informing him he has no chance of surviving north of the wall. Buy The Eagle movie" is an engaging movie about honor--on the parts of both the primary character and his "slave. Hd The Eagle movies. I see no Oscars in his future with his acting. The Eagle the film watch it. While it does, the director then indulges in some overdone territory himself by strangely lingering over gratutious shots of (forgive my bluntness) caucasians as savages. There are too several confusing holes in this movie to mention, at 1 point 1 of the seal men says some thing before he dies regarding the principal characters father, he then asks his slave what it meant and you realise that its to be revealed later in the movie, although it seems like they forgot. Slow moving at times, but still entertaining. Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell play surprisingly well together and are convincing in their characters - Tatum as a Roman soldier and Bell as his slave. The movie gave me a great impression of how things had been in the Roman army in Britain. The much less you know about a film going into it,the far better the encounter will be. The Eagle full movie has landed. Remember…the blue folk run quick and they like The Eagle movie – so - the chase is a footius. Overall, this is a excellent movie. Fast forward 20 years and son has chosen to beposted in Britain in hopes of gaining back his, his father and Rome'shonor by discovering the fate of the legion and recovering the eagle. I comprehend that this movie is trying to reach a particular demographic but they could have tried a little harder with their casting. This movie was amazing, you can watch it at [BLOCKED Website. They in no way returned Legion and Eagle merely vanished into the mists. High quality The Eagle.

The scenery was extremely fascinating and the bleakness of the journey was realistic partly simply because of it. Film online! I bet Jenna Tatum is proud of her husband in his superb portrayal of a Roman soldier. The Eagle movie streaming. This is the inspiration to duty we want once more in the USA. It was a bit cheesey, but I think it was told in a good way and was executed really nicely.

Also, if I could say something to filmmakers in my parting words, explicating a film's backstory in text form during the opening credits does not guarantee a accurate epic. My husband and I both found this movie very slow moving and boring. A good time for everyone, and with the PG-13 rating its safe for your younger brother to go see. Watch full The Eagle movies. Great: Exciting, violent, excellent acting and characters who I cared about and did not want to die. Oddly, so concerned is McDonald with using this as a plot device that the considerable dramatic prospective of the amphitheatre is largely wasted. Flashbacks and dreams about his father riding off never to be seen once again are hardly adequate ways to develop a hero who can rally our spirits. Buy online The Eagle Nicely-directed movie of a time and location that is rarely shown in movies. The story is an intelligent historical adventure bringing the viewerinto an unknown world in Northern Scotland.

In reality, they insinuate violence instead of showing it. Roman history nuts will discover small to enjoy from that perspective with "The Eagle dvd" as political undertones are practically non-existent and you have Americans playing Romans and Brits playing savage Brits. The Eagle full movie focuses on a young Roman soldier, Marcus Aquila(Channing Tatum) and his slave Esca(Jamie Bell)who is a Briton in AD140 Britannia. The Eagle online dvdrip! Most people may well think it is slow, but contemplating Channing Tatum and his hotness the whole time, I didn't really mind. The Eagle online divx. Mark Strong is 1 of my family's favorite actors so of course we had to see this movie.

It sort of reminded me of The Last of the Mohicans. You'll enjoy the unpredictability of the plot as-nicely as-not understanding how things are going to resolve.

Channing Tatum is good even though he looks a small young for the position he's put it. Watch full length The Eagle online. Incredible I enjoy Roman movies. At the end of the day, the only thing I found lacking had been parts of the dialogue, particularly in the beginning. THANKFULLY, I was not disappointed. I enjoyed it from commence to finish which I did not anticipate. (Slash fans will certainly take pleasure in this. The Locations portrayed in the movie was the best, i could say. But Channing, Jamie, and Donald did bring a good performance but nothing else actually worked for the movie. Download The Eagle movie becomes a lot more intriguing the further north it travels. Full The Eagle movie downloads. It truly shows you that there are two sides to each story. Channing Tatum is solid as a brave and devout young Roman, intent on restoring his father's honor. My expectations were zero from this movie since i saw the terrible reviews it was getting. Such boundless energy much more suited to a Chinese fantasy adventure. An old story retold with such lack of attention to detail that it nearly comes off as a type of farce in the "Meet the Spartans" style. It also has a couple of cinematically impressive moments, making use of unexpected elements of nature and adornment to improve the mood of some scenes. Following all, while Esca's a tough and resilient guy, he was once Billy Elliot -- he's probably not screwing anybody over. At the end of the day, the only factor I found lacking had been parts of thedialogue, especially in the beginning. It's got a excellent human aspect to the story with out becoming sentimental. The Eagle online movies! For at least a few years now, I've firmly believed that a film can be great despite what its rating is. The Eagle movie dvd A ludicrous plot plagued with holes and an totally awful semi-montage on the way back to the wall in the final act only compound the woes of this terrible excuse for a film. Between the atrocious acting, bad directing, terrible lighting and a pace to poorly put together that it puts you to sleep. Watch The Eagle online high quality.

The Eagle divx film starts off fantastic. The Eagle. There is Absolutely nothing unexpected, new or creative beyond the trailer. The director says the reason for American accents within the film is because it represents how America is the superpower, like Rome was. There's one scene correct before he heads off to attempt and find The Eagle blu-ray where he's talking with Donald Sutherland and he makes a speech that Tatum just manages to put such power and emotion into.

There had been a few lines of dialog i would have changed just because I'm not a fan of homoerotic lines as a way to show comradeship "I thought i lost you" (queue the romantic music). He actually says fart. Kevin Macdonald, Channing Tatum & Jamie Bell ought to be up for awards if the world has sense. He does not appear like a fierce Britain warrior. Cheapest The Eagle film? The "Picts" (or "Seals" as they are depicted in this movie)are more like the bad indians in the "Last of the Mohicans" and the Roman soldiers are like whining small youngsters. The Eagle - honor, friendship, Roman Britain, Brigantes, good looking men frequently wearing very small. The sound trackis all keyed up so you won't be concentrating on the errors in theaction. All in all, I would wait to rent it on DVD or skip it all together. Marcus, becoming a character of heart and feeling sorry for the slave, attempts to get the entire audience to get their thumbs up. The fort, costumes, haircuts, and devotion to honor all seem authentic it's just that Channing is cute but not charismatic, and Donald Sutherland as his uncle is not on screen long sufficient to negate the tedium. Watch The Eagle film in high quality. As soon as I heard 1 of the Romans speak I was disappointed with the movie. And however the man seemed a lot more masculine in a Nicholas Sparks movie from last year. Movie dvds? Through it all, Tatum tries like crazy to Act. Buy The Eagle film on dvd. First off, the acting is horrible.

Yes it does take some leaps of faith in the plot but not so a lot so that it is beyond credulity. Expecting the genre of a historical epic to be destroyed by the American accents and shallow acting, I was pleasantly surprised. I know it's a small unaware, but I didn't go see this movie for historical accuracy, or to be becoming preached to about the triumphs of the human spirit. The Eagle original movie download! The ending created my day. I wasn't able to get to the movie in time to see The Eagle divx because of highway roadwork and detours that got me to the theater 45 minutes late. How much of this was actual history. Totally should watch. I should add that the fight scenes were quite entertaining to watch, the brutal methods of charging & swinging sword at any angles was really good to watch. Was there such a factor. He is accompanied in his journey by his British slave Esca, whose life he when saved. Film dvd.

This is terrific entertainment produced even much better by a director who knows what he is doing, and an additional fine addition to the sword-and-sandal genre. So what if the Britons stole 1 gold eagle 20 years ago. I'm usually reading about his. Based on the preview, you have observed the entire movie. The Eagle movie cinema!

In this film the gang requirements to retrieve that darned 9th legion's eagle – the standard for that particular legion. Movies do not just show for one weekend though, it'll make a lot more cash. Movie hd. It surprised me that Marcus didn't just get rid of Esca as soon as he discovered Esca wasn't telling him every little thing.

He was a very believable roman since of the passion in his face. He can throw down with the greatest of them, but he's far better stoic. It vanish 20 years earlier along with Marcus's father, who led his soldiers into the highlands never to return.

The story starts with the lost commander's son Marcus Aquila's (Channing Tatum) arrival, 20 years later, as the new commander of a northern outpost. I didn't anticipate the performances to be that excellent (in spite of their accent woes), or the film itself to be all that exciting.

The dude with marcus father's ring understood roman. There was no sex or nudity, which for me is a nice alter when I want to see a feature film for the story and not have these scenes thrown in for that kind of audience. Now it seems all thats left is Tatum who all of a sudden has no limp and a ton of energy and axhen and they somehow win the battle and protect the eagle blah. I feel Channing Tatum & Jamie Bell make a fantastic team in this movie. We will undoubtedly get the video when it comes out to add it to our library. Dvd quality The Eagle ipod. There is also a tribal ritual sequence with the Seal people that was just so stunning to watch for how actual it felt. That wall is on my bucket list, but if the blue Seal individuals who did inMarcus's dad are still there, I'll wait until the next life. The camera work is just phenomenal, veryrarely using steady cam and instead putting you correct into the grit ofthe entire journey. NWT but I adore britsh movies. At times a cheap knock-off of Gladiator. I SENT MY HUSBAND & SON TO SEE THIS MOVIE. 6 just for the 2 acting guys that i like jamie its talented actor i like him but this individuals just messing with history to tell kids we existed for billions of years here in this country. The "true" story of the Ninth Legion of Rome in the 2nd century is riddled mostly in its inept and s. Channing Tatum hasnt impressed me so far, but lets give him a shot this time. The opening scene contains an actor, or rather an individual pretending to be an actor, who delivers his lines as if he just remembered them at that moment. It doesn't make sense. Fantastic theatre encounter. From this point on it was time to take a gladius to the movie. Hq The Eagle movies.

It is definitely not believable that aslave who saw his family murdered would not aid some Roman retrievehis golden eagle. Totally absent is the usual ingredient in any movie: sex.

His body is W O W, from all the training, and he does a nice job of sword fighting and hand to hand combat. He then travels with Esca over Hadrian's Wall in search of the legion's lost standard, the legendary Eagle of the Ninth, but it is his slave Esca who might be more dangerous than the savage tribes of Caledonia. Watch The Eagle dvd online. Does Marcus lastly get to know what happened to his dad. If you like this genre/time period, it's a fair flick, but I'd save your money for DVD/Blu-ray Rental. If you want an entertaining, although somewhat predictable take on age old themes, this is a good choice.

Some thing about a war in Romantimes starring the guy that played Duke in the G. Executive Producers, Tessa Ross, Miles Ketley, Charles Moore. The two leads (Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell) were perfectly suited to their roles, kind of like Hercules and his sidekick from 60s historical adventure films. But the story is missing a excellent solid blood-fest at the end. This was one of the greatest movie that i have observed in a long time. The battle scenes are not as excellent/convincing as other sword & sandal flics. I can not approximate what set of people will appreciate the film, but if you ask me, I say you could probably skip this 1. Not awful, but not fantastic. The action scenes ought to have made up for this, and some did, but I found one of the later scenes distracted in it's historical inaccuracy - Romans out of formation in individual mêlພs. Took my 11 year old son to see this. The Eagle website Cons:-Channing Tatum wasn't bad, but acting-wise, Jamile Bell and Donald Sutherland aren't fair options for him to play opposite. Even though I stated that, I don't believe it's a bad movie at all. Seeing that play out isthe primary attraction to the Esca character. Donald Sutherland makes the worst seeking Romannobleman that I have ever seen. This movie wasn't horrible, but it didn't stand out either. The Eagle full movie? .

This movie was really excellent. Full The Eagle movies Most of the barbarian encounters in the movie had been nicely carried out because it gave you a sense of just how dismal and awful the highland life actually was. No, Esca, does not like the Romans Esca would far rather the Romans went house. Tatum's grades are certainly passing, but he earns much more sympathy than attention. No drippy romance accurate comaraderie and humanity in a historic period. The film stuck really close to the book which has extremely nice. If anything the ending made it funny for me simply because of the buddy cop f. Still, there are so several fight sequences (the movie keeps away from any tacked-on romantic subplots) I am positive that the action crowd will be pleased if they attend. buy The Eagle has Landed, with out its feathers all plucked. The Eagle is furiously unsettled-thematically, temporally, meteorologically. You get swept into their journeyto discover the lost Eagle and restore honor to Marcus's family. It's fairly entertaining. Worth seeing.

This is not a movie for kids. This was at a various period of time and showed the Britans on North Britain in numerous colorful indigenous aspects of village life. The writer apparently thinks the audience should side with the Romans. The action scenes were typical of a movie within this genre. I thought the Eagle was an superb movie for early history buffs. The story line was excellent I liked how they tied the old with the new and brought the old back to save the day. Plot of the story is in Roman epic adventure region over the centuries. If there is 1 Oscar-worthy thing about "download The Eagle online", its for the cinematography. Marcus gets word that The Eagle psp might have been observed in a tribal temple in the far north and decides to go following it even though the odds are against him. How the heck did Ebert give it three stars. This is especially a let down understanding that it comes from director Macdonald, who's cinematography and visuals are stunning but has seriously failed to tell a compelling story. Having heard reports of the gold Eagle becoming seen in Scotland Aquila decides to begin a journey to recover it with only Esca at his side. Beyond Hadrian's wall, there's a lot more of the world. I truly liked the storyline of this movie and feels that the storyline has possible but it was all wasted on the acting and directing.

Even the supporting roles by Donald Sutherland (who plays Marcus's retired uncle) and Mark Strong (a individual they encounter that divulges information on the whereabouts of the eagle) seem crowbarred. Seeing your family murdered does not substanciate helping your enemy get his trophy back. The Eagle movie dvdrip. Following a excellent amount of punches and blows, the slave is on the groundand ready to be judged by the Roman "thumbs rule" for gladiators (thumbs up lets him live, thumbs down kills him). I in fact preferred Jamie Bell's performance over Channing Tatum's. It's been 15 years because the Ninth Legion went missing in the mountains of Scot. Get a sittler when you go. Just left the theater. This pairing results in an unpredictable plot with Esca's true intentions nicely hidden throughout. I saw him and due to just getting through the first 2 Series of "Primeval" I almost called out, "Cutter. From that description they looked like the Na'vi from Avatar, none of them looked old enough to be warriors but in their adolescence age it was like watching Lord of the Flies. I was waiting for a feature in the line of Neil Marshall's CENTURION, not a masterpiece but far more interesting than this 1, and I lastly fought against myself not to leave the theatre during the film. The Eagle movie now. If you are expecting exciting sword fights and sweeping scenes, you will be dissappointed. Road movie, yes, and now buddy movie, of a sort, with the tension between the two becoming the core of the unfolding drama. When Marcus impulsively gets a young Briton's life spared at a gladiatorial contest, Aquila buys the Briton, Esca (Jamie Bell), to be Marcus' slave.

Other reviews cover this better than I doso, I will not go into it. Inevitably there are echoes of "Gladiator" in the film, most likely intentionally, it's not half as classy but tries hard with it's storyline and acting talent. I thoroughly enjoyed the story of "The Eagle", it representing friendship, betrayal, honor, and heroism, something a lot of historical films set in this time seem to forget. He then travels with Esca over Hadrian's Wall in search of the legion's lost standard, the legendary Eagle of the Ninth, but could his slave Esca be a lot more dangerous than the savage tribes of Caledonia. That is essentially what you got here. I like the historical aspect.

Enjoyed it quite a bit. "The Eagle" movie. It is the lack of originality and logic along with cardboard characters, uneven acting, and ridiculous dialogue that is not of the period, that makes this film so disappointing, it concerns a young Roman soldier named Marcus Aquila, played by a seriously miscast Channing Tatum who assumes command of a Roman troop in Northern Britain, in order to recover a lengthy lost golden Eagle, which is the legion's regular and the symbol of Rome. It positive wasn't "Gladiator" or "Brave Heart" but was enjoyable. The film was literally just about retrieving The Eagle divx to restore honour. This was a extremely excellent movie, I truly like the 1st 1/2 hour. All in all a fantastic flick. Though not deep, the movie is diverting. And some of the characters had accents, although others has none. High quality The Eagle movie. Truly enjoyed this movie. Intriguing plot.. This movie givesthe audience cause to ask these questions and for this reason alone themovie is worth watching. Though that took location when the Roman Empire was on the decline.

Overall, it was a pleasingly okay movie. I figured I would give him yet another shot as the lead character in this movie.

I like the set-up, it's just taking a source material and generating it into it is own gift. The ending nonetheless, ended up leaving me with a couple of intriguing thoughts that in my opinion somewhat saved the movie from total failure. I loved the movies production. This movie was terrible. Buy The Eagle. The opening is outstanding. The Eagle movie in hd I had seen a TV spot or two, but it was pretty underwhelming and didn't seem to reveal a lot of anything about the plot of the film. Becoming over crucial and over analyzing movies can be enjoyable, but on tend to discourage others from enjoying a movie that they may possibly take pleasure in. It's supposed to be an adaptation of a historical novel by Rosemary Sutcliff but I guess she's turning in her grave at some of the lines they've added. I am an Army officer, so was intrigued by the military theme, and it sounded fascinating. They had regular accents, absolutely nothing old world-like, as if any person could've been from Kansas or Idaho. It is history and fiction, yet it is rousing in every sense. Roman history is epic :).

Channing Tatum cannot pull off an accent to save his life, but the man can act. There's really little substance here to suggest it at all. Again great story, poor acting, and poor directing. The Eagle film hd! In conclusion, this movie had a great plot, story, and cool fight scenesand I thought that, in a way, this movie was very comparable to TheGladiator ( not since it's set in and around Rome) but it was missinga large component which created the ending a slight disappointment. Characters had been deep and everyone had a story of their own. The director tried his greatest with the dialogue but storyline began off powerful but then in the middle it had that ɺll over the location'. Tatum shines in his part and you can sense the driving passion he has for his cause whilst Bell conveys his internal struggle over his split loyalties nicely. It's worth watching and enjoyable. Watch the Eagle movie! There was violence, owing to the times, but not graphic like most movies these days. Download movie The Eagle.

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