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Hazel Henderson, Editor”
Fresh insights on sustainability
The latest posts on our Sustainability blog recap conversations from our Sustainability Summit, consider opportunities for utilities in decarbonizing the grid, and look at regional issues.
Summit recap: Sustainability at a tipping point
Our Global Sustainability Summit convened 200 energy, mobility, circular economy, sustainable investing, and agriculture leaders to help solve the equation of economic growth and environmental sustainability. Here is a recap of our discussions.
5 focal points   
Decarbonizing the grid: Stabilizing the future of renewables
What are challenges and opportunities in the utilities sector as thousands of megawatts of renewable resources are added into the mix?
4 action areas   
Vietnam’s renewable energy future
Here’s why renewables might become Vietnam’s lowest-cost option for meeting its energy needs.
Steps to consider   
Denmark lays out vision for a New Plastics Economy
Rethinking the role of plastics in society, Denmark aims for market innovation.
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