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June 21, 2018

Wisconsin Family Office Association Launches As Networking Resource For Wealthy Families And Their Advisors

Family Office Networks announced today the launch of a new division in Wisconsin led by David Binder and Rachele Voigt.

Retaining Executives For Family Offices

One of the most significant issues facing Family Offices today is how to retain their senior executives and one of the key issues is compensation.

Real Estate Co-Investment Partnership Clubs For Family Offices

For family offices that want to invest into real estate, a partnership is an option worth considering.

The Family Capital 450

The Family Capital 450 are the top family investment groups in the world.

Single-Family Offices And The Super-Rich Are Increasingly Using Retained Intermediaries

A large percentage of the extremely wealthy are intensely concerned with their privacy for a plethora of reasons.

Family Offices Take On Alternative Investing

Milwaukee-based Marcus Investments LLC is a family office that was formed by the Marcus family, controlling shareholders in The Marcus Corp., in 2006 to invest its liquid assets.

Impact InvestingAsia’s Well-Off Millennials See Value In Social Impact Investing

Ms Cai Shiyin had been chief technology officer at GE Infrastructure’s Asia Pacific office for eight years when she encountered a life-changing experience at a school for the blind in Tibet in 2009.

Emerging Markets Next On Map For Impact Investing

Impact investing in emerging markets might be poised for a major growth spurt, as proponents see pension funds and other institutional investors taking an increasing role in a field that largely has been filled by government financial institutions, foundations, and more specialized private equity managers.

Use Technology To Play The Real Estate Investment Market

In the real estate market, we are witnessing the expansion of new technology solutions that attract investors who have been traditionally invested exclusively in the stock and bond markets.

How To Make The Most Of Your Real Estate Investment In Southeast America

The U.S. Southeast is still an area with low-cost real estate where bargains can be found and some markets remain in a recovery situation.

What Higher Rates Mean For REITs

Rising interest rates make the cost of financing property more expensive, something that real estate investment trusts understand all too well.

Trusts & Estates10 Surprisingly Common Estate Planning Mistakes

From the obvious to the highly obscure, estate-planning problems have one thing in common: They can cause huge, costly headaches for your loved ones. Here are 10 pitfalls people need to be sure to avoid.

Heirs Of Heirs Of Heirs Of Heirs Love Dynasty Trusts

Most trusts bank accounts held by one person, a trustee, for the benefit of another person or group come with expiration dates.

Hot New Exclusive Family Office Positions:

  • CFO/COO, SFO Dallas
  • COO, SFO, Washington DC
  • CIO, SFO, Boston
  • General Counsel, SFO, New York
  • CTO, SFO, New York

Top Exclusive Candidates:

  • CIO SFO, Florida, Ive leage educated with strong performance record
  • CFO, MFO, Dallas, CPA, MBA, stable job history and stellar performance record
  • Controller, SFO, New York, CPA, MS, upcomer with strong potential to grow into a CFO
  • COO, SFO, Las Vegas, JD, MBA top schools, proven performer open to relocation
  • CEO, SFO, New York, JD, MBA, Ivy educated, ready for a new challenge