“Financing the UN Development System: Opening Doors”

“Ethical Markets welcomes this report, “Financing the UN Development System:  Opening Doors” and congratulates the Dag Hammarskjold Foundation for continuing its ground-breaking work, including its critique of conventional, neoliberal “trickle down” economics.  We co-hosted their 2005 seminar here at Ethical Markets Library on “WHAT’S NEXT IN ECONOMICS”  with a worldwide group of critics, including Vandana Shiva, Steve Keen, Riane Eisler, Edgar Cahn, Michael Dorsey, Patrick Bond, Gilles Raveaud, Tariq Banuri, biologist Elisabet Sahtouris and many other notables (see our TV series “Socially Responsible Investing”  seen on PBS stations in the USA, distributed to business schools and colleges worldwide for classroom use at www.films.com and free on demand at www.ethicalmarkets.tv).

This report also follows the report: “The UN: Policy & Financing Alternatives” Elsevier, London 1995,1996) I co-edited with former US ambassador to NATO, Harlan Cleveland and UNDP economist Inge Kaul, still available on Amazon!

~Hazel Henderson, Editor”

“Financing the UN Development System:  Opening Doors”

“The UN: Policy & Financing Alternatives”