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Jin Kazama witnesses the death of his mother Jun by Tekken in the slums known as Anvil. After finding a Tekken ID he decides to seek out vengeance for his mother's death.

Stars: Jon Foo, Kelly Overton, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Darrin Dewitt Henson, Luke Goss.

Directed by Dwight H. Little.

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Tekken movie.

Very first of all let's talk about thestory. Proper off the bat, if you're expecting it to be faithful 100% to the game in terms of story, you're going to be disappointed.

I hate that they did not even retain the moves of the characters and the personalities. Somehow, you can also never go wrong with hotwomen beating every other with fists and seeking fabulous whilst doingit.

And most of all,where had been the powers. Psp Tekken download. Overall this is one of the better created game-to-movies out there. 1 factor I'mundecided on is the arena in which the fighters do battle, whichthrough holograms and props modifications location similar to the game. Much more time could have been spent fleshing out the sad futuristic world of Tekken or the inter-company politics between the megacorps. If you are interested in the story of Tekken psp, you don't have to play Tekken psp games. I want to download Tekken the film. Forthose who are familiar with the Karate armored-Jin, in the movie hissignature Karate is missing. But, when he puts the gloves on. I enjoyed the older anime, so perhaps this will be great. Full Tekken download. The movie was exciting to watch in the sense of fighting, the storyline drama, etc. No there is no demon known as"Ogre" nor is there any ⋞vil gene". Dvd movie Tekken. Miguel on the other hand (I forgot how he's referred to as in the movie) didn't leave much of an impression. The story was so poor, 10 TIMES WORSE than the game series. Significantly much better that thatDragon Ball Evolution. Buy Tekken movie online! The directing and the music were excellent, I didn't give significantly attention to those. My 1st Movie Review & I don't plan on doing another 1 Storyline: The story was a bit weird, I don't remember seeing any other organizations besides G-Corporation in the game as nicely as the world becoming in ruins until Jin rules Mishima Zaibatsu (In The Game). I feel this is at the exact same level as the very first Street Fighter movie. In the Tekken movie series he is the villain,pure andsimple. Comparison with the anime is also not justified. Full Tekken movie downloads? My gut instinct told me this would probably suck, so I was really surprised to discover that I was wrong in my presumption. Primarily simply because I have in no way. Kazuya is the worst factor about this movie, he looks, acts, behavesnothing like the original Kazuya, every scene with him in it destroyssome part of the movie, whoever developed him has certainly never playedthe game in his life, they looked up wiki and went, oh, he can turninto the devil, nicely we will give him facial hair then and make himlook like the western incarnation of the devil in human form. Lack of SIGNATURE MOVES by all Characters. Following World Wars destroy significantly of civilization as we know it, the remaining territories are no longer run by governments, but by corporations the mightiest of which is Tekken. The diverse roster of charactersfound in the download Tekken games is 1 of its strongest selling points. They're allbland and corny, and they don't have any emotional resonancewhatsoever.

Go on and say it Tekken fans: "Steve Fox does not have short hair. Since I don't agree with every thing thatcritics write down, I decided to see for myself. My recommendation: Skip it. In reality, admit it, download Tekken movie has a lot more respect for its source material than prior game adaptations like Legend of Chun Li and all that crud from Uwe Boll (and possibly the upcoming King of Fighters movie). It's stupid, but not but on a level whereyou want to face palm yourself all the time. My gut instinct told me this would possibly suck, so I was really surprised to discover that I was wr. Too numerous flaws bog the film down and it doesn't bode nicely for the troubled production. But that has maybe to do with the "preview" date. What did Kazuya do to deserve that. Then again Heihachi's role in the moviewasn't that huge.

So I primarily hate this movie, trigger it doesn't bring Tekken, it just brings a random action entertainment flick. As usually Cary -Hiroyuki Tagawa is at his finest in fighting related movies, whilst the girls (Kelly Overton, Candice Hillebrand, Marian Zapico) are eye-candy. Tekken movie fan or not they can still make graphic novels or comics from this game/movie adaption so that it doesn't ruin individuals's expectations. They Should've tried that with DragonBall. And then there's the disappointment for younger viewers for not becoming able to watch the movie. It would have had much more spice if they at least allowed the other characters to have a lot more than just kicking and punching roles. The story of the movie is different with the game itself. If you don't leave italone but don't come talking crap about a great movie. The "Tekken" franchise has been a beloved game series to me. The film centers around the character of Jin Kazama in a world that is run entirely by eight corporations and follows his quest to win the iron fist tournament. The fights are flashybut fake, the characters are serviceable but plastic and the sets areobviously sets. With quick-paced action, brief dialogues and some dazzling fightsequences, 1 can effortlessly get taken away by the Tekken dvd action, even ifthey are ludicrous and downright incredulous. I don't bear in mind Jin having a girl friend but I do bear in mind Xiaoyu having a crush on him…she wasn't even in the movie. Themovies fights had been handled by world class fight choreographer and stuntman Cyril rafelli and the movie itself is based on a fighting gamefilled with authentic , kick-ass moves so it's not unreasonable toexpect really stylish and thrilling fights from this film, right. But at the end of the day, it is a "Tekken" movie, so the characters, though their stories may possibly end up different, should reflect their much more of the game to identify them. Kazuya indeed wanted to take over,so they got that right. The "Tekken" franchise has been a beloved game series to me. Movies Tekken online. The plot was thin, thecharacter motivations had been practically nil and the fight scenes wereshot with far too several cuts. In this movie the biography's of these game characters are so messed up that it makes it hard to ignore it. Yoshimitsu: I like him in Tekken full movie three & I'm glad when they chose his style from the 3rd, & he had a good performance in the movie sadly his fighting style is nowhere near from the game yet the story too. The movie itself on the other hand looks quite cheep- the action is set only in the course of night. Of course Jin has his ulterior motive to do so, wanting to get close to Tekken dvd head honcho Heihachi Mishima (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, who appears to be relegated into playing such roles, beginning with Mortal Kombat) to kill him to avenge the death of his mother (Tamlyn Tomita. This is better than most, but actually the disasters far out-weight any that have a bit of credibility. While it's awildly entertaining flick, the script could have utilized a rewrite. Tekken fan or not they can still make graphic novels or comics from this game/movie adaption so that it doesn't ruin individuals's expectations. Tekken full movies? And the turned the most menacing Tekken in HD character, HeihachiMishima, into a muscle-much less fat fart. The new Tekken movie? I wouldn't dare suggest it although, unless you're already a fan since just before. The buy Tekken movie games are good simply because they provide you a selection ofinterestingly themed characters with their own distinct fighting stylesand any fan of the games will immediately be able to identify any ofthe characters from their moves. It feels like a mid-sized spending budget that is attempting to inflate itself in to much more than it is while distracting us with its pretend glitz.

I was pleasantly surprised. But, you all should undoubtedly support it - esp all the fans from the VG. Tekken dvd rip. Not as bad as it could have been granted, but so dissapointing for something with such massive possible. Of course no one could anticipate all the fighters with their distinctive stiles to come and entertain us, but what we have is great enough for me. Full film download. By LIM CHANGMOH (limchangmoh. Desperate for attention or for sex, you decide. Nina Williams: She's a bit resembles to Nina but apart from her character & story from the game. When I saw that there is a movie coming up, I said to myself - Wow, there is no way they can make all that without having a couple of dozen serious martial artist and some major CGI involvement. I truly suggest you giving this film at least a rental. None of the characters act or feel like they're supposed to- they've all been changed from cool fighting game characters to generic action movie stock characters.


Tekken is not poor, but it isn't good either, more like okay-ish, I will say that the concept of the tournament taking location in a post-apocalyptic setting and becoming run by corporations isn't that bad, but if you believe about it, that seems more like Killer Instinct rather than Tekken, other than that, the script is pretty generic, most of the acting is very great, nevertheless, the characters are a mixed bag, the direction is pretty poor, some of the fight scenes were well-choreographed, but there are times where they suffer from some straight-to-video methods like fast cut editing and shaky cam, in the video games, the characters had a variety of Martial Arts fighting styles, however, other than Eddy, Bryan, and Yoshimitsu, most of the characters use completely different styles than what they had in the game, halfway by means of the film, they're fighting to the death with weapons, which created it seem a lot more like Mortal Kombat rather than Tekken, also, the final fight is a huge kick to the dumbbells (although I will not spoil it), the cinematography isn't too fascinating, but hey, it is a straight-to-video production, so that is what you'd normally anticipate, so yeah, not as poor as how fans of the video games pointed it out to be, but they could have done a lot much better with this movie. Ang gwApo tAlaga ni JIN. The Hollywood directors should get fired for creating video game m. However, the actors really carried out their roles well and created it believable. How could theydestroy the story of the games.

There will be individuals saying that this film sucks and whatnot. If you've by no means played thePlayStation platform of Tekken movie, this may not bother you as a lot as itdoes a fan like me. Date Watched: November 10, 2010. What I got really upset in the movie was how Jin changed into some dishonest, unloyal pervert in the movie. I know it didn't have a large budget ($35,000,000, apparently) but "DOA: Dead or Alive", another video game movie with a considerably lower budget, looked and felt much more pricey and glossy. Kazuya looks alright (or at least as ɺlright' as a white actor can look in a Japanese component), but he plays the mutinous son who wants to take over the kingdom, not the head of a rival corporation. This movie fails on so several levels. In contrast to a lot of individuals who have reviewed this movie, I don't have muchexperience with the video game. For those who have been enjoying the download Tekken game just before watching themovie, theyɽ possibly feel that the movie was very disappointing. It's in the exact same calibre as the Mortal Kombat films. Want to pay your attention once more there was not enough room for such talents like Tagawa, Daniels and Goss to star and I will be happy to see prequel or spin-off based on their characters. So anyways, obtaining past the truth they desecrated the extremely name of the series in the movie, we are introduced to Jin. The movie Tekken on dvd In a post-credits scene, a wounded Kazuya walks by the holding cells back at the arena, as the scene shifts back to Heihachi's execution. Filme Tekken download. It centered mainly on Jin and the rest appeared to be a lot more like supporting backdrops of that sort. There had been a few momentsoff odd dialogue and behavior in the movie, but other than that, thecast was great sufficient. But instead we got absolutely nothing, the only character with movessomewhat resemble its original is bryan fury and eddie gordo, whathappened to Jin's Kazama Karate. Download Tekken film high quality. That's for the character & for the setting them-self, are affordable the arena looks junkie & some stuff are mostly fake, making this movie described as a low spending budget. Watching Tekken. Partof me thought it was an inventive way of which includes the worldwidebattlegrounds of the game, and yet in some methods it came across asforced and silly. Tekken downloaden Even though fake, at least a lot ofmovies go the additional mile to showcase some sort of realism to thestrikes, whereas in this movie the kicks, punches, and insanity doneare miles from the areas that had been struck. All the understanding you have to the Tekken games are not a reallygood reference for this movie, and in fact would annoy you to somepoint depending how loyal you are to the game series for a number ofreasons. But it can be overlooked, as although this film isn't truly meant to be anything intelligent. Buy online Tekken. At initial I was excited to watch this simply because it will be just like Mortal Combat or Street fighter bu. Tekken download hd. His hands get diced up by a glasstable when Nina and Anna attempt to kill him in his room under orders fromKazuya. It also had it's share of teasing/fan-service in the form of naughty scenes, which are pretty common in each action film these days. That, or if you are bored senseless and can honestly feel of absolutely nothing far better to do. Watch full Tekken movies. I'm only giving 3 stars for some few minutes of decent fighting scenes: otherwise, the rating would be lower. I think the writers were handed a list of the characters names and told to slap some thing together, and you get this affordable rip off, based on buy Tekken movie. Only Heihachi Mishima's and Eddie Gordo's character resembles the that in game. I guess the character was written pretty well but Ian Anthony Dale looks nothing like kazuya, he didn't even try to make his hair style comparable to Kazuya's, which any remote fan of Tekken would know that Kazuya's hairstyle is an icon of Tekken. If this film suffers from anything, it's the mediocre plot that itpresents us with. Luke Goss, Ian Anthony Dale, and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, although seeking strange, provide the much more acceptable performances. Tekken movie online streaming. This is not what we call a modern film. Some bodybuys Oranges, Choclates, Coffee in black market like drugs An additional sickcharacter is the hero's mother, can not take it. Depuis le temps, on a l'habitude de voir des adaptations de jeux vidos compltement foirs, les adaptations de jeu de baston surtout, "Double Dragon", "Street Fighter" (deux fois, en plus.

Kazuya looks alright (or at least as ɺlright' as a white actor canlook in a Japanese part), but he plays the mutinous son who wants totake over the kingdom, not the head of a rival corporation. That isa idea that rarely holds up. However, this is explained in a whole 10 seconds and is really rushed. The only excellent things about this: Cary Tagwa, Gary Daniels, Ian Anthony Dale, Luke Goss and the so se. Afterwards, attempts to make the movie follow a script, budget concernsand other movie politics created it all fall into the gutter of actionmovies when the cardboard villain must come into focus and be honorablydefeated by the hero. The plot is the strongest element that this movie has going for it, andit's a weak, generic and uninspired plot line. In order to maintain the masses down, Tekken divx sponsors the Iron Fist Tournament in which fighters compete to the death for ultimate glory and obtain a lifetime of stardom and wealth. Okay, the movie itself contains a great action scenes & thelooks of the character is great sufficient, but the story is crap(mostlybothers me). Tekken movie. The shot selection was outstanding for the most part and the editor did a fantastic job putting every thing together. Was it that tough to make correct characterization Hollywood. They didn't go too over the leading and didn't lack in the adaptation to the game. Fighting Scenes: the fighting scenes had been the best bit about themovie…of course, it was pretty good but they could've carried out way bettersuch as replacing the beating the crap out of the guy with thecharacters signature moves as the finishers such as Jins Avenger andLaws Flips. Hopefully, Hollywood takes notice that this movie madesome cash despite its horrible high quality, and somebody decides to createa much better remake that will live up to fans expectations. Turns out my assumptions werecorrect.

Don't anticipate to see thecharacters' signature styles or moveset or anything but it is a delightto watch nonetheless. Tekken the movie on dvd! I locate the majority of people do not look at all like they ought to, which is sort of sad.

Though their relationshipsand interactions have less-than-expected chemistry, the acting managesto pass muster a huge surprise contemplating the lack of recognizablebig names in the cast. Marshall Law: Hey, show some respect.

A totally uninsteresting film that disapoints both fans and new comers to the Tekken film series. One character that will also be debated by hardcore fans is Christie Monteiro who in the film is not brazilian.

When watching Tekken I did not anticipate a lot. Have some action scene, and fight, not so several but sufficient. And 1 thing, I actually hope that someone will makedownload Tekken movie one of the finest movie ever. As far as fighting game adaptations are concerned, the most importantfactor other than the plot and characters is the fighting and to thismovie's credit the fighting scenes had been excellent. There was no juggle nor 10hit strings, most of the fighting were incredibly generic and somewhatsub-par by 2010's standard, particularly when you consider this issuppose to be a fighting game. Action-packed plus cool fight scenes. Full of corny lines and clich moments (i. Tekken the film in hd. A high-octane action movie about a young man who discovers he holds a great power and should battle a team of elite fighters who will stop at nothing in order to get it from him. He/she need to look at the game characters carefully. Not much else that's surprising though. Buy the Tekken film. I'll leave the in-depth story for the otherreviewers so I'll just note a few general things. Secondly, it is a movie based on a well-known fighting game. But, I am not a large fan of the game, and I am just reviewing the movie as I see it. Nevertheless, at the end of the movie, we are shown that there is room for a sequel , and that's some thing I'm seeking forward to. Thoughnot a true winner or "the people's selection", at least Tekken high quality put up agood fight by having some of the most brutal bouts fighting gamemovies. Tekken movie in high quality.

Terrible,do not watch. Christie is 1 of the good guys, just a fighter with no story at all who likes Jin and becoming nice. Had they stuck with the games storyline, which would have been possible and much more plausible, in spite of involving devils and ogres and what not. And in this movie, Heihachi is a good guy.

He looks nearly comparable to Jin from thegame, not very same height and build though, 'Game Jin' is taller andbulkier. Download Tekken dvd? Kelly Overton looks far better to beJulia Chang instead of Christie IMO. Heihachi Mishima: Now, 1 of the character that appeared in the entiregame.

The script was pretty awful. Great but not too mutch. Like Christie was just double-crossing Jin (she doesn't even like him. Not the worst game movie ever produced, but. Watch Tekken online. Actually want to see this. What separates this from those although, are two primary elements: the entertainment value and the acting, which both were on a greater level here. Jin entering the tournament now suggests it to be Tekken three, but then Kazuya appearing with a scar now suggests it to be Tekken 4. The plot is just a selection of fights between the fighters with a luke warm story in the background about the Tekken divx business ruling the US in a distopian future (like so many far better sci-fi films) where 'the company' is observed as evil and only one man can topple it. He looks virtually comparable to Jin from thegame, not exact same height and develop though, 'Game Jin' is taller andbulkier. The moves are completely generic with small imagination or creativity. But the fights took location on really badly decorated arena. Only Heihachi Mishima's and Eddie Gordo's character resemblesthe that in game. Watch Tekken online hd.

Miguel Caballero Rojo: Don't know a lot about him because I only know important character in the game. Dchristie monteiro, favorite char all times. This movie suffers from lack of special effects and most importantly, the heart of buy Tekken movie. Last example were the Jacks, I sparkled with excitement for abit when I heard the 'Jacks' had been coming, instead of giant muscularrobots nevertheless, I found average-looking goonies with guns. An additional thing I'm disappointed with is the story. Fights are choreographed realistically withminimal kung fu wire-function in order to maintain that gritty savagefeel. Hd dvd Tekken online. Had they stuck with the gamesstoryline, which would have been feasible and much more plausible, despiteinvolving devils and ogres and what not. The whole futuristic, ruined world with warringcities and corporations seemed unnecessary as there had been a lot ofdifferent plot lines they could've utilized from the 6 games presently outthere.

It's hard to condense several hours of gameplay into a 90 minute screen adaption. Tekken buy. These very first class fighters are supposed to have excellent power in their muscle. Tekken is loved by numerous for its bone breaking move animations, different fighting styles, and its signature game mechanism - juggling and 10 hit string. Overall the movie deserves 6 out of 10. Sufficient, there is not very same as the video game. As I experienced this film. In conclusion I wouldn't recommend this film to action fans and specifically wouldn't recommend it to fans of the game. It is certainly worth watching and the fight scenes are excellent and a small much more realistic than those you would see in Mortal Kombat. Tekken full movie Fans dont want over the leading storyline, the game doesnt have it, they want execution, and guess what. In short, the movieis dumb beyond measure. Then he decided to introduce some, in myopinion, unnecessary sub plots. She is also totally white (NOTBrazilian), and entirely incapable of fighting (the actress, not thecharacter: some of the actors in this movie are fighters as nicely, butnot Ms. Of course you throw in a couple of earlier fighters and normal fighters, some make it to the next Tekken film, others sadly lose. What this movie tries and manages quitesuccessfully I may add, is to bring the tournament into a realisticsetting, where there is actually a basis for it, rather than just aunreal mindless chain of fights (see Mortal Kombat: Annihilation). Com/wiki/Tekken in HD_Wiki & you'll know what Tekken in HD is all about.

It also had it's share of teasing/fan-service in the form ofnaughty scenes, which are fairly widespread in every action film thesedays.

If you want to see this, it's nearly obvious that you would expect excellent action scenes. For example I enjoyed amongst others the Resident Evil movies toan extent and found the very first Mortal Kombat movie to be fairly enjoyable. Tekken movie online watch. Seriously, a fight scene no matter how nicely designed will get wasted by bad filming technique, and I urge any person interested to do so to learn from the Hong Kong film Gallants, because they got it right. The very same issue that Clash of the Titans had, this movie has. Also, a lot of story is only mentioned in fly by conversations, that makes the story feel so rushed, and does not make you want to cheer for anybody. There is effort put into generating the characters resemble the game but this ends with quite inexpensive seeking outcomes. In this movie the biography's of these gamecharacters are so messed up that it makes it tough to ignore it.

That component was artfullyrealistic. If you are a fight movie fan, watch this. Really small blood of course as this is aimed for a young audience which is a shame as an adult version could of been really good. He surely isn't a great voice actor. If you want the gaming experience, thenplay the game. All round not a bad effort of converting Video Game to Film.

Compare to other video game movies it was pretty good. Following a jack raid which results in the death of his mother, Jin decides to enter the Ironfist Tourmanent to get at the man who he believes is responsible, Heihachi Mishima. Her appearance in here bugged this movie a lot. Tekken film online.

It felt like the director had rushed via everything that you didn't have the time to "adjust following it. But then once again it does not give you anythingmore than you would anticipate. (Granted, Heihachi does function. However, the way the film was shot and edited left much to be desired,opting to goo with the MTV styled quick cuts to try and put throughthat feeling of adrenaline pumping. This is a really well adapted live action version of a terrific video game series. I can Wait to watch this movie. (three) Visual representation again: some of the actors necessary to be more bulked up for the role and need to have matched the exact same image seen in prior video games. The whole thing felt fairly affordable. There are certainly a couple of twists in this movie and you need to be satisfied if you are not too significantly of a Tekken fanatic. I'll leave the in-depth story for the otherreviewers so I'll just note a couple of general points. Movie direct download. There is next to no plot, its like somebody pushed quick forward, its no joke to say some of the games have more intricate and nicely thought out storylines than this. Yet another reason what makes this film so significantly like the game is that thestages created in the film is reminiscent to the ones in the game. Tekken online watch! The fight scenes are fairly excellent, but this movie relate, small or none to the Tekken series. Tekken hd. One of the highlights of the film would be Ian Anthony Dale's acting asKazuya (some individuals might be much more familiar with his role as Scorpion inMK: Rebirth). Downloads Tekken movies But it never overstays its welcome and running at 90 minutes, it feels just proper. First of all, what I wanted to see was, the Colorful electric God fist of Jin, Kazuya or Heihachi and also how Jin got his tattoo, but what popped out was some lame fighting and a load of Jin's reminiscences of his mother. This stupid post apocalypticcrap is obtaining annoying, particularly when it's not done extremely well. Any martial arts fan who fails to take pleasure in the fighting in this film needsto learn what they are ⟺ns' of, if your watching it thinking itsgoing to be like the game don't the game didn't have a story it wasbasically whose the greatest fighter, they had to put a story in here toprevent it becoming just a video of a tournament. I enjoyed this film from beginning to end, some of the writing was poor and some of the actors could have been far better(Movies now a days have the exact same issue), but you have to recognize most of the actors in this film are actual MMA and martial artists. I know it might be hard to secure a director with pure vision to bring this to life but uninspired movie making ruins films of this nature. Good camera angles, quick sequences and creative directing kept meenthusiastic all through. The film makers fundamentally took plotpoints from each game & put it in the movie Jun's death, bleakfuture, Kazuya taking over, Jack raid, Kazuya betraying Heihachi and soforth. Thefighting scenes were great but could have used the signature moves andno want for the weapons.

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