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Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead) reunite for the comedy adventure Paul as two sci-fi geeks whose pilgrimage takes them to America's UFO heartland. While there, they accidentally meet an alien who brings them on an insane road trip that alters their universe forever. For the past 60 years, an alien named Paul (voiced by Seth Rogen) has been hanging out at a top-secret military base. When he discovers he's been taken prisoner, the space-traveling smart ass decides to escape the compound and hop on the first vehicle out of town-a rented RV containing Earthlings Graeme Willy (Pegg) and Clive Gollings (Frost). Chased by federal agents and the fanatical father of a young woman that they accidentally kidnap, Graeme and Clive hatch a fumbling escape plan to return Paul to his mother ship. And as two nerds struggle to help, one little green man might just take his fellow outcasts from misfits to intergalactic heroes...

Stars: Simon Pegg, Seth Rogen, Jane Lynch, Sigourney Weaver, Jason Bateman.

Directed by Greg Mottola.

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Indeed Paul HD's conversations with Pegg and Frost arethe most fascinating parts of the film. Drugs and much more drugs. Paul the movie watch it. Whilst the film might not live up to the hype and hysteria of the aforementioned titles it holds a certain warm charm all through that had me feeling as though Iɽ written the film on a drunken night with friends recalling the 'what-ifs' of my elementary years. Mottola has proved himself a worthy comedic director, so why does the film appear to merely exist to attempt and copy what made Shaun and Fuzz so fantastic. Even in Arrested Development I got this sense that there was an anger being repressed. Liked Shaun of the Dead. Any nerds on the lam right after Comic Con ought to enjoy meeting ȭownload Paul" as significantly Clive, Graeme, and myself did. To be honest, when I saw the trailer, I assumed that it would be a family film. Paul film with good quality. Paul crashed landed on earth 60 years ago and is now attempting to get residence. We can tell that Simon and Nick are total nerds when it comes to this stuff, it's alright because I'm a nerd as well, but they did go a little over the leading on the references. The language is unnecessarily four-lettered, which adds precisely absolutely nothing to a film which would otherwise do fairly nicely aimed at children, but what do I care. The movie was alot far better the desribed for advertisement. Nevertheless their next outing Hot Fuzz remained a wholly British affair, but now Pegg and Frost are going to the states with their latest film Paul. The movie was alot much better the desribed for advertisement.

If you want to be completely entertained, this is the movie to see. Paul watch. But the point I am creating this movie's msg was God doesn't exist and if you do believe he does then your crazy. I thought Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader stood out themost.

Jason Batemen playing unique agent "Lorenzo Zoil" need to be the corniest joke since "Gay Fokker" (Meet the parents), but the context and delivery was priceless. There's bound to be some that only science- fiction enthusiasts will locate but the most obvious ones are not as skilfully integrated into the plot as say Hot Fuzz's take on the English murder mystery. , Ȫliens", "The X Files", "Star Trek" (did I just say that "Star Trek" is great, not a Trekkie), and a cluster of more I can't think of any more at the moment, I guess I am spaced out. They are well written, energetically performed, and knowinglywell-read in the medium of pop culture. He runs into Graeme (Pegg) and Clive (Frost), two European nerds come to America to attend Comic Con and tour the U. Hd film. Does this mean thatcomedy now has to depend on being vulgar and insulting in order to bewhat utilized to be called ɿunny'. Usually Rogen is sort cast as the stereotypical, laid back, wise cracking stoner and this is no various only now he's an alien. I think this movie is obtaining bad rap from hardcore Christians that will day anything to prevent individuals from going to see this, and that is truly a shame. This is a excellent funny date movie- however, there is LOTS of swearing/bad language- might not be great for kids, anyone under 13. What is the film Paul about.

The jokes are far better than Seth's last outing of the Green Hornet. Paul online watch. The story centers around Clive and Graem, two sci-finerds who are traveling across the USA to hit some UFO hot-spots. I see individuals complaining about download Paul knowing English, how all these alien movies have the aliens realizing English proper off the bat, but what they failed to recognize was that download Paul had been in custody for like 50 years and has a supreme intellect compared to humans, if he couldn't discover English in that span, then I don't know what to tell you, but his alien pals at the end did speak a language that wasn't English, so that fairly much clears up why he would know English. Although Edgar Wright didn't direct the film, and the film feels really distinct from the mentioned two, this film really manages to have the same level of charm and entertainment as those two. Where to download Paul. I saw this movie today and loved it. I am downloading Hot Fuzz from Itunes, I can't wait to see it again. But I do not get why they had to put all the religous stuff in there, it will offend a lot of individuals. Paul dvdrip mu. Instead, they portrayed humans beings as becoming ignorant (grammar was inexcusable) and drug addicts.

They're buddies withmutual buddy-love that are far better together than most odd pairings. download Paul online is a laugh riot. Paul online film! The language created some parts funnier, particularly the alien buy Paul movie, but at least half the time it felt forced and unnecessary. The Paul dvd. That is, if you had a huge empty ball in space with a man inside, the man could do Nothing to ultimately move the ball in one direction a lot more than in the opposite. Download Paul hd. This film is not worth your time. I went into this film with doubts as Seth Rogen isn't the funniest ofcharacters.

There was a decent underlying messing of helping a friend out which was excellent. Nevertheless their next outing Hot Fuzz remaineda wholly British affair, but now Pegg and Frost are going to the stateswith their most recent film Paul. I want to watch Paul.

To infinity and beyond. The axing is excellent given the story. She truly turned me off. The script, acting and directing come together to form one dynamic movie. I hardly know anything about sci-fi and still truly liked it. Well I was right when it came to the actors. We thought Shaunof the Dead and Hot Fuzz were hysterical (especially for the greatperformance of Elvis the Swan). The ongoing gag of everybody thinking they're a gay couple somehow manages to remain humorous every time someone comes back to it. Paul download dvdrip. buy Paul falls into that category and I really feel I should clarify what it is, as the TV spots I have seen for it do actually poor justice to what is very a funny movie. Definitely not what was expected. Worth the time and funds. Pegg & Frost are a great comic duo and their films I discover are usually top quality British humor and I'm glad to say Paul didn't disappoint. From the original Star Trek to the recent Battlestar Galactica, references and nerd banter concerning the X-Files and Predator is all over the place. Descargar Paul dvd. This movie hasit all. But if you are seeking for an inventive, interesting comedy about a couple of ordinary sci-fi Joes who take place upon ET around region 51 then don't expect too significantly.

I had high hopes and it still didn't let me down. Added to the mix is Bateman's deadpan style working against his numb-skull colleagues. Even though the two principal actors are British, the humour is both British and American orientated so I'm certain there won't be numerous moments where you're just sat there questioning if particular parts were meant to be funny or not. It would have been significantly funnier and a lot a lot more fascinating if Paul movie presented another world view other than American, and other than Sci Fi Nerd. We thought itwas a gentle comedy, about correct for a Sunday afternoon. The guys were fairly funny but Paul divx himself could have been better. The movie was Really funny, but the language was wayyy uncalled for. Hey Hollywood, stop trying to shove your warped morality down my throat in the form of a movie that bashes Christianity. The film looks like a youngsters film similar to Ȫlvin and the Chipmunks" (2007) and "Yogi Bear" (2010) in that a CGI-animated character is interacting with live action actors, but it has the funny adult elements of comedies like "Shaun of the Dead" (2004), "Superbad" (2007), and "Pineapple Express" (2008) that make it a lot more memorable. This was a large step forSeth in my books as he had never created me physically laugh before. If you are offended by scenarios and crude language steer clear of it. There's only one massive fault I can find about Paul blu-ray. Online movie Paul. I found myself mildly chuckling at each and every other turn, as opposed to laughing hysterically all through the entire movie. They need to re-team up with edgar wright for their next movie outing. 1 fell asleep, and we eventually all walked out about an hour into it. Why should it be various when the shoe is on the other foot. The clichés function simply because they are deliberate and some of the references come out of nowhere and are all the funnier for it. Yes, I was in the cinematic "guilty pleasure" planet. There is no nudity that I could spot, there are one or two scantily clad women, but absolutely nothing much more revealing than youɽ see on, say, Star Wars. The alien had great eyes. Every line from her mouth was gold,and she undoubtedly stole the show. 2011-03-29: I loved it. Paul downlaod. Loved the religious commentary throughout, as nicely as Paul's scenes advising Steven Speilberg ('I find sometimes less is much more. If you ave ever seen any of Simon Pegg's movies then this is a should see. We haven't laughed so hard in years. Movie online Paul But if your not that fun loving sort individual you may well not like it. As I stated this was an amazing movie and I can't wait for it to come to DVD.

No story , no actual story behind it. Not funny for a second, incapacity to finish a movie by adding useless lengthy sequences, awful happy ending that created me puke. There appears to be very couple of comedians today who can get by without ɿ'-ing out of them at some point. The actors had been fantastic. Like the plot, it does not appear able to figure out what it really wants to do with him. Telecharger Paul. I laughed throughout the entire movie. Good story and it has really happened in our life time. A lot to their surprise, they get more than the bargained for when they meet a real alien who needs them to assist him return to his homeland. Pegg & Frost live up to their reputations once again and get you laughing out loud. Paul film downloads. Game was Assassin's Creed bloodlines. Really sweet movie, with enough pace and gentle humor to keep me from clock watching as I do in most movies. The combination of all thesegenres fits seamlessly with this cast of characters and they bring onus a ride that as a movie you won't soon forget. Keeps you in it at all time. It is all make think - nobody cares what religion you practice. Paul was a fun movie, there had been a lot of inside sci-fi jokes so some of the jokes may possibly go over some peoples heads. Seth Rogen is perfect as PAUL, the alien. If language does not affend you then is a go to movie. I thought Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader stood out themost. The characters had been cartoon-y. It's not as brilliant a film as the other aforementioned films, but it was funny, and I enjoyed the nerd moments really heartily. I give Hot Fuzz a one out of ten, so that's not specifically saying much. With out the F words, it's a better movie for youngsters than Rango. I'm not the biggest Seth Rogan fan, but the movie was funny and fresh. Government captured an alien when his craft crashed landed 60 years ago.

It can be the best way to see a movie you know is going to be good. The Evil in this movie is about people, not organizations, although Government gets a specific bad rap. Full Paul film high quality. The film is bit tough on Christians so if you wear your faith on your sleeve you may get your feelings hurt. I know I laughed via the entire factor. Like previous tributes like Shaun of the Dead to zombie films, and Hot Fuzz to quickly paced action movies, download movie Paul is an affectionate homage to classic 80's features, most notably the style of vintage Spielberg. Just wasted an hour of my life (walked out early)that I want back. Paul has a good story, it has a excellent script, it's extremely well-written, the acting is well done. This was a movie that was just fun. Paul movie in high quality. It's incredible how a lot of these reviews are about Christians taking offense at all the God jokes. It's Rogen in alien form. Paul release. Lastly back together again right after the massive successes that were Shaunof the Dead and Hot Fuzz, Simon Pegg & Nick Frost play two Britishnerds on a vacation in America. They fulfill their dream of going to San Diego for Comicon, surrounded by scifi fans and meeting their favorite scifi author. Their trip turns into an adventure when they meet a friendly little alien named Paul high quality. Defintely a go see recommendation. To me it felt like the plot was a nod to the old Disney film "The Cat from OuterSpace. Paul filme. I probably missed a lot of the sci-fi references, but for a non-geek it was still enjoyable. This was by far one of the worst movies I have ever seen, except "Wag the Dog". Watch the whole Paul movie. Close Encounters of the ThirdKind, Star Trek and Aliens, oh and Raiders of the Lost Ark, and theroad movie format is okay, a not poor science-fiction comedy. Paul movie divx.

OK fine not my factor but its separate enough from that world he helped create that it doesn't damage its credibility. He looks just like the aliens we have observed and loved (in the movies that is) and there is a purpose to that which download Paul movie explains to his new shell-shocked British "road tripping America" pals Graeme and Clive. It's the ideal film to go and see with mates for some light-hearted entertainment. The acting was great as nicely and created for a hilarious night. Online Paul. I read the reviews just before I saw Paul psp. Watching Paul? The usual dependable comedy team of Pegg and Frost didnt make me crack even a smile. Two, Simon Pegg in specific and to a degree Nick Frost appear really dedicated to making their characters truly care, to assist the audience care about them. Excellent movie, I feel I'd have to say if I met an alien I believe it would be fairly amazing to meet download movie Paul, he's not scary and he's a sarcastic, smart ass with a sense of humor and some poor habits. This film is much more than a comedy. Watch whole film of Paul. There's lot here to complain about. And if you have in no way been to Comic Con, this movie, nails it. The plot devices and setups are predictable throughout most of the movie, there are some laugh out loud moments to appreciate. I feel folks in their 30s-40s would take pleasure in it most. Some gratuitous explosions, vehicle chases, and gun play. Paul online dvd. I cried with laughter at the majority of this film.

Certain you may possibly be stealing and you may possibly end up becoming completely unoriginal (attested by those who quote The Hangover, Wedding Crashers and the 92-words that make up the full title for Borat a bit too often), but these sorts of films stand up for some period of time, and at times grow to be classics mentioned in the exact same breath as Oscar-winners. And one that manages to entertain all the way through. If your going in the theatre with high-expectations of this being a LAUGH OUT LOUD comedy, you won't be happy, but yet once again, this is really entertaining, it has a lot of heart, and you'll fall in enjoy with Paul from the initial scene with him to the last. Mac with another easy win. Don't waste your time or cash seeing this trash. In other words it was necessary to progress the storyline as written. Encounter an alien outside Location 51. We were skeptical that it would be funny, but were extremely pleased. This movie need to by no means have been created. Truly liked this movie. Which yes they take multiple jabs at the religion but you know I don't see this type of uprising from individuals when jokes are about Jews or Muslims. Download Paul film in ipod quality.

Humor both cute and crude (okay perhaps a bit a lot more crude) introduce us to the marginally deeper aspects of every character. So I shouldn't be surprised. The end of the movie will have you suprised however satisfied and will give you the ending we all hope to find in a movie. Graeme and Clive are sequestered into taking him to locate his way home. However this movie did teach me to not confuse actors in a great movie (40 Year Old Virgin) with greatness or even adequacy. Significantly praise need to go to the cast who did a really great job bringing to life characters that could have been boring and trite. Occasionally you end up liking a film cosof some thing you can relate to and not all films can be brilliant. The movie was wonderfully cast and well-played. Kristen Wiigs' performance as the religiously confused Ruth when studying how to curse reminded me of legendary performances by Les Dawson when playing the piano incorrectly.

Wiig doesthe best she can as the token female character. But hey at least it had some dick jokes in it. Paul movie for cheap. We knew that the movie was rated "R", but we had been informed (by Simon Pegg himself on Twitter) that it was rated R mostly because of the language, a brief drug scene (weed smoking) & mild Darwinism. If you like the movie, and haven't observed Spaced, do yourself a favor and look it up on. I was stunned as I watched them trash God, the Bible, and Christians. Movie Paul online. However a little negative in otherwise entertaining film.

This movie gets a thumbs up and didn't have to toke up to watch it.

With the combination of Pegg/Frost and Rogen, it created this 1 in a million. Paul dvd full. This is one of the finest alien movie i ever saw. I discovered myself laughing and catching references not everybody else was getting, nevertheless the opposite is true as well. I almost choked on my popcorn XD Rude, crude, adorable, sweet - Nicely worth seeing. While investigating Graeme and Clive are taken by surprise when a actual life alien named Paul HD (Rogen) makes 1 of them figuratively and the other 1 literally piss himself. Some of my favorite scenes involve direct and indirect references to Ȯ. The film is an homage to, and a spoof of, all the alien movies and stories. E, the scene where Paul resurrects a deceased bird only to eat it fresh was fairly significantly the highlight of the preview). Speaking of Cameos, virtually the whole cast is comprised of unique guest-stars and cameo performances from some comedy greats. Once again, take friends, go see it, and have Fun. I don't wanna go too into detail but I would not see this movie. Filme Paul download. Really cute movie and an awesome homage to all alien movies from Star Wars to ET and Close Encounters of the 3rd Type. And 1 that managesto entertain all the way by means of. I was initially skeptical about Seth Rogan voicing Paul ipod: DON'T Be concerned. It's by no means boring and a comedic E. Unfortunately i sat through the film waiting for the laughs but alas there were noneI suppose that if you are especially into sci fi ufos,comic super heroes this would send you into hysterics. Although this film can be enjoyed by a wide audience (though with plenty of coarse language, it's not really suitable for children) sci-fi fans will get a real kick out of this, as there are a number of references to sci-fi movies, both renowned and obscure. Paul the movie to download!

So it just seems that thesetalents had been absolutely wasted. Frost & Pegg are, usual a excellent team and Seth Rogan is perfect as buy Paul movie. Paul movie online is an adventure that'll suck you in and make you wish any of the trips you've taken via the desert were half this entertaining and hilarious. I know that Seth Rogen was supposed to have developed the character, but the resemblance is incredible. For each and every spot-on reference or gag, yet another falls flat. It was funny, it was supposed to be funny, it's a comedy. Where can i download Paul online. In this economy, with the horrible politics, and gas prices the way they are, we could all use a great laugh. The new Paul movie. Loved it really a lot, I took my grandson with his mother's permission and we laughed the entire movie, non quit. For example they were attacking Christians and God when it had nothing to do with the story or comedy. (lol)Don't know if children would appreciate the film there is a lot of bad words utilized. If you're a fan of any of the individuals that I just mentioned, a fan and believer in aliens, or at least have an open mind, then go see "Paul psp". Go get 'em Homer, you bash 'em right back. Download movie I went into this film with doubts as Seth Rogen isn't the funniest of characters. My wife and I loved Paul, an adorable however foul-mouthed alien attempting to get back residence right after years of captivity on Earth and an eventual brain dissection he broke out to avoid. It's a great fun road/buddie/alien movie without having the need for a lot of thought but still a laugh out loud movie. We both felt like the movie was just ok. It could have been a great movie, but missed the mark due to all the filth. The kind who wears a T-shirt of Jesus shooting Darwin (OK I admit, that was Kind of funny. I don't know what happened as it seemed this movie had everything going for it. The anti-god message that hits you over the head over and over again became disturbing, and began to eliminate the movie from a comedy to a message movie that there is no god. Download film of Paul. Becoming a fan of his because his Arrested Development days, it is challenging to say that he's anything but amazing in whatever he does, but here the evaluation is perfectly justified. Fantastic movie ruined by too a lot profanity.

Is definitely not for youngsters, but adults will love. Ah the duo of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost went off and made their own movie without other pal Edgar Wright. Paul movie download full movie.

Overall, it is the eclectic mix of all film genres jam packed into onethat makes this film so effective.

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