Fareed’s Global-On Today’s Show-Discussion with Michael Bloomberg

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September 23, 2018

On Today’s Show

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First, Fareed gives his Take on a conversation he had recently with Bono on the issue of populism.

“The Irish singer-activist-philanthropist sees the same forces that we all do, particularly in Europe,” Fareed says. “But he zeroes in on something intangible yet essential. The only way to counter the dark, pessimistic vision being peddled by nationalists and extremists, he says, is to have an uplifting, positive vision. He told me, ‘Europe needs to go from being seen as a bore, a bureaucracy, a technical project, to being what it is: a grand, inspiring idea.’”

Next, Fareed is joined for an exclusive interview by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. What might make him decide to run for president of the United States? Does he think he could win if he ran? Should Democrats push for impeachment if they win the House in November’s midterms? Why was he so critical of the Trump administration’s tax cut? Fareed discusses this and more.

Watch Bloomberg discuss President Trump’s leadership style