Europe must focus on a Green New Deal (not Brexit)

Welcome to the latest Innovation Forum business brief. This week: is there a growing momentum behind a Green New Deal?
In this week’s podcast: Veja co-founder François-Ghislain Morillion on sourcing innovations, and SUSA’s Sebastian Siegele on developing apparel factory best practices. Plus: food supply, Global Forest Watch data, and PepsiCo’s new bottle recycling technology, in the news digest. Europe must focus on a Green New Deal (not Brexit)
Political leaders and others should build on the gathering momentum towards building a truly robust new economy, argues Paul Hohnen 

The Green New Deal (GND) concept, as I raised via Innovation Forum earlier in the year, has only acquired greater media and political debate since.

Predictably, most of the media attention in the past four months has been on the highly politically-polarised discussion in the US.

There, GND has inevitably been cast as either as a socialist, big government anti-capitalist conspiracy, or an ambitious “moon shot” style programme to give the US the clean energy, jobs and infrastructure it needs.

In Europe, too, the issue has risen up the political agenda. This has been prompted by diverse factors, including the upcoming European parliament elections, the impact of Greta Thunberg and the student climate marches, and the Extinction Rebellion protests.

Most recently, GND received the imprimatur of  … click here for the full story
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