Ethiopia Appoints First Female Supreme Court Head

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Ethiopia Appoints First Female Supreme Court Head

The country now has a female president, a female Supreme Court leader, and a 50% female cabinet – proving they are getting serious about reaching total gender equality.

Couple Arrested for Enslaving Man in Their Garden Shed

Amid a nationwide crackdown on modern slavery, a British couple was arrested for enslaving a Polish man in their garden shed and forcing him to work for food.

Tanzanian Governor Created a Team to Hunt Down LGBTQ People

The initiative is a culmination of years of discrimination and violence that the LGBTQ community has faced in the country.

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Refugees Are Going Back to School

Fleeing from violence, persecution, and climate change, Syrian refugees are back in the classroom with the help of this tech company.

This Mother and Daughter Fled Venezuela on Foot

The economic crisis in Venezuela has forced many, like Sandra and Angelis Cruz, to desperately flee their homes in search of a better life.

Call on Botswana to Lead the Fight for Health
Ask Botswana to help the 1.5 billion people who suffer from neglected tropical diseases, as well as the 1 in 10 girls in sub-Saharan Africa who miss school while menstruating.