EM welcomes Junko Kanzaki to our global Advisory Board

Junko Kanzaki

[email protected]

Junko Kanzaki is a resident of Fukoka, Japan.  She will be representing Ethical Markets Media and become our official Japanese Correspondent, authorized to research trends in Japan relevant to our Green Transition Scoreboard® and how Japan, the global, continuing shift is occurring away from fossil fuel and nuclear power to cleaner, greener, knowledge-richer economies.  These include technologies of solar, wind, geothermal and other renewable energy and agriculture, as well as efficiency, electric transport, LED lighting and a more circular economy.

Junko shares Ethical Markets interest in promoting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and will also be reporting on these goals in the Japanese context.

She is a highly motivated learner and teacher of youth in her community.  Teaching in both Japanese and English. Without studying abroad, she confidently can speak with foreigners in English.  Junko has participated with a volunteer group at the Environmental Museum in Kitakyushu City (Fukuoka).  She has taught at Meiko-Gijuku-Fukuoka, Kobetsushido-Fukuoka and at Higashichikushi-University Fukuoka and has a Bachelors Degree: Literature