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The 35 countries cutting the link between economic growth and emissions

Is it possible to reduce emissions while growing the economy? This is a major question for policymakers hoping to combat climate change.

Bombay High Court slams cricket associations on ‘criminal waste of water’ for IPL

Are people more important or IPL, Court asks associations of drought-hit Maharashtra and Mumbai.

New study finds insufficient degraded land for further strong oil palm expansion in Kalimantan

If palm oil demand keeps growing at a high rate, degraded land alone won’t be able to accommodate the expansion that will be necessary to satisfy it, researchers have found.

China pulls emergency stop on coal power construction

China’s energy sector is lumbering under the weight of a coal power glut prompting the central government to step in, writes Feng Hao.

Bangladeshi women farmers find relief in climate resilient agriculture

To deal with climate change, women farmers are shifting from planting to raising water-efficient crops like maize and potato.

C40 launches guides for cities to tackle climate change

Megacities network C40 has launched 11 Good Practice Guides offering 100 successful case studies, including from Singapore, on climate solutions that can be replicated across the world.

Asia Pacific at the heart of global renewables boom

Investments in clean energy reached record highs last year, spelling an optimistic outlook but new sources of competition for industry players.

Half of natural World Heritage sites at risk from industry: WWF

Industrial activity such as mining and logging threatens almost half of the world’s natural World Heritage sites, from Australia’s Great Barrier Reef to the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu in Peru, the WWF conservation group said on Wednesday.

Shrimps sound ocean acidity alarm

The effect of the sea absorbing increased carbon dioxide in the air has damaging consequences for the noisy snapping shrimp and marine life in coastal rock pools.

Future-proofing Australia’s building industry

Against a backdrop of accelerating climate change and population growth, Australia’s building industry will need to make buildings more sustainable and affordable. The upcoming DesignBUILD expo will bring together entrepreneurs, industry…