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eco1Investors warned: Forget fossil fuels

Historic change heralded as investors are told they face losing their money if they continue to back the fossil fuel industry that is causing disastrous global warming.

Good rainfall forecast cheers parched India

Government and private weather experts have all forecast above average monsoon rainfall in India this year, doubly welcome in a country in the middle of a second successive drought.

New research labs open doors to greener living eco2

Property developer and sustainability leader City Developments Limited (CDL) wants to help Singapore achieve her goal of being a smart and green nation by launching two new research laboratories dedicated to the study of sustainable living…

Economic development does mean greater carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions

Must greater prosperity necessarily lead to a greater carbon footprint and increased greenhouse gas emissions? “In theory, no, but in practice this seems to be the case”, says researcher Max Koch from Lund University in Sweden.

Peabody, world’s top private coal miner, files for bankruptcy eco3

Peabody Energy Corp, the world’s largest privately owned coal producer, filed for U.S. bankruptcy protection on Wednesday in the wake of a sharp fall in coal prices that left it unable to service a recent debt-fueled expansion into…

Call for Saudis to be a solar power

Saudi Arabia says it plans to be less dependent on oil revenues in future – but will it grasp the opportunity to become a world leader in solar energy?