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A man awakens from a coma, only to discover that someone has taken on his identity and that no one, (not even his wife), believes him. With the help of a young woman, he sets out to prove who he is.

Stars: Liam Neeson, Diane Kruger, January Jones, Aidan Quinn, Bruno Ganz.

Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra.

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Average Bourne-lite pulp thriller, Unknown sadly doesn't maintain up with the smarts that its promising. With the exception of January Jones, who played his wife/partner assassin, the whole cast was excellent in terms of their performances. Then our assassin becomes so saintly that he persuades a defenselessgirl in a bad situation to risk her life for his sake for the betterpart of 90 minutes. There were hints in there, but you only realized these hints Following realizing the twist of the story, which was totally great and provoked discussion afterward. I vote it a 2/10 for lackof originality and plot the 2 comes from 1-Liam and 2-Diane. Stream Unknown. Now I have to word this carefully, I do not want to give too a lot away. Perhaps if he told her that he was leaving, ah by no means mind. Think about this: When Dr. But following thinking about it, I gave "Unknown" a B+ for a memorable show. When every little thing is revealed, we really feel the entire set of events could have been plausible. The film was produced in Berlin and it shows absolutely nothing but a dreary city throughout the winter months and that definitely set the mood. Descargar Unknown dvd full. The acting kept it marginally above water, but disappointing nonetheless. Disappointingly, a low point was the third act appearance of Frank Langella as a colleague of Harris' who serves only as a tool for plot exposition (as revelatory as it may possibly be) and a menacing, shadowy presence that a lot more than echoes his role in The Box. This includes a silly scene of Neeson and Quinn as the two Dr. If this film is anything like Taken, I will love it. The stunning Diane Kruger and January Jones convinced me a bit to see it, but not too significantly cause I in no way go to see a movie just for its cast, even if it stars my Bruce Willis or some other of my really fav ones. The characters all play their roles well and that's what counts too. Unknown hd download. Go in there with noexpectations and you may really appreciate your self. Also at his disposal is a feisty cab driver (Dianne Kruger in anice tough little role) who finds herself caught up in the growingfracas following the accident and is compelled to accompany Harris forreasons ranging from the promise of funds which will help her escapeher past and just the reality people seem to want her dead.

I didn't anticipate the end, and I kind of felt it was a letdown since he doesn't get to get his life back he only finds out, it wasn't truly his and in the end it's like he doesn't know who he is and he has to rediscover that. Diane Kruger we know should register somewhere in this story simply because she need to save the day when Martin can't somehow. Legal Unknown movie download. I didnt enjoy how they ended itbut i still have to say the action sequences are pretty cool. However, he did direct the outstanding horror flick Orphan and now this. Hejust had an accident. Not as excellent as taken, but still fun. Watch full length Unknown online. Disappointing to say the least. Not only did I not care about the characters, I don't even believe the writers did. Too several individuals involved in the film. This was not riveting, not suspenseful and least of all entertaining. Unknown dvd download. All in all a enjoyable night. Just way too lame a story from even Liam to carry. The title says it all to be honest. All through the film it has a dreary/overcast/stormy sort of feel that emphasizes the tension and downward motion of Liam Neeson's feelings towards his sanity. Thepeople who produced "Unknown movie online" probably never saw a potboiler referred to asȯrantic" that Ford made in 1988 for notorious Polish helmer RomanPolanski. Neeson is almostthe exact same character from Taken but that's okay too because he is simple towatch and his intensity is perfect.

Predictably, the French police are too incompetent to aid.

I am by no means an action junky. He's running around Germany (with no apparent language barrier issue, or navigational issues, despite by no means becoming in that country just before)attempting to piece the last four days of his life back together following suffering amnesia in a automobile accident. Regrettably for me, that expectation was wrong. Liam Neeson does not disappoint and is just as strong as he was in Taken. Download dvd movie Unknown! With respect to Taken, overall it is a chilling, twisty, and enjoyable encounter. With an interesting plot twist, the movie picks up and it really gets exciting. In order to request consumer ,if you order a lot more. Neeson takes the character of "Martin Harris" and is able to capture the uncertainty and questioning of ones own sanity right after becoming a in coma really well and the handling of information about himself in a manner that is very believable. Watch Unknown on ipod.

Overall, download movie Unknown is fairly underrated, and it is a great begin to 2011. This is much more of a drama/thriller that is much more tedious and boring than thrilling. I hate that contrivance. The movie's setting was perfect also. Equipped with indulgent car chases and gratifying hand to hand combat sequences, "Unknown" brings satisfaction to the most simple of action film lovers. I didnt think it could beat taken but i. It was nicely carried out, i liked it a lot. Unknown online watch! Then they dumbed it down. Pals, family, and someone who loves you, makes everyday worth living. The movie can e divided into two halfs, the initial half is a damn fine thriller, the second is total crap.

It's the very first great-thriller film of the year. We accept paypal payment and all the goods and free of charge shipping. Unknown watch movie online. Afterward, weird shit starts happening: Mystery men pop up at just the right moments, dead bodies pile up, his wife still does not believe he is her husband, random acts of kindness are littered, a lot more pieces of the puzzle are discovered which actually paints the poor guys in a poor light yet another list of baddies to add to the list of worst villains ever. Unknownmovie. Waiting for your mail to my mail address above. Like his character in "Taken", Neeson plays a loving man who is searching to seek those who've done him wrong.

The action scenes, as soon as they commence going, just maintain the tension building correct up to the end. A so actress (and Mrs. It is a decent movie with good actors. Director Jaume Collet-Serra is no Hitchcock, but he obviously has a flair for what makes a viscerally exciting movie. At first this film was acquiring a small boring, dragging along. Liam is often amazing. We both thought it would be good, but it was far better than we expected. Story was nice tough, but I thought he was gonna be a poor ass like in Taken. Downloadable Unknown movie. I love movies, and via encounter I have come to appreciate production values. Both find a young woman to assist them, a lot of moving around and killing of individuals as the bad guys chase the great guys. As longas he keeps me entertained as he did here, he can slay his way acrossall of Europe for all I mind. Unknown dvd rip download. It is like riding a roller coaster in the dark. Whilst this isn't necessarily a poor thing on paper, it is kind of unnecessary given that a Taken sequel is currently in development.

Buy Unknown is very well directed, and the style reminds me of the very first and greatest Bourne Identity film. Overall, an impressively carried out film that is simply lacking substance and there had been one or two visual effects that looked inadequate for a production of this category. Nevertheless, bythe end of the movie, they may well as nicely call it Taken 2. He's in town to discuss his thesis at a biotechnology summit but accidentally leaves his briefcase at the airport, which contains his identification and other important documents. January Jones is here as Elizabeth Harris. Unknown full lenght movie in dvd format? Yea we've all observed vehicle chases before but these were not only a lot of enjoyable but realistic and reminded me of the fantastic ones from the Bourne franchise.

Maybe its Jones' character that doesn't give her a lot of depth but either way she isn't the finest part of the cast. Filme Unknown? Everybody in the movie is an amazing driver - backwards and forwards. Also, some of the scenes are extremely reminiscent of Taken and makes me think that they are just trying to get in on the Taken money. Too several twistsand turns send the plot into totally opposite directions.

Diane kruger was superb and i hope o see her in more files. Yet another leading film from the man himself Liam Neeson. Kept me interested all the way to the end.

Unknown' targets farmers and ɻig-ag' as the villains. There arent sufficient good parts to make a satisfying whole movie. En el pas distribuidor de estas pelculas, no parece convenserles mucho este director, ya que antes de lograr su cometido con download movie Unknown, tambin haba rodado otras pelculas como La hurfana y La casa de cera (Orphan, House of Wax). Originality certainly isn't a problem for this film since of itsvast ambiguity. This movie isn't worth seeing in a theater. This movie opens with a racist smirk about a middle eastern cab driver who is blamed for the entire events of the movie. Escaping, he seeks assist from numerous parties – Professor Bressler, his lengthy acquainted colleague in US Rodney Cole (Frank Langella), the illegal Easter European immigrant cab driver Gina (Diane Kruger) who saved him from the accident and finally a private detective (previously German secret police – Stasi) Bruno Ganz (Ernst Jurgen) introduced by the nurse who attended to him in the hospital. If you're a huge action fan, I'd suggest giving download Unknown online a shot. Then I went into it expecting some bad-ass actions and a solid story. Envision that, individuals going to a movie and in fact watching it. He teams up with Gina and takes vengeance about him that nobody appears to know him. Nevertheless, when he returns to the hotel where the seminar is being held and his wife is staying, his wife denies that she has ever observed him before and she is becoming accompanied by an additional person who she says is Dr. Judging by this and other recent performances Mr Neeson will create ordure at will. Having seen Liam Neeson in Taken I was expecting a lot a lot more I must admit going into this movie it was unfair of me to assume it would live up to the hype of the other 1. I was continously shocked and the ending was carried out nicely. January Jones is an old fashion Hollywood beauty but that doesn't make for a great actress. Seriously, I think Robert Ludlum's estate has a case for plagiarismhere. So in the end, a number of questions are answered, but new ones arise in their location. But these are couple of and far between. Liam Neeson gibt nach 96 Stunden wieder den Actionhelden, hat aber etwas nachgelassen. Unknown movie watch online. And recognize Oh, so this is why the wife chuckled at the aiport when Liam was asked by the airline check in lady, what their business was in berlin. Gina gets away injury free after saving Martin's life. Meanwhile, Martin can't aid but notice that he suddenly being followed by somebody in a dark SUV. Watch Unknown dvd online.

A excellent suspense film is supposed to keep to you guessing till the end. Side notes (semi spoiler)* - Liam Neeson's wife, played by January Jones, well she is fairly terrible throughout the movie. A truck transporting a refrigerator loses the appliance. I discovered thestory intriguing and engaging for about half-way by means of, but then theplot holes just got larger and bigger until by the end I nearly didn'tcare what happened anymore.

I thought it was a extremely weak plot device that he could only get flashbacks of those false memories and not a single true memory of having been an assassin. Had me on the edge of my seat all through the whole movie. It has great action, but it is scattered and mostly contains mystery,questionable phenomena, and thought-provoking circumstances as yourentertainment. I am such a movie freak i by no means like to be able to guess the movie out come and with this movie i couldn't guess the primary suprise and i was so pleased about that. DAMN THIS IS SO GONNA BE Much better THAN "TAKKEN. The story has been done before AND better (Jason Bourne). Liam neeson is so extremely excellent at thrillers I loved him in taken and in this he is just as good. He wakes in hospital four days later with partial memory loss only to find, when he returns to his hotel, that Mrs Harris doesn't know him and there is another Mr Harris who, it appears, is the actual 1. Download the whole movie of Unknown! Pals, family, and an individual wholoves you, makes everyday worth living. He goes back to retrace his steps. I've observed this movie prior to, only it was set in Mars and called "TOTAL RECALL. Really tough to connect with it as it continually jumps from implausibility to implausibility.

If you go in expecting a nice ride with a couple of twists somewhat similar to "Taken", you'll get what you want. Unknown movies online. This is a fantastic action movie from the production business, Dark Castle Entertainment, which is identified for remaking "House On Haunted Hill" (1999), "Thirteen Ghosts" (2001) & "House Of Wax", they also worked on "Orphan" as well. Actors should have been embarrassed to read them lines.

Still, Neeson becoming put against a plot that has him running around, frustrated that no one knows who he is, kept me entertained enough that I can see where the enjoyment factor is for huge audiences. Martin forgets a piece of luggage so he heads back to the airport but along the way his cab wrecks and he's knocked out. 7% 10/10 out of687 votes. 1 that, a lot of people who don't know the details of GE crops, might just go along with.

This thriller in berlin on a convention gets twisted of mistaken i d showage to prove who u r it got tiwsted into wtf i thought it was great until he talks to his wife then it gets complicated so i give this one hour 40 min film almost 2 hrs long i give it 2 stars it was not that great. Excellent movie to pass the time, It was worth the $7. Also, the cliché older actor, younger actress is still alive. Neeson doesn't think it, but the man has documentation proving he'sthe actual. Liam Neeson strikes again in a movie that I swear was going to be Taken2 in the trailers, only to be a entirely different movie. There are a couple of good action sequences, especially a vehicle chase via the snowy streets of Berlin, but they are far and few between. There are thousands of females out there scrambling for acting jobs that can in fact act. watch Unknown movie" is based on the French book "Out of My Head" written by Didiar van Cauwelaert. But Cole is no where to be discovered, and Harris leaves two phone messages for Cole to assist him. Although the plot gets Actually predictable half-way via, Neeson proves that he can still carry a re. If the sole purpose of movies is to entertain this one smashes it out of the park. It's that great of a movie. Despite its star-power and a solid premise, the plot twisted too significantly, the acting wasn't up to snuff, and there had been some parts with laughable dialogue.

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