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Water for Elephants

After his parents' death, Jacob Jankoski is left penniless and homeless. Events lead him to joining the circus as their vet, working under their unstable boss August whose violent tendencies give everyone reason to be cautious around him, including his beautiful and quiet wife Marlena, whom August is very possessive of and who Jacob finds himself soon falling in love with.

Stars: Reese Witherspoon, Robert Pattinson, Christoph Waltz, Paul Schneider, Jim Norton.

Directed by Francis Lawrence.

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It was such a touching story. However, I would rate this movie as outstanding in all aspects. Robert, Reece and Christoph are the acting trifecta. The supporting cast are all extremely good. Waltz demands the audience's attention in a way that no 1 else in the film does, except Tai as the elephant, Rosie. Director Francis Lawrence never milks the Depression or the circus setting. Watch Water for Elephants the movie online. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with films like "The Notebook," it leaves this film which a particular unoriginality that was absent from the novel. Download movie Water for Elephants online. And all the way via the book, we know that the "she" he was talking about was Marlena. My other greatest issue is the plot that is there just doesn't make sense. She looked too masculine, invulnerable, and impartial while her character's affection towards Rob's character Jacob looked unconvincing. Instead the movie became only a story of the lives of a couple of people, most of whom, based on their ages and the era would at or near the end of their lives. The visuals of the circus itself were spectacular, I haven't been to a circus for numerous years but you just don't see them like you utilized to. Whilst I enjoy the Twilight films, I feel that they do not show Pattinson's true worth. I thought Witherspoon and Pattinson had been nicely cast and although some of her costumes were outwardly glamorous, she usually conjured up the real discomfort, weariness, and cynicism born of her own bad options. If you have funds to burn or a little girl that wants to see it then by all indicates go. But there is a group that claims cruelty was used in training Rosie Prior to the actual filming regardless of whether there's any valid evidence for this is disputed at this time. Filme hd download. Component of my checkered past is that I was a sign painter for Mills Brothers Circus in the 1960's. The young protagonist reaches a turning point in his life and joins the circus. The movie followed Gruen's story pretty closely and the characters had been believable. The animal cruelty was a little brutal but Reese and Robert were remarkable ). Also some of the modifications (i. And by 30 minutes in, they had been glued to the screen. A veterinary student who nearly earned his degree, Jacob is put in charge of caring for the circus animals. There was no attraction, and the enjoy story - which is central - became static and died.

It makes a good argument for Cirque Du Soleil. I can't say how much I loved this film. Even Christoph Waltz, who was chillingly brilliant in "Inglourious Basterds," came off as mostly bland. Why some of the reviewers believe Robert Pattison gave a marvelous performance is truly a wonder. Excellent acting along with the nostalgic setting, narrative and altogether enchanting vibes within the romance helped me truly get into the film and really feel emotional for the characters and connected with them. Without having warning, the authorities inform our hero that his folks have died in an automobile accident. Tears get the Oscar, and going full retard. Discovered myself feeling all the emotions correct along with the movie. The movie was so well completed but somewhat brutal. When August realizes that Jacob is a veterinarian, he hires him so that he can take care of the animals which are fairly a lot all in a poor shape. Whilst, I'll admit, I have never read the original novel. It captures the essence of hardships in the course of the Depression Era, of which period the film takes place. Reese Witherspoon, as is typical, was also simply fantastic. Water for Elephants full movies. The continuity difficulty was that Jacob, the protagonist, changed eye color over the years from brown to blue. In a stroke of coincidence he finds himself in the business of a circus troupe headed by August who decided to take the chap in based upon his close qualifications, in a session that truly hit the nail on the head with its rationale of providing talent a chance at something rather than be bounded by paper certificates. Hq Water for Elephants movies.

In the film, ȫig Al's" character was eliminated and his functions condensed onto August. All the actors involved did a great job, and Betsy the elephant undoubtedly earned her peanuts too. Otherwise, there are much better films out there. I did like the movie, but felt that Reese Witherspoon & Robert Pattinson had no chemistry at all. He also was dead on about Tai, the elephant. THIS IS DEFINATELY A Must SEE. No disagreement with the combination of Uncle Al and August,most outstandingly played by Waltz. The full Water for Elephants movie! The problem with the movie is Christopher Waltz (whatever his name is) character. Credit need to go to Francis Lawrence whose direction helps bring out the richness of the story and the best from the assembled cast. He drops out of school deciding to go jump a train. The cast, both human and animals had been great. This movie starts out with a comparable feel to Titanic like numerous have stated. And I'm not even an animal activist.

She is too fine an actor. A few changes were created from the book but the movie captures the essence of the book masterfully. Water for Elephants full movie? The story line was excellent. I thought the movie was great. His will soon be a household name. Then it is all taken down and moved down the line. Having helmed two yawner sci-fi's and a bunch of Britney Spears vids, he brings a lot to the table. I will give this movie a 2.

And then we find out he is a miserable old man who's youngsters want nothing to do with him, put him in a nursing home and take turns coming to see him out of duty rather than adore. Water for Elephants watch full movie online. I wished we could have observed more of them. A excellent date night movie fyi boys :). Tales of classic romances like this is just too cliché for my liking. Reading the book to the audience. And the cinematography is just stunning. Movie dvd Water for Elephants. But it is faithful to the book and is a story that holkd your attention all through. Water for Elephants movie direct download.

Jacob was the eyes and ears that we saw this entire story from.

Magical movie of a low-rent circus during the Depression. Hal Holbrook Effortlessly was old Jacob to Robert Pattinson's young Jacob. Download divx Water for Elephants movie.

Drug out in a number of parts but picked up the pace. That no matter what the critics says, WfE is a beautiful movie.

It apparently bothers couple of other people but (as a retired therapist) to me it was inconceivable that a individual so impulsive and sadistic would advance into and successfully manage such a huge organization for so lengthy. Where can i buy Water for Elephants the film. Relationships been actors-Flawed.

Reminded me a small of Titanic. The night shots of the train through the countryside - spectacular. I know I will see it once again and again. For some reason, and maybe since of the elephant, I thought this was a East Indian based movie about India.


This gives you a prospective unlike most. Were can i watch Water for Elephants the movie. It had so much insight into character and was such a fantastic enjoy story. I thought it would a good film, merely because the book was incredible, but following watching the movie. Actors and Rosie were TOPS. Com )Online Store,Get Name Brand Fashion From 12USD Now. Reese Witherspoon was adorable as often. Download the Water for Elephants. I mean that Robert Pattinson… he was kind of monotone by means of this movie. And Ken Foree is extremely nicely in a brief but intense role in which he confirms his talent outside the horror genre.

I would extremely recommend this movie.

It is telling that the most credible character with any depth is played by an animal.

I was very interested to learn that it was a true store. The screen play is erratic at finest in following the book. As for Pattinson, I did not dislike his work in other movies (with the exception of Eclipse), but he does not appear to be really interested in his character in Water for Elephants. Circus, depression and Railroad scenes-all outstanding. What was it that created me come straight house and write this review.

Water for Elephants movie has a couple of those adjustments, but the essence of the book is there. But the best component of this entire film was the chemistry between Robert and his not human costar, Tai the Elephant, who portrays the star attraction Rosie. Other actors were just fine Paul Schneider, Jim Norton , Hal Holbrook , Mark Povinelli , Richard Brake , Stephen Monroe Taylor and tons of other people. Saw download Water for Elephants movie over the Easter weekend. An elderly man named Jacob (Hal Holbrook) stands in the rain, outside a modern day circus. Water for Elephants hd movie. I was pleasantly surprised by the whole factor, the scenery is incredible and the acting if just the very same. They need to have just used one voice over of Holbrook trigger he is telling the story.

Nevertheless people are thrown off the train if they irritate in some way the circus owner (who by the way was the greatest thing about this movie. It is always difficult for a movie to meet the expectations of somebody who has read the book, but this story is entirely character driven and the characters, so colorfully depicted in the book, had been flat in the movie. It had to be so convenient for him proper. The acting was solid, but no Oscar performances here. Don't want to be mean there, although - overall, really enjoyable viewing. Pattinson and Witherspoon both did an exceptional job. I really loved this movie. Hal Holbrook deserves an honorable mention. I read the book a few months ago and fell in adore it with so significantly that I produced it a personal mission to suggest it to all of my pals. A need to see tell everyone. When I read, I imagined the cast as the characters. Let me start off by saying I LOVED this book, i've read it 3 times and when I found out it was going to be a movie, read it once again. I would rate download Water for Elephants online five. The cast was superb and I found myself swept away into an additional time and place. The editing (even although that I am not 1 to care) was good. I know not every little thing can be included but they ought to have put in the nursing house storyline so every person knew why the movie is called Water for Elephants movie. Watch the whole Water for Elephants movie. Reese was fantastic as Marlena at first I was kind of hesitant about her playing Marlena but she really did a great job. "Water for Elephants" dvd!

The majority of the film was about the circus as a entire. Rumours circulate the circus that he's thrown workers off trains so that he won't have to pay them. Watch the entire film of Water for Elephants. As the unfaithful wife and circus star, though, Witherspoon appears tentative and almost completely miscast. With or without him i loved the story, forbidden romance, and the circus theme. The actors - except for the villian - had been dull and 1 dimensional. Real Water for Elephants movie download As always, Reece Witherspoon gets an A+ for her performance. The whole cast portrayed the characters perfectly. When can i buy Water for Elephants film. So sick of hearing all the "professional" critics say Rob has no chemistry with his leading ladies. Water for Elephants full lenght movie in hd format. The cinematography and music had been gorgeous. He has high hopes that this will make the Benzini Bros. AND I ALSO LOVED HER HUSBAND. My husband and I haven't been to a movie in almost a year, and this created me want to go back every weekend. Just finished reading book just before I saw the movie. Some issues are just illusions as we soon locate out from the mean spirited manager of the traveling circus. Download Water for Elephants film. Excellent individuals don't have to destroy evil people. I want to watch the full movie of Water for Elephants online. Extremely excellent film, 8/10. Reese Witherspoon does a valiant job in spite of the truth that there's virtually no chemistry between her and Robert Pattinson. Thought August was a bit over done in his evilness and at times things moved a little slowly, but overall I would highly suggest it. watch Water for Elephants movie" is a flat soap opera lacking flair or heart or even coherence. Water for Elephants film online. I went to watch this movie with my boyfriend, surprisingly, by his selection. "Water for Elephants" download. Loved all the costumes and was pleasantly surprised at the chemistry between witherspoon and patterson. Enjoy that also appears in animals that respect us but some of us humans torture them. Watch the Water for Elephants movie! Though the lack of chemistry between the leads and the occasional-romance-novel really feel make the film seem a bit like "Titanic" on a train and much less of the gritty historical drama discovered in Gruen's novel, which prevents it from being what it could have been: The Greatest Show on Earth. Story line kept you entertained by means of the whole film. Check him on Inglourious Basterds. Film Water for Elephants video. I saw numerous for this movie and wanted to see it from them and was not disappointed. I cannot put into words how great this movie was. Divx online. The story is based on Sara Gruen's finest selling novel and is set in depression-soaked 1931. A plesant way to invest an evening - really nice movie - not fantastic. An older Jacob, who we can tell from the begin is the main character, enters onto the grounds of a circus, just as an older Rose does to a ship in "Titanic. The acting is excellent, no one overacts, which is surprising thinking about this film centers on the lives of overactors. Performance wise nothing great but just fine. The visuals are also terrific: particularly the night time footage of the train and smoke going from town to town. Watching the fantastic production design and cinematography, it was the shabby, faded, patched, mended, and not so Hollywood glamorous which I found so successful in conveying the desperation and live for this moment Depression era. Download whole Water for Elephants movie! Show some emotion and Pattinson is her for what eye candy trigger he was in meyer's film as a dracula. Dead on casting there too. I have heard rumors that Pattinson was sick although the movie was shooting, this doesn't surprise me he was possibly scarred silly to be in a film with actors who are way beyond his range. Adding to the woes of this terrible movie is the fact that it is wrapped around a tedious flashback so you know that absolutely nothing disastrous can happen to the protagonist since he has survived all the perils. I went with a friend in her 80s whose grandmother took her to see circus trains unload in their little midwestern town. Water for Elephants movies.

How do you take three great actors and make them look disjointed. Robert Pattinson(who looks like James Dean and Leonardo Dicaprio mixed together) performance has Jacob, was alright, not excellent, but not bad, not quite has good as Waltz. The melodramatic backdrop of the film is omnipresent leaving small room for comic relief and the growth of the beautiful creatures to coexist. August runs the circus with a really stern hand, he's volatile and harmful, but at the same time he has the charisma it takes to run a circus show. But she also had an inner strength that had helped her survive. Robeert luv u so much. Water for Elephants online hd. Its fanciful high quality captures the romantic mood of a bygone era. It had some violent scenes with animal abuse. Go see it and be entertained. Just a great move that I will undoubtedly go see again. Hd movie? I was captivated from beginning to end. But eventually there's a pleased ending for Rosie, Marlena, and Justin. This is what it need to have been like to pitch the big-top, shovel manure, and struggle financially nomadic freaks squished on a train to the next town, depending on each and every other for survival. This movie is 1 of the very couple of that have managed to capture the essence of the original book. You can envision the confrontations and situations that arise, but Marlena's insistence that no life exists for her outside the circus is head-scratching. The storyline was beautifully written and the acting was superb. Movie for the whole family. I could here some grumbling behind me about the tiny small bit of a enjoy scene. As his narrow emotional acting range was mostly offset by his shy and nice demeanor in the role, he pulls it off satisfactorily but not memorably. On top of that, both have twinkly blue eyes. Excellent Movie it followed the book fairly well. Make no mistake, this will also make you cry. Watch Water for Elephants online divx! Nicely immediately after seeing this movie i wanted to rate it four stars because i was in that emotional magic of it, the ending fundamentally. I thought that Water for Elephants movie was 1 of the greatest movies I have seen in a lengthy time. What's surprising is the director is Francis Lawrence, previously recognized for "I Am Legend" and Ȭonstantine". Descargar Water for Elephants dvd. I think it is pure magic.

The largest of these omissions was combining Uncle Al and August into one character. This movie doesn't have to rely on the latter with its attention to detail, decent acting and a decent story that highlights a tough time in history and exposes man's speciesism and anthropocentrism. Overall, liked the movie and felt good leaving the theater. Jacob is every little thing that would be a gentlemen in the 1930's- smart, educated, caring, handsome and loyal- all that shine with Pattinson, but something is missing and I am not certain what it is- so close but not there. I would certainly recommend going to see this movie. Though it wasn't Reese Witherspoon's fault. I would definitely suggest this movie. It is best suited for 18+ and, in my opinion, actually will appeal mostly to a 40's+ audience because of the era it is set in. These include his a lot younger wife, Marlena (Witherspoon), who was orphaned and raised in a selection of foster homes before August found her. Waited a long time to be dissapointed. Comfree shippingcompetitive priceany size availableaccept the paypalAir jordan(1-24)shoes $33Nike shox(R4,NZ,OZ,TL1,TL 2,TL3) $35Handbags(Coach lv fendi d&g) $35Tshirts (ed hardy,lacoste) $16Jean(Accurate Religion,ed hardy,coogi) $30Sunglasses(Oakey, coach,gucci,Armaini) $16New era cap $15Bikini (Ed hardy) $25www. Their romance was uninvolving, Pattinson had far better chemistry with Rosie the whiskey loving elephant. Some cheesy lines but Hal Holbrook was grand.

Obviously nicely directed. The Water for Elephants movie. And I feel they did a good job capturing that whole magical element of the circus. Loved it and reflected on the movie numerous hours right after seeing it. I feel Jacob and Marlena produced such a sweet couple im glad they ended the way they did. Acting and scenery are fantastic.

I discovered myself laughing at her much more than anything else, and was really impressed by the character she added to the film. I wouldn't suggest it unless you are a hopeless fan of either of the two stars of the film. Yes, there were some scenes that had been difficult to watch, like when it came to the way the animals (or Rosie was treated), Christoph was such a hateful man, oooh i wanted to kill him myself, he can truly be scary. I was certain that the pasty small vampire boy would bring the rest of the cast down. Jacob truly knew that you don't bring an elephant water in buckets. Excellent acting,great chemisrty, and a happy ending story. I was somewhat disappointed in the beginning since it just starts out with the older man at the circus, you don't know why he's there alone or that he was waiting for his son all day at the retirement residence who by no means really showed up unless you read the book. Stream Water for Elephants online.

I loved it but I didn't anticipate it to be as sad. Whilst the leads(Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon, Christoph Waltz) all turn in Excellent performances, the real star here is Tai the elephant. I saw that this movie was coming out so back in feb I read the book. Feels like a movie that they utilized to makeback in the old glamour days of hollywood. It also felt like the actors were "acting. It has just enough romance and action to maintain every person interested. Most of them end up seeking like a slide show of photos or events taken from the book (see Hardwicke's Twilight for a best example). Don't listen to the critics. The movie is from 2005 and shows how elephants are subjected to electric shocks and how they are beaten during the "training". Why is Jacob a Polish speaker. But she saw an chance and she committed murder. Download movie Water for Elephants! Suspense and drama are underscored by the photography & direction. The story was nicely executed and held my interest throughout. It ought to get a couple of Academy Awards. It assists 1 get into the mindset of in fact being in the circus, which also is due to the camera function mentioned earlier. With a future planned, a fantastic one indeed just a test away, Jacob's life is put to a halt (and alter) when his parents are in a vehicle accident and killed. Water for Elephants dvds. This film is based on the best selling book and I can't imagine how challenging it would be to narrow down 4,000 pages into a 120 minute film and from an individual who hasn't read the book I believe they did a excellent job. It surprised alot of folks as to how excellent it was, me being 1 of those folks.

I was impressed with the circus tricks she did. I also liked the performance from the excellent Hal Holbrook very a lot maybe due to his advanced age he does not accept as numerous roles as he used to, but he has not lost even a pinch of his talent and remarkable presence. The circus costumes for her appear authentic, but hardly flatter a really appealing actress, and the 30s duds require a taller girl to do justice to them - but as soon as once again Ms Witherspoon takes a risk and pulls it off despite the lukewarm response from audiences. Blade would let live,thinking about he's so lame. At the exact same time it appears like an eternity as soon as the elephant finally enters the film showing an inkling of hope, whilst the enjoy triangle becomes childish, cliche and ultimately annoying. Robert Pattinson certainly held his own with Reese Witherspoon and Christopher Waltz. It had a lot of violence against individuals and a lot of violence against animals. Water for Elephants movie dvd. This was a really good and excellent movie. Good movie since it followed the book nicely, with best "period" costumes, set, theme. Buy Water for Elephants .

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