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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules

Back in middle school after summer vacation, Greg Heffley and his older brother Rodrick must deal with their parents' misguided attempts to have them bond.

Stars: Zachary Gordon, Devon Bostick, Rachael Harris, Robert Capron, Steve Zahn.

Directed by David Bowers.

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Thought it was even far better than the very first. Took my 9-year-old son who reads the books. As a mother I was really pleased that there was not a bunch of sexual reference or inuendo. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules watch full movie online! All fluff blond hair, makeup, and totally out of Greg's league.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2 really has some heartbreaking moments. The initial movie was fine. Seriously, this movie reminded me of each moment of my childhood days - how my bro used to tease me… & how I utilized to fight back in revenge… How he didn't permit me in his group of buddies Our parent often wanted that we both try to get pleasant with each and every-other … But seriously it was enjoyable the way it was … playing prank on each and every-other, passing wrong information to him - so that gets screwed, keeping secrets on costs. Nonetheless, I took my youngsters to see Diary 1, and fell in love with the series. For us, it was a great family movie that showed how siblings with a wide age span can still get along and function together towards a typical trigger. It was entertaining and thats worth going to see.

Manny has much more screen time. Boring and predictable. They haven't stopped singing "Exploded Diper. Very intertaining for the young and old. I thought the first diary of a wimpy kid was great. Diary of a Whimpy Kid was actually a "10" on my list to see. But in all honesty the little tales that make up this film are nothing to scoff at, created all the a lot more enjoyable by the myriad of side characters / caricatures. The only factor I didnt like is that I believe they actually changed the Mom to make her a lot more of a worrier and a little dumber than the 1st one. Don't let this 1 get away without see it. He can't quit talking about it. It was a excellent movie, just a repeat of the very first. I'm the most excited 1 lol but my mom and dad and grandparents dont wanna see it soo. Unlike the book, the movie is worth watching for adults as well. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules dvd download? In a way, this kid sort of brings it on himself. Filme Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules online. Hope they DiDN'T SEE IT However. My daughter was just a little young for this movie (7) but she liked all the books and the initial movie.

Funny from beginning to end. I saw the trailer for the second movie and knew that it was also going to be incredible, and I was proper. The older brother, Roderick, steals the show, but the movie is funny all the way through. It will keep your attention and entertain you and your youngsters. I believe adults laughed much more than the children. The acting was great and it was virtually like the book, and you can usually expect changes from book to movie. I do want to know who won the talet show and what happened betwee Greg and Holly. I watched the very first movie and found it to be better than I would have expected. Excellent for young and old. Most of the movie was just the very first part of the book.


Manny, the youngest , who is only 3, is spoiled and gets away with issues & blames them on Greg. It was a Excellent Mom/Son date-night movie. HIS NAME IS KARAN BRAR AND HE PLAY CHARACTER " CHIRAG GUPTA" IN THE MOVIE. This movie is so much better than the first 1. Very cute, excellent family movie. I believe it was a funny movie. Not a great ending to me. Enjoyable movie for the parent and the kids. Great movie for children. Download Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules the film online. The truth that we get to pass the ticket box is the greatest. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules, film. This 1 is far better than the first 1 be far. High quality Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules movie! The children loved the movie (ages 13 and 10) as did I as a parent. I took my son to see this movie on it's opening day and we thoroughly enjoyed it. For what it's worth, Rodrick Rules is a tiny bit a lot more mature than it's predecessor, but in the long run it's just not at all funny. I laughed so difficult, that my daughters kept shushing me to quiet down simply because I was embarassing them. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules movie full movie This movie remained somewhat faithful to the book, but it didn't lose its sense of humor. Middle School is also that awkward period where you're still a kid, but you're a young adult as well. It was some thing my 6-year old wanted to see and he loved it. There must be an individual in school that somewhat resembles Fregley, the queer 1 that usually disgusts every person. We laughed, I teared up. Fans of the books will not be disapointed. Liked the movie my 8 yo liked it a lot more.

Rachel Harris and Steve Zahn are the mom and dad of Greg. Watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules online hq. The characters Chirag (Brar), Holly (List), and Rodrick are where the film shine. Every person should see it. Great enjoyable for all families. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules dowloand. It was a actually cute movie. I may have over-rated this one, but I had no factors to underrate it Cheers. I felt that this was not too great for younger children to read. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules film download high quality? I think anyone who has a sibling and who has a sense of humor will like this movie. Whilst a new girl in town is added for the boys' advancement to seventh grade (a blonde, of course--Holly Hills, played by Peyton List, who is Greg's, rather than Rowley's crush, of course), the interactions between the pair are kept appropriately believable and subordinate to the crucial points in Greg's life, a refreshing breather from Hollywood's usual precocious mating dances. We saw the initial movie and enjoyed it, and he received the DVD as a Christmas gift as well. Extremely cool for the youngsters, but heartwarming and a large reminder of our childhood pains as nicely. There had been also emtional parts. I would recommend it:-). Where can i watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules?. It would fit perfectly within the "Diary" series.

Far better than the very first version :). We really liked the movie. Hilarious and enjoyable to watch. Download divx Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules full lenght. This was my initial time watching this movie. Cannot wait to see what Greg and Rowley do next. I am going to make it feasible for my 9yr old to see every person of them. Download full movie. Whenever Greg and his finest friend Rowley (Capron) try to have fun, Rodrick humiliates, injures, or just annoys them in each and every possible way.

And becoming 1 of three children, I can definitely relate to the love-hate dynamic between young siblings. It did not disappoint. In fact felt like my own home/Life, but its not about "us" parents, its about the children, and how we treat, raise and help them grow up to be. Adults will locate some humor but its intended for youngsters who read the books. The movie made me laugh a lot-the older brother got on my nerves thoughwould have to say that this movie was predictable, but enjoyable and could have been a lot more creative in the plot and developing the characters much better. I'm seeing it this weekend and I'm actually excited I adore Roderick I feel he is hot. Would definately suggest. My son and I discovered laughed throughout the whole movie. This movie is a need to see. And 1 that most adults can sit by means of and laugh at. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules watch. SO FUNNY AND I AM GOING TO WATCH THIS MOVIE IN LYNNWOOD AND I WILL BE THERE In the course of EVENING SHOW AND I AM INVITING ALL MY FANS TO COME MEET ME AND WATCH MOVIE WITH ME. I was a small worried that Rodrick's behavior would get out of hand, but it ended up being a good lesson about sibling rivalry without having becoming over the top. My favorite scene was Rodrick attempting to deny he did some thing wrong even when presented with photos. Right after all, the film runs much less than 99 minutes--a considerably briefer period than that most readers would need to devote to the book. Funny movie ,kept kids attention the whole movie. On the way out of the theatre he asked me.

Frankly, I laughed as significantly or a lot more than the child. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules the movie online. Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a witty book series, but a shameful blend of distaste and childish humor when it comes to seeing it on a big screen.

She thought is was great. She actually enjoyed it. Watch the Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules movie online. I LIKE ACTOR THAT PLAYS GREG. My children and I both loved this movie, it was great for both parents and kids alike. Speaks volumes into the lives of 7th graders and siblings. I heard they're going to have a movie for the other books in the series. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules watch full movie.

He loved it and I loved it. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules movie cinema! Children love the initial 1 and this 1, excellent lessons in this movie. In a movie series like this, the movies will maintain obtaining better and much better each and every time. THIS MOVIE WAS JUST WHAT I Necessary. Myself at age 62, locate two wimpy youngsters (older brother is also a wimpy kid) over board.

High school party, but kids are only drinking pop. Enjoyed the acting from both parents, that created me a lot more interested in the movie as well as the main character in how he persevered in trials and ended up loving his mean brother in the end-reminds me that adore by no means fails. About a year ago I was tickled pink with Diary of a Wimpy Kid, a film adapted from the very first book of a productive series by Jeff Kinney. The trailers are also kidstuff, so you don't have to be concerned they will hear or see anything depressing, violent, or ugly. These movies are so cute.

It was a fun movie to watch and kept us all entertained. I rated the movie a GO since the girls liked it. HE WILL BE THERE 6 TO 7. Nicely, I have to admit I was extremely pleasantly surprised. If you liked the very first one, you will most likely adore this 1. Laughed the entire time. If you liked the initial movie, you will like this one too. God forbid they ought to think all these shenanigans are cool. Do some thing else with the $$ you had been going to invest of it. To my surprise, he loved it, my daughter loved it and I actually enjoyed the movie too. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Roderick Rules was enjoyed by my 11 year old daughter and her 9 year old friend and even myself. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules dvdrip online. My daughter loved it and I def cracked up a couple of times. Dvx online! My boys are 7 and 8 and I will say that they were a little scared when it came to the "Foot" movie component. As the movie winds up, it continues to stir our interest and leads us to a much less sighted side of the brothers which is dear and heart-warming to watch. Nevertheless the first was hands down far better. It's a great factor we get to see him on screen, hopefully soon he'll be in some thing way much more entertaining.

Great movie for the kids and a fantastic way to invest some time with your children.

Greg, the main character, the one acquiring blamed alot is in 7th gr. He loved it as did I. I think thr guy who plays the dad is a terrible actor. Excellent acting,relatable feelings. The only way that could be completed is to use the very same animation of the book which just won't work period. I suggest seeing this movie if you want a excellent laugh. The comic compared to the average these days is low. Overall if you want to go, go ahead but you will not be thrilled when it is over. The kids loved it even more than the very first 1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules dvds? This is indicative of its positive reception, most likely owing to the vast number of readers of the illustrated novel series of the very same name. This movie is so hilarious for folks of all ages. My children (ages 7 & 10, girl & boy respectively) also enjoyed the movie. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules full movie online. I liked the film beause it taught siblings to get along.

This movie will make your youngsters laugh.

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