Climate Change Comes to Our Backyard – January Academy Newsletter

“Ethical Markets applauds our longtime partner, the World Business Academy for its leadership in the travails of the Santa Barbara County area in forging clean energy approaches to the recent ravages of climate change, and our personal congratulations to its President, Rinaldo Brutoco for his well-deserved Peace Award from the United National Association. We are honored that Rinaldo serves on our global Advisory Board and that he co-chairs with me our EthicMark® Awards for Advertising that Uplifts the Human Spirit and Society. See our 2017 winners at


Hazel Henderson, Editor”

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January Newsletter

Montecito Mudslide

Climate Change in our Backyard

Over the past month, the global impacts of climate change have hit our local community harder and sooner than we ever could have imagined. Between the multi-year drought, the largest California wildfire on record, and the mudslides of Montecito that tragically took the lives of 21 residents, the communities of Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Ojai have been a nexus for climate disruption. Upon surveying the destruction of the Thomas Fire, Governor Jerry Brown simply stated, “This is the new normal.” After the year that we have had, Brown’s statement is not a stretch of the imagination — it is a reflection of our climate reality.

While California will have to face the continued impacts of climate change, resigning ourselves to the acceptance of this “new normal” should not be the norm, as we have the means to make meaningful progress and combat climate change if we come together as people, community, government, and business.

Now more than ever, we are thankful for the tireless work of the first responders far and wide who came to the aid of our community in this time of tragedy and disruption. We at the Academy will do all that we can to rebuild a resilient Montecito and Santa Barbara.


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Peace: A New Definition

World Business Academy UNA Peace Price Award

World Business Academy founder Rinaldo Brutoco was awarded with the United Nations Association, Santa Barbara & Tri-County Chapter inaugural Peace Prize. Rinaldo shares his thoughts on the definition of peace today, you can find the transcript attached here.

Global Citizens Club Launches in 2018

Connecting Hands Community

We constantly endeavor to stay relevant and to show our appreciation and dedication to the Santa Barbara philanthropic community. Without our generous supporters, we couldn’t continue to do the good things we do and support the causes we all hold dear.

A new way we will be doing that this year is through our Global Citizens Club. Our club will give our supporters and any charitable community members a new opportunity to share their commitment to our community and the ?planet while partnering with local businesses that donate to human rights or charitable organizations.

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