CLARA Full Report” Missing Pathways to 1.5 C “

“Ethical Markets highly recommends this ground-breaking report on how to reform human land-use practices and our unsustainable food system to best achieve climate stability and more equitable societies. This report confirms much of our own research in our annual GREEN TRANSITION SCOREBOARD® reports since 2009.

Our current 2018 report: “Capturing CO2 While Improving Human Nutrition and Health“ (a free download, with companion TV program with NASA Chief Scientist Dennis Bushnell) is available at and reaches similar conclusions  as those in “Missing Pathways to  1.5 C”.

We also advocate shifting much of our current food system, teetering perilously on the planet’s 3 % of freshwater, to  embrace all the salt-loving food plants (halophytes, e.g. quinoa) which grow in 22 countries on degraded and desert lands without fertilizers or pesticides, irrigated with saltwater.  These plants offer complete protein nutrition for humans and their deep roots sequester CO2 very efficiently, thus obviating the need for current approaches to using biofuels from freshwater crops displacing human foods.

Hazel Henderson, Editor “