Charlottesville Actions, Upcoming Events and Demanding Accountability

Hey OpenInvestors,

It’s been an extraordinary few weeks. Activists, Arts Council members, and corporate CEOs have all been demanding accountability from the Trump administration in the wake of Charlottesville. You can demand accountability too: from your president, your representatives, and the companies YOU own. See what’s happening below.

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Trump is placing “blame on both sides,” while the nation yearns for moral leadership in the face of hate. Four CEOs stood up, abandoning Trump’s Manufacturing Council, leading to its collapse.


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Mark your calendar.


Based in the Bay Area? Join us Saturday at the San Francisco Marriott for a panel called Can Technology Democratize Impact Investing? Our co-founder, Josh Levin, will be joined by Catherine Berman of CNote and Catherine Yushina of StartWise to talk about using finance to take a stand. Admission is free – see you there!


Not based in the Bay Area? Next Tuesday, 8/29, Josh is presenting in a webinar hosted by Divest-Invest on how to divest from the Dakota Access Pipeline. Details to come!