CCA Principals Named 2017 Crowdfunding Persons of the Year & 2pm Tomorrow is the 2016 Year End Regulation Crowdfunding Webinar! 

“Ethical Markets congratulates CCA principals on this honor!  ~Hazel Henderson, Editor”

CCA Recognized & Tomorrow’s Webinar


What a tremendous honor to be recognized as the 2017 Crowdfunding Persons of the Year by CrowdfundBeat!

We cannot thank them enough for this honor and sincerely appreciate all the kind words in response to this award!

Needless to say, Regulation Crowdfunding has been a passion of ours since we first started working on the framework in 2010. To see it go from idea, to law and now to an emerging part of the Private Capital Markets is amazing.

While we are honored to receive this recognition, we know we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the hard work of many of you as well. So, thank you and we share this honor with you!

This brings us to the second part of this newsletter.

Tomorrow at 2pm ET is the 2016 Year End Regulation Crowdfunding Webinar!

Many of you have already registered. For those of you who haven’t, TODAY is the last day to get the 20% discount.

Our database has grown and we will share all of the key findings and trends among Campaigns, Portals, Average Raises, Average Valuations, Average # of Investors, Capital Flows by State & Industry and much more!