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‘Wealth of Networks’

Tracks the emerging information-sharing, open-source cooperative sectors of economies in the USA, Canada, Europe, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea and other countries. In this new sharing, cooperative economy, sectors are exchanging information, bartering and using new forms of currency in order to make their money stretch further. The Wealth of Networks balances the older competitive sectors based on money.

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NAMLE News board elections, and a new organizational member

NAMLE  News board elections, and a new organizational member

Monthly Update March 2013     A membership organization like NAMLE thrives with the participation of its members, so I'm happy to share two opportunities with you to get involved.    First, we're currently seeking board members for a two-year term starting June 2013. If you are [...]

Catalyzing the Connection Economy By Gregory Wendt, CFP, March 2013

Catalyzing the Connection Economy By Gregory Wendt, CFP, March 2013 www.gregwendt.com "Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts." - Anonymous This is so self-evident, and obvious to me,  that I find it surprising that we have to say it at all. Yet this is the world we live in right now. I [...]

“Who Cares Wins” Conference Streaming Online for Free

Watch this major CSR event online – for free!  Ethical Markets is a media partner with the conference Who Cares Wins, http://www.whocareswins.org, the leading CSR event in Scandinavia.  Nobel Peace Prize winners, the founder of the world's first global Fairtrade brand, the Advertising Woman of the Year in the US and many other exciting [...]

SB’13 Press Release

SB’13 Press Release

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE    Contact: Jessica Appelgren Saatchi & Saatchi S 415.871-1662 [email protected]   Global Sustainable Brands Community Leaders to Gather in San Diego for Purpose-Driven Brand Innovation Conference   Sponsors, Speakers and Participants from Puma, Darden Restaurants, Target, Microsoft, [...]

Latest white papers from IThound.com – February 2013

Latest white papers from IThound.com – February 2013

          Social media success for brands that give it a go With 68% of customers believing that social media has given them a greater consumer voice, social media provides a valuable resource which is beneficial to tap. This paper considers six insights [...]

Is Free Public Wi-Fi Possible?

Is Free Public Wi-Fi Possible?

News of the movement for February 7, 2013   Future of the Internet Is Free Public Wi-Fi Possible? The noisy response to a front-page Washington Post story about an alleged government plan to create free public Wi-Fi networks indicates public enthusiasm for cheaper Internet access in America. If only it [...]

Is Broadband Access a Public Utility?

Is Broadband Access a Public Utility?

News of the movement for January 9, 2013   Future of the Internet Is Broadband Internet Access a Public Utility? Should broadband Internet service be treated as a basic utility in the United States, like electricity, water and traditional telephone service? That’s the question at the heart of an important and [...]

Facebook Censors Prominent Political Critics

We've previously documented that the largest social media websites censor government criticism. For example, Facebook pays low-wage foreign workers to delete certain content based upon a censorship list. For example, Facebook deletes accounts created by any Palestinian resistance groups. Today, Facebook deactivated the Facebook accounts [...]

Cloud computing: cutting through the hype

Cloud computing has rapidly become the most talked-about IT concept of the day. For some, it is yet another new label for the well-worn concept of "utility computing," and therefore amounts to a marketing gimmick. For less cynical observers, it is a powerful set of technologies based on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) that is delivering [...]

A Digital Cold War?

The most important result of the World Conference on International Telecom has been to demonstrate that the world now splits into two camps when it comes to the Internet: one is comprised of more authoritarian countries, which would like to turn back the clock and regain sovereignty over their own national bits of the Internet; the other wants to [...]

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