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Business for Democracy and ASBC Lead Effort to Overturn Citizens United v. FEC

The Business for Democracy Campaign, which the American Sustainable Business Council is spearheading in partnership with Free Speech for People is tackling the compelling issue of corporate contributions to political campaigns.

The U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United v. FEC decision on January 21, 2010 allows corporations to spend unlimited funds to support or oppose candidates for political office, overturning campaign finance laws in place for decades. The Business for Democracy campaign is an initiative of business leaders and their companies who believe this ruling is in direct conflict with American democratic principles and a serious threat to good government. The campaign supports the four members of the Supreme Court and the 80 percent of Americans who disagree with the decision (Washington Post poll, Feb. 17, 2010).

If you'd like your business to join this effort, you can sign the statement of support here or here.

‘Socially Responsible Investing’

Tracks ethical, responsible, cleaner, greener mutual funds, pension funds, charitable endowments, labor unions and their pension funds, new “triple bottom line,” ESG auditing and asset valuation. Reforming asset-allocation and valuation models from “EMH” and “rational actor” to new behavioral science and ecological social assets. Covers legal aspects, corporate governance, social justice and indigenous rights, public financing of political campaigns, Supreme Court rulings, e.g. Citizens United re corporate lobbying. Includes new Indexes and Ratings.

Relates to: GTS, Transforming Finance, Reforming Global Finance, GreenTech, Energy Efficiency, Global Citizenship, Reports You Need, Beyond GDP, Power of Yin

Linklaters has published its 2010 CR Report

Global law firm Linklaters has published its 2010 Corporate Responsibility Report. The Executive Briefing for the report is available at http://ethicalperformance.com/reports/links/link10-exec and the full report is online at http://ethicalperformance.com/reports/links/link10-full This is the third year the firm has publicly reported on its [...]

Investors should engage on unconventional oil risks – Ceres

RI News Alert: › Investors should engage on unconventional oil risks – Ceres Click here to read the newsletter.

IARSE Newsletter – Argentine Institute for Socially Responsible Business, in Spanish

La Fabbrica Argentina: creando espacios integrales de educación y RSE Esta agencia de comunicación internacional se especializa en el desarrollo de proyectos educativos para organizaciones interesadas en invertir en educación. Conozca aquí las diversas propuestas que la entidad impulsa para alumnos y docentes de nivel primario y secundario [...]

Launch of ESG Data Correction Platform

Companies are continually surprised to find omissions in their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data, both in their internal reporting systems as well as in public data sources. In response to market demand, Justmeans and CRD Analytics are launching an innovative platform to provide companies with the capability to verify the accuracy [...]

France’s FRR stands firm on RI as government starts €2bn per annum fund wind down

RI News Alert: › France’s FRR stands firm on RI as government starts €2bn per annum fund wind down Click here to read the newsletter.

Carbon trading – opportunities in Malaysia

The Malaysian Energy Centre estimates the country has up to 100 million tonnes of carbon credit, which translates into RM4.8billion in revenue. Although developing countries... Read more Media, ethics and responsibility “News is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising.” This quote (or similar) is variously [...]

ITUC Statement on Human Rights Day

Brussels, 10 December 2010 (ITUC OnLine): Fundamental human rights are under attack in every region of the world, and respect for workers’ rights in particular is being undermined as working people are increasingly forced to bear the burden of the global economic crisis, in contravention of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other UN [...]

Fixed income giant PIMCO endorses UK Stewardship Code

RI News Flash: › Fixed income giant PIMCO endorses UK Stewardship Code Click here to read the newsletter.

Natixis to launch SRI ‘conviction’ funds in pursuit of sustainable alpha

RI News Alert: › Natixis to launch SRI ‘conviction’ funds in pursuit of sustainable alpha › Italy’s largest pension fund signs up to UN PRI as membership surges Click here to read the newsletter.

California, Oregon, and Massachusetts Lead List of Top 10 Clean-Energy States

Clean Edge’s U.S. Clean Energy Leadership Index Provides Companies, Investors, Governments, and Others with Critical Insights on Clean-Energy Landscape Clean Edge's first annual U.S. Clean Energy Leadership Index, announced today, provides the industry's most comprehensive and objective analysis and ranking of how all 50 states compare across [...]

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