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Mapping the Gap: The Road From Paris

In "Mapping the Gap: The Road From Paris", Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Ceres and Ken Locklin have collaborated to more closely examine total volumes of capital that will be required to fund clean energy power project development in the electric sector over the next 25 years.   The report includes key findings regarding total capital [...]

The Natural Gas Gamble

The U.S. electricity sector is in the midst of a major change, as power producers shift away from coal to natural gas as their primary fuel. Download the full report here: http://www.ucsusa.org/sites/default/files/attach/2015/03/natural-gas-gamble-full-report.pdf

Court rules that there are no checks and balances

Court rules that there are no checks and balances

Financial Reform Newsletter March 20, 2015 Court rules that there are no checks and balances when the Executive Branch settles cases, even those that caused the worst financial crash since 1929 and caused the worst economy since the Great Depression of the 1930s, [...]

Business Growth in an Era of Water Scarcity

webinar by Trucost and Ecolab,  17 February 2015, Arizona State University At our current pace of production, businesses will need 40 percent more water to feed, clothe and house two billion more middle class consumers in the next two decades. This conversation explores perspectives on strategies for making the business case to move from [...]

From water risk to value creation

From water risk to value creation Download pdf here

Energy Efficiency Resource Standards: A New Progress Report on State Experience

ACEEE  Authors: Annie Downs and Celia Cui   In the absence of federal requirements for energy savings, states are leading the way with effective, forward-looking energy efficiency policies. More than half of them have adopted energy efficiency resource standards (EERS), policies that set long-term mandatory energy savings targets for [...]

Green Transition Scoreboard® Tops $5.3 Trillion

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Green Transition Scoreboard® Tops $5.3 Trillion Privately Invested In The Green Economy  Saint Augustine, FL, March 31, 2014 ~  Again for 2014, the Green Transition Scoreboard® (GTS) finds, with $5.3 trillion in private investments and commitments since 2007, the green economy is on track to reach $10 trillion in [...]

March 2014 Report

Executive Summary For 2014, the Green Transition Scoreboard® (GTS) is focused on water, which added $484 billion to the overall total of $5.3 trillion of private investments tracked since 2007 in Q4 of 2013, 9% of the overall total and more than either the Green R&D or Cleantech sectors. Global policy makers, businesses and civic [...]

NewEnergyNews Daily Headlines: UTILITY TRENDS TO WATCH

NewEnergyNews      Daily Headlines                                              http://www.NewEnergyNews.net/     TODAY AT NewEnergyNews, December 31: * TODAY’S STUDY: UTILITY TRENDS TO WATCH * New Year’s Eve Videos, December 31: The Question About Auld Lang Syne; Auld Lange Syne Explained; Auld Lang [...]

Inaction on Climate Change: The Cost to Taxpayers

Inaction on Climate Change: The Cost to Taxpayers When we examine the full costs of public programs that pay for disaster relief and recovery from extreme weather events—ad hoc disaster assistance appropriations, flood insurance, crop insurance, wildfire protection, and state run “residual market” insurance programs—we can begin to [...]

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