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‘Energy Efficiency’

News on companies, technologies, research, government programs to use energy more efficiently in all sectors, including IT, smarter grids, batteries.

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ACEEE Names Three Champions of Energy Efficiency

ACEEE NEWS RELEASE Contact: Steven Nadel, 202-507-4011 Media Contact: Glee Murray, 202-507-4010 or 202-631-3753 ACEEE Names Three Champions of Ener g y Efficiency Pacific Grove, California (August 18, 2010): The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) presented three Champion of Energy Efficiency Awards last night at its [...]

Oncor Meters: Confirmed to be Accurate (Again)

Silver Spring, Oracle Win BGE Contract (Maybe) The cart may be in front of the horse, but here are the winners if B G E receives approval of its smart grid plan. Why Pick WiMax, Mesh Over Power Line? Cost. CenterPoint Energy thought about becoming an ISP. Utilities and power providers, meanwhile, may have to help consumers with [...]

Major Home Appliance Efficiency Gains to Deliver Huge National Energy and Water Savings and Help to Jump Start the Smart Grid

Major Home Appliance Efficiency G ains to Deliver Huge National Energy and Water Savings and Help to Jump Start the Smart G rid Industry and Advocacy G roups Agree on New Efficiency Standards, Tax Credits and "Smart" Appliances. Contacts: Steven Nadel, ACEEE Jill Notini, AHAM 202-507-4011 202-872-5955 x318 [email protected] [...]

Why Kohl’s Gone Green for Good

Why Kohl's Gone Green for Good By Nick Hodge | Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 If going green is the expensive energy option, why has Kohl's (NYSE: KSS)saved $50 million by converting 500 of its stores to Energy Star buildings? It's because while clean energy was once the expensive energy, it gets cheaper and cheaper every day. So every day you [...]

IISD & G SI paper on subsidy estimation: Measuring price subsidies using the price-gap approach: What does it leave out?

In the wake of India ’s move in June to reduce its fuel subsidies, and the IEA’s announcement that US$ 557 billion was spent on fossil-fuel subsidies by 37 of the world’s economies in 2008, the measurement of subsidies is a pressing and sensitive issue – what does it include and what does it omit? (more…)

Why Stewart Brand is wrong on nukes—and is losing

July 25, 2010 Stewart Brand has become a poster boy for a "nuclear renaissance" that has just suffered a quiet but stunning defeat. Despite $645 million spent in lobbying over the past decade, the reactor industry has thus far failed to gouge out major new taxpayer funding for new commercial reactors. (more…)

Top Five Players in Demand Response – GTM Daily

The Secret Sauce of the Nordic Nations Why Denmark , Norway , Sweden , Finland and Estonia have carved out a lead in greentech -- and how that might affect how the business operates in America . Congressional Budget Office Paints Dismal Portrait on Ethanol Subsidies Horse-trading continues on whether Big Ethanol will continue to receive [...]

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to be Keynote Speaker for Solfest XIV

The Solar Living Institute is thrilled to announce that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will be the keynote speaker at our 14th annual SolFest on September 25, 2010. Mr. Kennedy is a visionary environmental business leader and advocate who has developed a global reputation for his inspirational public speaking. This will be Mr. Kennedy's first visit ever to [...]

APEC Speaks: how Asia-Pacific economies plan to address fossil-fuel subsidy reform

Feature Commentary APEC Speaks: how Asia-Pacific economies plan to address fossil-fuel subsidy reform An interview with Dr Phyllis Yoshida The Leaders' Declaration from the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation's (APEC) 17th Economic Leaders' Meeting, released on 15 November 2009, included a commitment to "rationalize and phase out over the [...]

Cell Phone Chargers to go Green

Posted: 13 Jul 2010 01:52 PM PDT Today cell-phones have become an integral part of our life and are the most used mode of communication. More prevalent the use of cell-phone, more imperative is the need to curtail eco-pollution that emanates from the huge number of still-in-use and out-of-use cell phones. Toxic products like lead, mercury, [...]

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