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‘Our Presentations’

Hazel Henderson Keynotes MUM Business Symposium

Hazel Henderson keynoted the July 2012 Deep Green Sumposium on Sustainable Business Management.  Watch her presentation. http://youtu.be/A1S_1OxGjuU Congratulations to Hazel who was given a Lifetime Achievement Award at the end of her presentation.

The Future We Want: a new paradigm for a sustainable 2050 conference

Sponsored by ICAEW, Tomorrow's Company and Rio+20 The Future We Want 4-26-12 ICAEW & Tomorrow's Company - H. Henderson  

Differing Perceptions, Assumptions, Forecasting Styles Between Economists and Futurists

Differing Perceptions, Assumptions, Forecasting Styles Between Economists and Futurists

Economists forecast from past data; extrapolating trends Now also use optimistic, pessimistic forecasts Futurists construct “What If” scenarios; trends are not destiny Click here to download the PDF.

Conscious Partnering Conference 2011, Hazel Henderson and Riane Eisler presenting

May 2001 www.consciouspartnering.net Listen here.

Schumacher College: Rethinking Finance: Good Servant, Bad Master?

July 11 – 15, 2011 Teachers: Ann Pettifor, Hazel Henderson (by videolink), Tessa Tennant, Nathalie Buschor, Mark Burton, Julie Richardson This course is open for bookings. Financial markets, we are told, are the lifeblood of our society and that is why governments have gone to such enormous lengths to prop up failing financial [...]

Healthy Money Summit, The Shift Network

Healthy Money Summit, The Shift Network, hosted by Vicki Robin -- Hazel Henderson addresses "The Leading Edge of Sustainable Investing" January 21, 2011 http://healthymoneysummit.com/sites/default/files/hazelhenderson.mp3 VIDEO: EcoChat: Walk on the Green Side with Cafe Magazine, Hosted by Alicia Ontiveros -- Rosalinda Sanquiche speaks on [...]

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