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News and articles picked or written by our executive director and others; humor, opinion, anecdotes and the truly unconventional.

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Mainstream Energy Investment Meets SRI

Opal Financial Group's Energy Investment Forum will bring together experts from throughout the country to discuss the most important topics in the energy sector. Attendees will represent many of the nation's pension funds, endowments, and trusts as well as representing utility companies, federal and state government agencies, and energy-equipment [...]

SB 2010 Power of “&” Meets Power of Emerging Measures

Hazel Henderson presented at the Sustainable Brands 2010 conference in Monterrey, California, on Re-Defining the Metrics of Success: The Emerging Measures of Qualitative Growth, presenting some of her newest thinking on why GDP serves poorly as the ultimate measure of progress.  In this video of her presentation, she offers a look at some of the [...]

The SRI Conference Hosting 2010 EthicMark® Award Presentation

Green Investing Conference the New Site of the Global EthicMark® Award Colorado Springs – November 5, 2010 — The SRI Conference, the largest and longest-running conference for the sustainable and responsible investment (SRI) and green investing industry, has announced that the EthicMark® Award will be presented at its 21st annual [...]

Climate Finance 2010, London, 9 & 10 November

The Cancun climate talks in December are likely to develop the framework by which billions of dollars of “fast-start” funding for climate change mitigation will be deployed over the next few years. Looking forward, these tens of billions are set to be scaled up to hundreds of billions each year by 2020, as forecasted by Ethical Markets' Green [...]

Justmeans to hold 2nd Annual Social Media, Technology and Change Conference

Justmeans is holding their 2nd annual "Social Media, Technology and Change" conference, November 1st, 2010, in New York City.  Ethical Markets Media is a media partner, with correspondent Brian Landever attending to report on the effort to bring together corporate executives, digital gurus, and social entrepreneurs for a day of case studies and [...]

350.org Makes 10/10/10 Enormous Global Event

Congratulations to 350.org and the 10/10/10 Campaign.  Event organizers broke their own record from last year - 5348 events globally - when Biljana from Serbia registered an event for her local community in Belgrade.  On 10/10/10, at 10:10 AM, they will take 2nd and 4th graders on an "eco field trip" to volunteer at an sustainable farm, [...]

An Awakening

An Awakening by Ben Bingham It is not news that we live in crisis times. Financial markets seem to be crumbling, governments cannot sell bonds to secure funds for basic operations, not to mention infrastructure, 10% and more of the able workers in well to do nations are unable to earn a living. On a seemingly separate level, [...]

More Good Advice from Thornton Parker

You may be interested in my comments on the proposed Pension Accounting and Financial Reporting by Employers standard being proposed by the Government Accounting Standards Board. Tip Parker Director of Research and Technical Activities Government Accounting Standards Board Project No. 34 [email protected] Dear Director: The Plain [...]

BP: Taking Us “Beyond Petroleum”?

A Practical Visionary Perspective © 2010 by Corinne McLaughlin When BP changed its name from “British Petroleum” to “Beyond Petroleum” some years ago to promote its new division for renewable energy, did the company have any idea about the dramatic role it would later play? Did BP realize what it would mean today when its earlier [...]

A special message from the ScienceCheerleader. We did it!

Guest blog from Darlene Cavalier, the Science Cheerleader Score three for the public! We did it! Two years ago this month, ScienceCheerleader.com launched with three goals: 1) help increase adult science literacy (see Brain Makeover). 2) raise the ranks of citizen scientists and create a shared space for researchers and the public to [...]

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