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New Website Tracks Lobbyist Registrations and Trends in Washington

WASHINGTON, DC – With the 112th Congress officially convened, a new session of lobbying in Washington has also started. In order to know who is lobbying for whom, the Sunlight Foundation today launched its new “Lobbyist Registration Tracker”. The website is a go-to resource on federal lobbying where users can find information on recent [...]

Defining “Success” In Turbulent Times

What do we mean by “success”? This is what I said in my book, “Creating a World That Works for All”: “Success” doesn’t mean I’ve saved an endangered species or cleaned up a toxic waste dump or fed hungry children. Success means awakening in myself a Spirit that can help make a better life for others. Success means I have acted [...]

A Sleeping Money Alert

by Billie Best, guest blog, Dec. 5, 2010 Although we may pretend at times we live in the 19th Century, my farm and I live in the modern world, and geopolitics directly impact our income and expenses. Each day I follow the news on the radio and the Internet. Then I have long periods of unplugged time when I can reflect on what I’ve learned [...]

Taming the Giant Squid – a thoughtful night in Kings Cross, London

Lisa Cowan, European Correspondent, Ethical Markets I feel somewhat duplicitous in writing about a meeting which began with the request that 'no words about this meeting should leave this room.' My hope is that my aim of celebrating the fact of this meeting and wishing to advocate such occurrences will earn forgiveness from [...]

Change.org 2010 Holiday Gift Guide

November 22 - November 30 THIS WEEK on CHANGE.ORG Change.org's 2010 Holiday Gift Guide Plus: For the Modern-Day Abolitionist • For the Educator • For the Environmentalist • For the Animal Lover • For the Foodie Do you know where "Black Friday" got its name? It [...]

Community Gardening: Organic, Green and Sustainable

by Maria Pinochet, Ethical Markets Advisory Board Because so many individuals lack the time, space and know-how to plant their own gardens, community gardens are gaining members. Such an effort to green the local food chain, and make Jacksonville that much more sustainable, is underway by Ethical Markets friend, Thomas Dumas. (Pictured here, [...]

Holiday Shopping Guide For Finding Greener Electronics

Given all the dated computers, cell phones, printers and other used electronics that we all have piled up in our closets, we know that the greenest gadget is the one you don’t buy. But according to the electronics industry, the average American will spend more money on new electronics this year than any previous year. And despite the [...]

Heterodox Economics Newsletter Ranks PhD Econ Programs

Heterodox Economics Newsletter Ranks PhD Econ Programs

News of the Newsletter Current issue, No. 107, November 8, 2010 Next issue: November 29, 2010 (No. 108) Fred Lee provided following data published in the November 2010 issue ofThe American Journal of Economics and Sociology (see Documents section for detailed bibliographical information): Heterodox-Adjusted Rankings for Ph.D.-Granting [...]

Mainstream Energy Investment Meets SRI

Opal Financial Group's Energy Investment Forum will bring together experts from throughout the country to discuss the most important topics in the energy sector. Attendees will represent many of the nation's pension funds, endowments, and trusts as well as representing utility companies, federal and state government agencies, and energy-equipment [...]

SB 2010 Power of “&” Meets Power of Emerging Measures

Hazel Henderson presented at the Sustainable Brands 2010 conference in Monterrey, California, on Re-Defining the Metrics of Success: The Emerging Measures of Qualitative Growth, presenting some of her newest thinking on why GDP serves poorly as the ultimate measure of progress.  In this video of her presentation, she offers a look at some of the [...]

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