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‘Beyond GDP’

Tracks efforts in many countries to correct national money-based accounts and scorecards of progress, e.g., GDP. Covers new scorecards beyond money and economics which use systems approaches to quality of life measure by multiple metrics from many sciences and disciplines. These indicators add tracking health, education, poverty gaps and environment.

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The Slow Money Letter: September 2014: BeetCoin

Dear Slow Money Friend, Our summer was eventful and this fall is shaping up to be even more eventful. Over the past several months, our growth has continued apace. We've now got 20 local networks and 13 investment clubs, and we've passed $38 million in funding to 350 small food enterprises. Looking ahead, November’s gathering in Louisville, [...]

Quality of Life Indicators in Context – September 2014

Focus on US Employment —  September 2014 Update By Hazel Henderson Total nonfarm payroll employment in August rose by 142,000, mostly in professional, business services, healthcare, leisure and 20,000 in construction while manufacturing remained flat. July rose by revised 212,000 after the downward revision from 298,000 to 267,000 in [...]

Making a killing

The economic beneficiaries of war - interview with Keith Suter, Ph.D.,Foreign Editor for Sunrise Channel 7, SydneyIn 2013 global military spending totaled $1.75 trillion... more than 130times higher than the foreign aid budget. Dr Keith Suter discusses theeconomic beneficiaries of war and the ideas behind a peace-industrialcomplex.Watch the [...]

Enabling through Technology

Enabling <IR> through Technology

IIRC Newsletter - August Edition Enabling <IR> through Technology  The best use of technology to help implement integrated thinking and <IR> is proving to be a key challenge for organizations. As a result, the IIRC is inviting technology companies [...]

UN Member States Receive Report on Finance for Sustainable Development

Commentary by Hazel Henderson, Editor-in-Chief Good News from Mr. WU! The UN Report on Finance for Sustainable Development shows the global economics paradigm shifting: from today’s financial model of the global casino dominated by high-frequency trading and multi-trillions in derivative positions far exceeding the real world economy’s GDP [...]

P2P Foundation: Book of the Day: Rethinking Money

P2P Foundation: Book of the Day: Rethinking Money

"P2P Foundation" - 3 new articles 1.     Book of the Day: Rethinking Money 2.     Recognizing a Human Right to the Commons 3.     Video: a short intro the Aikapankki Timebank in Helsinki 4.     More Recent Articles 5.     Search P2P Foundation 6.     Prior Mailing Archive Book of the Day: Rethinking [...]

Small Chinese cities steer away from GDP

More than 70 Chinese smaller cities and counties have dropped gross domestic product as a performance metric for government officials, in an effort to shift the focus to environmental protection and reducing poverty. The move, which follows a directive issued by top leaders last year, is among the first concrete signs of China switching its blind [...]

The Center for Partnership Studies’ Caring Economy Campaign (CEC) is delighted to share exciting news with you,

The Center for Partnership Studies’ Caring Economy Campaign (CEC) is delighted to share exciting news with you,

  NEWSLETTER   August 2014   IN THIS ISSUE Updates: Public Policy - Social Wealth Economic Indicators #Caring Economy Twitter Chat Social Wealth Data Points Caring Economy Story Sharing Project [...]

Top 20 high-cost oil projects risk wasting $91 bln of investor cash

PRESS RELEASE  UNDER EMBARGO UNTIL 15 AUGUST, 00.01 BST  Top 20 high-cost oil projects risk wasting $91 bln of investor cash  London, August 15, 2014 – The Carbon Tracker Initiative (CTI) today revealed some of the world’s most expensive future oil projects, which the biggest publicly listed oil companies are [...]

Voices of Hope & Launch of the International Alliance for Localization

Voices of Hope & Launch of the International Alliance for Localization

  Local Futures     International Society for Ecology and Culture   July-August 2014   Photo: Karim Ahmed Hasan (Egypt) Greetings from LOCAL FUTURES In This Update     - Voices of Hope in a Time of Crisis & the launch    of the [...]

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