Breaking: Paradise Papers – Secrets of the global elite

“Ethical Markets applauds this important research and the dedicated public interest reporting of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).  This kind of fearless reporting is dangerous, as we witnessed in the cowardly assassination of its co-founder in Malta.

We are honored to be a media partner of ICIJ in helping publicise this newest report, especially as it relates to US Secretary of Commerce, billionaire Wilbur Ross.  Read on .        ~Hazel Henderson, Editor “

Paradise Papers: Secrets of the global elites revealed

Today, ICIJ launches an all new global investigation into the financial secrets of the rich and powerful: The Paradise Papers.


Together with Süddeutsche Zeitung and 94 media partners, we’ve sifted through more than 13.4 million leaked files that come from the prestigious offshore law firm Appleby; a smaller, family-owned trust company Asiaciti and from company registries of 19 secrecy jurisdictions.


The year-long investigation exposes offshore interest and activities of more than 120 politicians and world leaders. That includes ties between Russia and U.S President Donald Trump’s billionaire commerce secretary Wilbur Ross. It also highlights the offshore activities of another 12 Trump allies.

But there is so much more!


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