BREAKING: Clean School Bus Act would…

We at Ethical Markets fully support this great idea for clean green electric school buses!

Hazel Henderson ,  Editor

I am really excited about this! Today, U.S. Senator Kamala Harris introduced the Clean School Bus Act to electrify the nation’s school bus fleet by providing $1 billion over 5 years to help schools who need it, make the transition from dirty diesel to zero-emission buses.

This legislation will give priority to schools that serve low-income neighborhoods to replace the most polluting buses and support workforce development.

That’s why Green For All is proud to support Senator Harris’s Clean School Bus Act.

Will you join us by sending a message to your Senator urging them to co-sponsor the Clean School Bus Act?

Ninety percent of school buses in the U.S. are powered by diesel, making children who ride school buses 5 to 15 times more exposed to toxic emissions that increase their chances of cancer, asthma, and respiratory illness.

It’s hard to learn if you can’t breathe. The Clean School Bus Act can make a zero-emission future a reality for our children, while improving health and educational outcomes.

Tweet your Senator today and urge them to co-sponsor this bill now. We need you to speak up and let them know it matters to you.

Thanks for all you do,

— Michelle Romero

P.S. Take an extra moment to thank Sen. Kamala Harris for her leadership. I know she would appreciate it.