Books By Guests


21st Century Opportunities and Challenges: An Age of Destruction or an Age of Transformation, Howard F. Didsbury, Jr. (Editor)

The All-Consuming Epidemic, John De Graaf, David Wann, Thomas H. Naylor

Awakening Earth: Exploring the Evolution of Human Culture and Consciousness, Duane Elgin

Beyond Globalization: Shaping a Sustainable Global Economy, Hazel Henderson

Biomimicry, Janine M. Benyus

Birth of the Chaordic Age, Dee W. Hock

Building a Win-Win World: Life Beyond Global Economic Warfare, Hazel Henderson

Conscious Evolution: Awakening the Power of our Social Potential, Barbara Marx Hubbard

Cradle to Cradle, William McDonough, Michael Braungart

Democracy and Economic Power, Louis O. Kelso, Patricia H. Kelso

Democratic Enterprise, Aspen Institute, Craig Lamay

Epicurean Simplicity, Stephanie Mills

Global Codes of Conduct: An Idea Whose Time Has Come (The John W. Houck Notre Dame Series in Business Ethics), by Oliver F. Williams (Editor)

Global Mind Change: The Promise of the 21st Century, Willis Harman (forward by Hazel Henderson)

Globalization and Its Discontents, Joseph E. Stiglitz Your Guide to Expanding Your Small or Home Business to the Internet – Easily and Profitably, Pricilla Y. Huff

In Earth’s Company, Carl Frankel

Investing with Your Values (Conscientious Commerce), Hall Brill, Jack A. Brill, Cliff Feigenbaum

Irrational Exuberance, Robert J. Shiller

Making A Living While Making A Difference, Melissa Everett

Natures Numbers, National Research Council

Providing Global Public Goods: Managing Globalization, Inge Kaul, et al. (Editors)

Taking Trade to the Streets, Suan Arial Aaronson

The Choice: Evolution or Extinction? A Thinking Person’s Guide to Global Issues, Ervin Laszlo

The Corporation, Ethics, and the Environment, W. Michael Hoffman (Author), Robert Frederick (Author), Edward S. Petry (Author)

The Crisis of Global Capitalism: Open Society Endangered, George Soros

The Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People Are Changing the World, Paul H. Ray, Ph.D, Sherry Ruth Anderson, Ph.D., Ruth Anderson

The Dollar Crisis: Causes, Consequences, Cures, Richard Duncan (Author)

The Hidden Connections: Integrating The Biological, Cognitive, And Social Dimensions Of Life Into A Science Of Sustainability, Fritjof Capra

The Hydrogen Economy: The Creation of the World-Wide Energy Web and the Redistribution of Power on Earth, Jeremy Rifkin

The New Financial Order: Risk in the 21st Century, Robert J. Shiller

The New Global Investors: How Shareowners can Unlock Sustainable Prosperity Worldwide, Robert A.G. Monks (Author)

The New Paradigm in Business: Emerging Strategies for Leadership and Organizational Change (A New Consciousness Reader), Alan Rinzler (Editor), Michael Ray (Editor)

The Planetary Bargain: Corporate Social Responsibility Matters, by Michael Hopkins

The Power of Partnership: Seven Relationships that will change your life, Riane Eisler

The Restoration Economy, Storm Cunningham

The Seed Handbook: The Feminine Way to Create Business, Lynne Franks, Anne Fields, (llustrator), Hazel Henderson

The Soul of Money: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Life, Lynne Twist

The SRI Advantage: Why Socially Responsible Investing Has Outperformed Financially, Peter Camejo

The Vandal’s Crown: How Rebel Currency Traders Overthrew the World’s Central Banks, Gregory J. Millman

The Wealth of Nature, Robert Nadeau

The Web of Life: A New Understanding of Living Systems, Fritjof Capra

Time Dollars: The New Currency That Enables Americans to Turn Their Hidden Resource–Time–Into Personal Security & Community Renewal, Edgar S. Cahn, Jonathan Rowe

Touch of Midas: Scientific Values and the Environment in Islam and the West, Ziauddin Sardar (Editor)

Visionaries: People & Ideas to Change Your Life, Utne Reader Books, 2, Jay Walljasper, Jon Spayde, Utne Reader (Editor)

Voluntary Simplicity (rev): Toward A Way Of Life That Is Outwardly Simple, Inwardly Rich, Duane Elgin (Author)

Voluntary Simplicity, by Duane Elgin (Author)

Your Money or Your Life: Transforming Your Relationship With Money and Achieving Financial Independence, Joe Dominguez, Vicki Robin