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When his brother is killed in a robbery, paraplegic Marine Jake Sully decides to take his place in a mission on the distant world of Pandora. There he learns of greedy corporate figurehead Parker Selfridge's intentions of driving off the native humanoid "Na'vi" in order to mine for the precious material scattered throughout their rich woodland. In exchange for the spinal surgery that will fix his legs, Jake gathers intel for the cooperating military unit spearheaded by gung-ho Colonel Quaritch, while simultaneously attempting to infiltrate the Na'vi people with the use of an "avatar" identity. While Jake begins to bond with the native tribe and quickly falls in love with the beautiful alien Neytiri, the restless Colonel moves forward with his ruthless extermination tactics, forcing the soldier to take a stand - and fight back in an epic battle for the fate of Pandora.

Stars: Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang, Michelle Rodriguez.

Directed by James Cameron.

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Hm, where need to I begin. Now I most likely bashed this movie so a lot you think I hate it. The planet of Pandora looked really amazing and are arguably the best of all time. As the Na'vi seetheir world being plundered, the point is made that these humans havealready done away with all "the green" on their own planet and are nowgoing to do the very same to Pandora, and - at the end - as the marines pullout, the point was made that they were returning to "their dyingworld. This preadolescent fantasy of bigger is much better, and that "I'm a lot more enlightened than everyone and I don't even know how I did it" is not an act of profundity, it's an act of suspending disbelief to the extent that we should be numb in the brain to not see this individual is a callous immature individual who does not deserve such high praises. It such an awesome masterpiece. Or giant moths with heads of a dinosaur. It is just there to add depth to the screen. You merely forget that you're watching a movies, because it doesn't feels like a bunch of frames put next to each other. Cameron has acknowledged Avatar high quality's similarities to Dances with Wolves, which won seven Academy Awards, which includes Greatest Picture. According to me the only thing which is special in Avatar download are the special effects. Avatar high quality. Now if only JC and organization could have formed the plot, character development and dialogue to match. Great movie, particularly 3D , geat special effects. Even the name of the unique mineral is covered -''Unobtenium''. Liked it extremely much allthough im not into sci-fi. Must-see-movie, need to-have-DVD. Watch Avatar hd online. WhileI ought to have seen it in 3-D on a massive screen, I thankfully at leastsaw it on a 58" TV---the best I could hope for instead of the theater. My cortex became completely flat as the movie. Filme hd download. Going to see it tomorrow. Download Avatar film in hd. And thats the final factor. His assignment is to convince the Nɺvi folks to move fromtheir house so that the American government can discover what liesunderneath. Miraculously he masters theirlanguage in record time, is more agile than his other human colleagueswho have been training for years. Contrary to almost every person else's views on this movie I despise it. Right down to the sexy lady killing the big giant badguy marine. Download Avatar film in ipod formats. It is best movie ever. Heck, I've by no means seen"Jurassic Park" and I mostly only go to theaters to see movies mydaughters want to see or the Oscar-nominated shorts that are shown eachwinter. This is to me a waist of cash to have such fine technologies and art function lost on a boring story. The film is a mustsee and ought to be viewed by anyone who enjoys a romance, action or evena small comedy. (I loved it as a kid) No matter how several 1/10's I see, I ignore them and see this movie for what it truly is: a work of art, skill, patience and time. It has one of the worst villains I've ever observed in a movieand each plot point is cliché and uninspired. Every little thing found upon the planet is amazingly detailed, well thought out, and cohesive. When Jake finds out that the mining corporation is preparing to destroy 'Home Tree' - the Na'vi's equal of a holy temple - Jake and the Na'vi people should fight to maintain their land. Particularly thinking about its over two andhalf hours that is a lengthy time to wait and watch some thing you know isgoing to occur. This is the greatest movie. But then again, most films aren't. Ps yo ya vi la peli y los efectos especiales son geniales. Film dvd Go see it and witness it for your self. Watching movies on TV, video, and even DVD/Blue Ray was no substitutefor the cinema encounter. The begin is boring but the end and fight scenes get far better. Visuals were incredible but some parts are very boring. Download the movie the Avatar.

But in the end, in spite of its occasionally cheesy dialogue and simple story, AVATAR is greatest judged as a whole movie-going encounter. Worth seeing in IMAX+3D. Bellissima grafica, trama scontata. But what I got was unbelievable plot twists and clichs. I think it has a truly good storyline. I wasn't certain the very first time I saw it, after the second and third times I have to admit it's really impressive. The story is basic, clichຝ andpredictable. Speaking of which, I thought it was a bit preachy, but not excessively so. Just pay the additional money. After watching, Ȫvatar", this is what I said, "I adore this movie". Avatar downloads. If you can see a movie and you can hear a movie, what else do youneed. That's what I meanby Cameron's script being a heap of laziness.

I cant wait for Avatar high quality sequels. The film was visual stunning, nicely worth going to see on the big screen. As for the rest of this movie, I liked a lot about it. I want to watch the Avatar film? You can honestly tell how much work went into the character development, story development and overall interaction and where the special effects are secondary to all of this. Superb movie showing some humanity and "" dam gud direction. Nonetheless, that is a tiny cost to pay for the wonder this movie brings. Avatar movie to download full. When you see how they can turn a human into 1 of their own, you know how the movie will end, even though you have a feeling about it 20 minutes in, anyway. A lot of the creatures on the planet reminded me of Dinosaurs from Jurassic Park. Watch Avatar film Technology is one step ahead because of him and so is storytelling, acting, unique effects Every thing a movie is supposed to be is simply because of this movie. When his brother is killed in a robbery, paraplegic Marine Jake Sullydecides to take his place in a mission on the distant world of Pandora. Completely the most incredible moving I have seen in a very long time. Instead of being malevolent killing machines, the aliens are stuffedto the gills with Tim Leary/Gregory Bateson hippy-dippy New Ageenvironmental consciousness, and they have adopted Native Americanfashion trends circa 1800. James cameron at his best. Avatar filme.

T know anything and ignore every little thing about nature. Avatar movie Avatar movie. But once again, this is one of thosemovies that some folks will truly either enjoy it or hate it. Buy Avatar the film online You probably by no means realized how successful a dispersant you are against the current trend of plot less, character- devoid, dialogue-deprived, humor-starved, anti-creativity films and theatre. If you can see a movie and you can hear a movie, what else do you want. Avatar online film! Let me start by first saying that the effects in the movie was off the chain. The movie was very definitely blockbuster much better than "Return of theJedi", and far better than most of the classic Vietnam War movies I hadseen, including 𢷮rhunter" and even "Platoon". I might as nicely criticise Barack Obama on The Huffington Post. But hell, Lord of the Rings was so much far better - even the giant mammoths were unique in their own way. I didn't find myself caring aboutwhat happens to a lot of them. Watch Avatar full movie. Well, in truth, not actually, but it is an totally amazing spectacle to behold. But I admit the visual effect is really great. I could watch it over and over once more. Computers are the way of the future and I believe in evolution and I think it was preordained to the development of the pc. Okay initial off I know a lot of folks adore this movie and they're going to hate me for this review but its the truth that a lot of you just require to understand. The length wouldn't be so poor if there was a far better script to follow. Buy movies online download.

Cameron, who brought us such 2-D classics as 'Terminator 1 & 2' andɺliens', here re-releases ɻuy Avatar movie' with an extra 8 minutes offootage. It's a very pricey remake with a ridiculous and also really racist message at the core of it: the American white man is structured and intellectual, and the natives are savage and barbaric, and the white man is here to take what rightfully belongs to the natives. If we are dumb sufficient the to pay funds to see this movie, then we got what we deserved. Do I require to count whatwas stolen from The Matrix, Alien/Aliens, Dances with Wolves. (Cliche count:13) Nicely, when our hero wakes up, the General wants him to use his in to get Intel, the scientists want him to use his in to boost relations, and the annoying, one-dimensional corporate ass who runs the operation wants to just bulldoze the natives to grab his valuable rocks. Cameron sets the new standard with motion capture, as the facial expressions and mouth movements are just out of this world. Hahahaha sorry), they've been coveredadequately in other reviews. The ideathat a disabled veteran, a man whose career appears nearly over, ends up"living" in an Avatar movie online and ends up saving a planet is just veryinteresting to me. T at least one strong female character, some thing he has grow to be famous for over the years. A couple of weeks after seeing this* - Just realised how similar this is to Disneys Pocohontas. Watch Avatar movie high quality. Oh god, lookat what I was missing out on. TheCG and 3d boring and predictable. Great grphics, message, movie. Is this movie perfect. I thought it was kinda boring and pointless. Watch Avatar movie dvd quality. Overall Avatar high quality is impressive on a technical level than a piece of storytelling. Ipod Avatar video. How it grossed over 2 billion is really beyond me simply because there weremuch better movies out at the time. Download film Avatar. Both films had been about Americans who are sent to deal with indigenous people who end up accepting him prior to he ultimately has to face the selection of betraying his culture or the indigenous tribes. Script could have been better, it is corny and cliche. I avoid them like the plague for the longest time prior to finally deciding to give in to the hype and check them out. Ppl give me sum web id so i can see this movie. Download Avatar divx. Viewers ofthis film will not be disappointed. I've had the very same encounter with ȫuy Avatar movie" - a movie that I had nointerest in watching, but now that I have has left me breathless. Watch some of the NG or discovery's movies about astrobiology and You'll find a realistic ecosystem with a lot a lot more imagination utilized for its creation.

It's an remarkable visual experience but Avatar lacks a actual story you don't leave the theater thinking "WOW. Whoever doesn't like it is obviously missing something. Makin' d st0ryline lo0ks powerfuljames camer0n is totally a terrific direct0r. Specifically the jellyfish-like "butterflies.

I want to laugh and cheer. Hi-def Avatar movie! Yeah, the effects had been amazing. Go ahead "pimp" the game.

It's tough not to like James Cameron, following all he's a director who exploded onto the cinema scene in the 1980s when he directed the Terminator, on a affordable spending budget of 7 million dollars and produced it 1 hell of a ride. Hey, why don't you just slap hi in the face with a white glove and say Ȫ duel at 15 paces" The aircraft are still put together with rivets. Awesome is all i can say.

The CG components are nearlyflawless, the 3-D (which is becoming overdone, in my opinion) was perfectin this movie. I believe that the end could have been shortened down to one battle instead of two. I could watch it over and over again. The movie Avatar online? That this was just a rip off of Dances With Wolves and/or Pocahontas. No, I'm not exaggerating. Hate the ending scenes. Movie download.

If you like a excellent story or fantasy I suggest to remain away from this. Not certain, butit produced me want to boycott that new Smurfs movie they're advertising. How could Cameronrecycle so numerous overused suggestions in 1 movie. The enjoy story also reminded me of the John Dunbar and Shouts With A Fist love story from Dances With Wolves. Gigantic budget, but unoriginal storyline, and sub-par acting. Nonetheless, James Cameron changed the ending where the settlers (humans9 need to return to their planet. Best movie i saw of '09. Its not so a lot the story that is incredible as the telling of the story. They announced Titanic instead of Good WillHunting, and I was pleased for James Cameron. There was moral ambiguity in the form of Han Solo and Lando Calrisian's interactions. Heck why not just throw in Kevin Costner in for Worthington's role instead. Technologies isn't the only reason why Ȫvatar" will stand out as a classic. Prior to that, I got the impression it was just about profits. Emotionally hollow, I can realize the fascination with this muchhyped visual feast. The imagery is extraordinary, the scenery is gorgeous. It is a movie I really feel that is part of a little group of movies that was really enhanced by 3D. But to be honest, I can't sit through another viewing of the thing. The film doesn't quite comparewith his early R-rated, science-fiction masterpieces, such as 'TheTerminator', 'Terminator 2', and ɺliens', but it certainly holds itsown and presents some wonderful visuals. Plus it looks and sound like those too. Hey, baby -it's Hollywood. A perfectly engaging movie turns into a run-of-the-mill action flick once we get to spend just a few moments on Pandora. Nicely, this time the invaders get their asses kicked. Nicely this movie was the very first actually to fully utilize contemporary three-d and has completed it in a way that was really satisfying, especially since this review is based on my second watching in 2d. Wonderful graphics if seen in 3D even though the film was a bit predictable. The vaunted CGI: not to put too fine a point on it, but it was SyFyChannel top quality at best. Leaving aside the way it breaks new ground on three-D technologies and the top quality of the animation, it's a formulaic story: Ewoks vs. Download Avatar film in hd formats.

SPOILERS* Soon enough, Jake begins to meet and mingle with the locals who deride the humans for destroying much of their land and its spirits. Stare in awe, amazement and hatred for the human kind. You have to watch it in three-D. Everybody says 9 in the scale of 10. It s tough to describe movie magic, but Avatar dvd is a 2.

Well notto spoil anything but in a nutshell its somewhat like DisneysPocahontas and Dances with wolves. With great acting from the real actors and seamless integration with the CGI, it is a very entertaining film. It's the only onethat makes accurate sense if you watch the movie with an open mind. Don't get me wrong, this movie isn'tunwatchable. Additionally, James Cameron achieved something never achievedbefore (and hopefully which can now be achieved once again thanks toCGI)--he's produced sci-fi no longer the realm of humans or human-likebeings.

And all the "originalȬreatures that Camron created, they seemed like a large ȯinal Fantasy X"plagiarism, actually, FFX has a tribe of savage-blue-giant folks, has anEidolon known as Ixion who is identical to the Na'vi's horses, hasdragons which seems a lot like those in the film, and has flying lightballs of energy like those "jellyfish". And should any adults go to see films like this, it just adds icing to their cake, and money to their accounts. I thought the acting was usually quite dull except for the performance of Stephen Lang as Colonel Quaritch which made me ponder about what his motivations were following the film which was a good factor :) The only part i actually liked in this movie was the last 15 minutes when the actual battle started MuHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHHaahhahh i thought it was well planned out and it was carried out really well and i truly enjoyed it i think the movie may of benefited if it had some much more skirmishes all throughout the movie mite of kept heartless folks like me more intune with what was going on. Avatar film length. That was a fantastic movie.

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