Autumn Newsletter

“Ethical Markets is a Media partner of Solar Coin and we are happy to report this progress!

~Hazel Henderson, Editor“

Over 11 TWh of solar energy granted to Solar Power Producers in 68 Countries!

“We have granted 11 TWh hours of energy. This is equivalent to the energy use of for a month of 11million US households. That is a huge number and puts the scale of project into play! SolarCoins have now been distributed in 68 countries and we now have 30 international affiliates.” Nick Gogerty, SolarCoin Foundation

SolarCoin Takes the Stage at CESS

SolarCoin co-founder Nick Gogerty presented the renewable energy reward token to a packed house at the Seoul Climate and Energy Summit (CESS) last week. Designed to advance the global transition to a low-carbon society and showcase blockchain-based renewable energy initiatives, the conference drew leading figures from the South Korean government, media, and industry

VIDEO – SolarCoin Plans To Accelerate Renewables Transition

Nick Gogerty, founder of SolarCoin, told Impact4All in a video interview: “The aim is to be interesting enough to be a marginal incentive for solar producers.”

We know we’re winning when solar producers decide to put in a few more extra panels because of this marginal reward… this accelerates the energy transition.

US Securities and Commodities Laws on SolarCoin – not a Security according to lawyer

An independent Legal Firm has rendered an opinion as to whether the SolarCoin token (“SLR”), is likely to be deemed a security under U.S federal securities laws, and whether SLR is subject to regulation as a commodity. While the Security Exchange Commission (“SEC”), a U.S. court of competent jurisdiction, or a cryptocurrency exchange, may reach an alternative conclusion to that stated, SolarCoin presents the attributes of a currency.

SolarCoin Community and Affiliates meet at InterSolar Munich

The SolarCoin Foundation, Affiliates and Community members joined at the recent solar fair InterSolar in Munch for three days of networking and presentations over the SolarCoin Digital Asset and Blockchain solution. This marks the first annual gathering for SolarCoin Community and Affiliates.