ASBC Headlines Earth Overshoot Day Live Stream, 8/1

“Ethical Markets, as a proud member company of ASBC and a longtime friend of the Global Footprint network, is happy to post this video  marking  another Earth Overshoot Day! As we show in our annual Green Transition Scoreboard 2018, (free  download at there is now $9.3 trillion of private investments in growing the green sectors of our global economies .

The shift to knowledge-richer more sustainable societies and the next stage of human technological evolution is now unstoppable !

Hazel Henderson, Editor   “

On August 1, ASBC President and Co-founder David Levine spoke in a live video stream to highlight Earth Overshoot Day 2018, the annual date when more of earth’s resources have been depleted than can be renewed in one year. Earth Overshoot Day organizer Global Footprint notes that the day moved past December 31 in the early 1970s and has moved continuously earlier since then.

Speaking in the apt location of Times Square, Levine said that, as businesses have had a large part in the depletion of earth’s resources, they can take a big role in addressing it. “Businesses can take the lead, in a complete makeover of the practices within their business,”

Levine said. “They can also speak out in public to help drive policy change at the local, state, national and international levels.” Levine said, “We’re asking all businesses to take action now: Address the issues that we’re exposing with Earth Overshoot. That’s where the future lies – in the opportunity to make a difference.”

Watch now!