ASBC filed comments with the Securities and Exchange Commission for the crowdfunding provisions of the JOBS Act

ASBC Weekly Update 7.18.12
Campaign Updates

ASBC filed comments with the Securities and Exchange Commission for the crowdfunding provisions of the JOBS Act. SEC is accepting public comments as it creates the regulatory rulemaking called for when the CROWDFUND Act became law.  ASBC?s comments focus on minimizing the regulatory burdens for local, small crowdfunding offerings.  Contact Bryan McGannon for information.

B-Corp Massachusetts

The Massachusetts state legislature added benefit corporation language to an omnibus bill  (H.4110), which is moving fast.  The state Senate is expected to act this week on the bill and then it goes to a conference with the state House.   Please sign the Massachusetts b-corp petition and contact Bryan McGannon if you have relationships with state legislators and that may be able to make a call to support the bill.

Disclose Act

The U.S. Senate failed to get enough votes to move the DISCLOSE Act of 2012 forward.  The Act is a near-term fix to force the secretive and unaccountable Super PACs to reveal where their funding comes from.  ASBC?s Business for Democracy campaign generated 355 letters to the Senate in support of the DISCLOSE Act.

Production Tax Credit

The renewable energy production tax credit (PTC) is up for renewal in Congress and is vital to developing a clean energy future for America. The credit helps manufacturers continue to develop proven renewable energy projects, saves jobs, and keeps electricity affordable. There is bipartisan support for the credit. The delay in reauthorizing the PTC is already causing turbine orders to drop off and new factories to be cancelled. Let Congress know that you support extending the production tax credit today!

Farm Bill

With the 2012 Farm Bill passed in the Senate, the action is now in the House. Despite the House Agriculture Committee having passed their version of the bill on July 12, House Speaker John Boehner continues to be noncommittal as to whether the bill will actually come to the House floor for a vote. The current farm bill is set to expire September 30, 2012 and with it a vast number of critical programs that support conservation, capital access for small and beginning farmers, food stamps and other important policies.
Please join farmers, food producers, and other businesses in urging Congress to pass a bill that supports economically and environmentally sustainable farms and food production systems.
ASBC, though not satisfied with the bill, nonetheless wants the process to continue under the normal process, with the opportunity for improving the bill on the House floor.  Noted below is an overview of the draft bill submitted to the Committee by the Chairman.


Fixing the Future

A new documentary film, Fixing the Future, hosted by public radio’s David Brancaccio will air in theaters across the country on July 18th. ??Please check the screening schedule to find locations and screening times.

Following the documentary there will be an exclusive onscreen discussion panel featuring luminaries Bill McKibben, Majora Carter, ASBC business supporter Mike Brady of Greyston Bakery and David Brancaccio.

Green Chamber of Commerce Marin Mixer

The Green Chamber of Commerce will host a Benefit Corporation Forum at The Venture Greenhouse of Dominican University, 30 Castro Ave., San Rafael, CA 94901 on Thursday, July 26, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Contact the Green Chamber of Commerce for details.

Democratic and Republican National Conventions

As the summer heats up, we?re looking forward to participating in both the Republican (August 27th-Tampa) and Democratic (Charlotte, NC ? September 5th) Conventions with policy forums at both. Our presence is a reminder of the importance that business leaders have a critical role to play in ensuring that the principles of democracy and liberty remain at the core of our dynamic economy. For more information please contact Richard Eidlin.


Practice Greenhealth and ASBC Create a New Partnership

As the business community focus intensifies its focus on sustainable practices and environmental stewardship, the healthcare sector is taking an increasing active role. Health care facilities are revamping their procurement requirements to emphasize environmentally sound products, build energy efficient structures and introduce healthy food and wellness programs.

Now, members of ASBC can receive a 15 percent discount on Practice Greenhealth membership. The same applies to PGH members who join ASBC.  Learn more about the benefits of Practice Greenhealth membership.  Contact Bob Jarboe at PGH or Richard Eidlin at ASBC.

State Organizing Efforts

Iowa: Following on the ASBC White House Summit, a number of Iowa businesses have begun working on organizing companies across the Hawkeye State.

Ohio: Building on our work last fall in opposing the elimination of collective bargaining rights for public sector workers, ASBC is looking to organize a statewide coalition of businesses interested in supporting sustainable economic development issues.

Virginia: Business Supporter, Marstel-Day is helping identify and organize companies to work on a sustainable business agenda for 2013. A meeting is slated for early October in Fredericksburg, VA.

Interested in supporting any of these efforts? Contact: Richard Eidlin ~ 303-478-0131

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