Article: Recyclable panels bring the circular economy closer (CE 100 Visit to Venlo R&D Center)

Recyclable panels bring the circular economy closer

Global leaders in the field of circular economy came together this week at Ecor Europe. In Ecor’s development center in Venlo, tests are being done to produce plates with different fibers, which are recyclable and biodegradable.

20-04-2018 08:09 | BY: JOYCE DE THOUARS

The visit was part of a two-day CE100 Acceleration workshop organized by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. The CE100 program connects international organizations and companies to accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

Technology makes circular economy possible

Participants at the workshop saw on the spot how an Ecor panel was made from beverage cartons and used textiles. Eric Logtens, CEO of ECOR Europe is enthusiastic about the turnout.

“I am pleased that so many companies are interested in our technology. It is fantastic to take the path to a circular economy together with these organizations. “

Other companies also showed the latest techniques and product possibilities with Ecor material. For example, DSM-Niaga demonstrated a circular glue with which panels can be laminated. This makes it possible to separate the materials easily at the end of their useful life. Eyelevel presented a circular retail concept. The company develops and produces shop fittings based on reusable Ecor panels.

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