Enough is Enough: Prepared to Be Heard, Keynote Speaker Elsie Maio

“Ethical Markets recommends this talk by our esteemed global Advisory Board member,

Elsie Maio, CEO of Soul Branding.

~Hazel Henderson, Editor“


Getting businesses to operate as one with societal, environmental ecosystem


Larry Fink, American BlackRock’s chief executive officer, the world’s largest institutional investor which manages $6 trillion, made an unprecedented statement. He warned corporate giants that he is ready to stop investing in them unless they take responsibility for profits as well as the impact their actions have on both society and the environment.

If they do not know how to do so, they can ask Elsie Maio for help, who has been providing valuable advice to many corporations, banks and institutions inside and outside US for over two decades (IBM Corporate, Triodos Bank, SustainAbility Ltd, Bermuda’s cross-sector infrastructure hub, etc) and invented the patented SoulBranding? System.

This System works as a mutually beneficial model combining the high performance of enterprises with their social role, harmonizing the behavior and practices of executives with the ethical values of the company.

Maio founded and runs the Humanity Inc consulting firm and the SoulBranding Institute. She is a distinguished writer and speaker on issues regarding corporate social responsibility, whose work has been broadly valued and honored. She also mentors other entrepreneurs.

Maio is a member of the Strategic Advisory Board at the think-tank and media company Ethical Markets, which promotes the values of a green and fair economy. She has also served on the boards of the Socially Responsible Business Alliance of New York, the International Advisory Board of the Women’s International Network inter alia. According to the father of modern marketing, Phil Kotler, Maio is a “business values guru,” helping corporations that care about the future of society and the planet, to put into practice what they claim in marketing communications to be their code of social responsibility.

“In the 1960s, Milton Friedman’s saying that the sole purpose of business is business took hold,” Maio notes in an exclusive interview with Kathimerini. She visited Athens, a city she is dearly fond of, and gave a keynote speech as guest of the Hellenic-American Chamber of Commerce’s Women in Business Committee.

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