And the WINNER IS… 



An international team based in New York City has been awarded the 2017 $100,000 Ray C. Anderson Foundation Ray of Hope Prize® in our Biomimicry Global Design Challenge! Their AquaWeb prototype is an innovative water capture system designed for use in urban food systems, and mimics the way living systems
capture, store, and distribute water. Read more about the
grand prize winners and runners up!

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INVITATION TO PARTICIPATEBiomimicry is a field of practice and research that is rapidly growing, but who are the people behind the practice? Add your voice to this global survey conducted by Erin Rovalo and Dr. John McCardle of Loughborough Design School and help create better understanding of the backgrounds, core competencies, and current practices of the biomimicry community. All biomimicry practitioners are encouraged to participate.

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